Factional warfare question

Was going to send one of my alphas into FW but don’t know where to start such as are there corporations who start you off in FW, also guess this goes without saying targets will be everywhere so be ready to get attacked everywhere?

Get your feet wet first. Join FW and first do D-plexing. Once you learn that mechanic then you will start to wonder about LP and earning ISK. Read into that and maybe expand into defensive patrols. Then start thinking about O-plexing and finally offensive patrols. Adjust according to preferences of course.

Do a lot of reading too before joining a side as that will really determine your earnings (if that’s what you care about).

At any point join a FW corp but I think those days might be gone…not that I’m an authority mind you.

FW is a great way to start in PvP and running around in LS so best of luck!

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