New Player Would Like To Learn Faction Warfare (Gallente)

I am a new player who created my Alpha Gallente account this past weekend and I would like to learn how to do Faction Warfare. I have read the EveUni Faction Warfare page and watched a few YouTube videos so I have a basic understanding of the concepts of offensive and defensive plexing. What I need now is a Corp or mentor to teach me how to actually do it. I know how to enlist but need guidance on what ship to use, how to fit it, where to go and exactly what to do. I would like to start with defensive plexing and do that while I train skills and then move into offensive plexing.

I was going to enlist so I could join the Gallente FW Militia chat channel but I am still in High Sec and didn’t want to get stuck here by being killed when I undock by enemies of the Gallente.

Since this is a really new character, if Gallente isn’t a good FW race, I would consider creating a new Alpha character of another race if that would help get me connected with someone who would teach me how to do FW.


There’s a lot of them and they’re pretty vocal, FEDUP comes to mind. Try there first.

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