Gallente FW pointless?

I just recently started playing and was interested in doing some pvp. I did some research and it looks like faction warfare is the best place to go. Since this character is Gallente I took a look at the join faction warfare tab and was shocked. The Gallente are getting there arse handed to them. Out of all of the systems they only have 11.

I like being an underdog and all but since I was going to try it solo for a while it looks like it’s pointless. Or am I just looking at it wrong since I don’t understand completely how faction warfare works. Since I would be on the weaker side does that mean I have more targets to shoot, or are there more targets to shoot me?

Don’t worry too much about the state of the warzone. It fluctuates over the course of months due to a variety of factors (farming alts switching sides, combat groups becoming more or less active, etc).

In all honesty, warzone control means only 2 things:

  • One cannot dock in any stations in a star system controlled by an enemy
  • More offensive complexes (and thus, Loyalty Points) to farm for the “losing” side

My advice is simple: Join and make friends with the FW people in your timezone. Learn from them, have fun with them, help them.
If it is not your thing, you can always drop out.

Also… if you do join I would suggest making a second character and training it up to use one of the “fast” cargo ships.
Having a “neutral” character to resupply your “main” one is invaluable and will take away some of the risk when you have to buy and move a bunch of equipment (remember, joining Faction War puts that specific character in a GLOBAL war declaration… meaning you can be attacked anywhere at any time by the opposing sides).

Here’s some info I posted about FW “basics” too (it was awhile back, but the info is still relevant):


Considering that the brilliant ShaFluffers posted already,
of which I trust blindly that he’s already covering everything important to say …

… I can add some spice to this.


Yes, indeed, Gallente FW is pointless.
Especially because of the gallenteans.

FW isn’t just about flying a spaceship …
… it’s also about dealing with all the people involved.

All they’ll do is flood you with their propaganda of freedom, democracy and [things I can’t talk about because this is the rookie forum and would get me banned]. That’s how nasty they are. Believe me.

Caldari and Minmatar are a better choice.
Without a doubt.

Caldari if you prefer the cold hearted, dominant ways and feeling honour working for The State …
… and Minmatar if you prefer the just-use-enough-brute-force-and-eventually-it-explodes ways.

Also: No one likes the Amarr.


I’m new to the game and want to try FW as well. Your Minmatar logic sound like how I like to play! Are there any good corps to join and learn pvp for fw?


Contact Elsebeth Rhiannon per mail in-game.
Please tell her Sol said Hi.

May your timezones align and good luck.

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im gallente too, i even had -1.09 standings or something with caldari, i just joined a caldari FW corp and boom i’m in. i like using jita, there’s really no benefit to being gallente- dodixie and hek/rens suck. check out my corp, try talking to a recruiter, they’re really cool guys. i think i made the right choice.

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