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Greetings fellow capsuleers !

I am a relatively new player to this game, which got me addicted after finnishing up the tutorials and although expensive while compared to other games out there, I’ve got the 3 month omega.
During that time I have tried a lot of things , most of them being PvE activities such as abyssal sites, level 4 mission running, exploration in hostile space, gas huffing as it’s called, belt ratting for clone soldier tags, some easy DED sites, etc.
All of these left me wanting for something else and that something else for me would be PvP. I am thinking to give PvP a try , but don’t know where to start . Just as PvE , PvP is a vast aspect of the game, if not even bigger and more complicated than PvE.
I my wallet I have acumulated 3.5 bil ISK and have assets of 1.5 bil ISK also. I know this is not much , but it was as much I could get for the time that I had to allocate to the game.
I have also trained some alts as alphas for the maximum skill points that they could get , they are focused on small and medium guns, drones and small to medium size ships. I guess at that time I did this having in mind that I might use them one day to start PvP.

Now I have two problems on my mind:

  1. Where would I start PvP ? The new expansion that we got is focused on the factional warfare aspect. Is that a good option ?
    There’s also groups of players that advertise nullsec PvP, but I’ve understood that the mechanics there are different and also something about ESS fights that I don’t quite understand yet. Could nullsec be better for this ?
    What about wars in highsec ?

  2. The economical aspect. Keeping my omega subscription up is quite expensive for me to be honest and although I could pay with in game PLEX, many suggested it’s not woth the ISK. Personally I don’t think it’s worth the ISK too. I have spent a lot of time to get that ISK and it would leave me with just 1 bil in my wallet.
    Should I lapse as alpha and make as much as an alpha can provide you with ISK, while at the same time have fun in PvP with the ISK that I got so far ?
    I could prolong omega , but I would rather not as right now is not the right time for me.

I apologize for writting so much ! Any advice is more that welcomed.

Thank you in advance !


For a character created on 2022/07/05, I’d say you’re doing good…

As for your question… @tutucox_Khamsi can give you more info.

In my opinion I say yeah, go for FW, it’s the big game content right now and you should have no problem joining it…

I believe FW is based more on solo and small gang PvP in Low Sec whereas Alliance SOV is based more on large Fleet PvP in Null Sec…

Basically you gotta ask yourself which one would you prefer doing… And then just do it…

More importantly, welcome to Eve, may you have good luck and much success.


Would you recommend me to enlist in a militia on my own , or look for a corporation that is already in there ? Would they be displeased with me if I were to take initiative and learn things from my own personal encounters ?

Thank you for the welcome and the suggestions !

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Point 1:

Personally I have learned how to PvP mostly in groups by joining a null sec alliance. This means that while I’m reasonably experienced at staying alive and in chaotic large fights and for example keeping my allies alive with remote reps, I’m a terrible solo pilot that wouldn’t know in what range to fight when encountering another solo pilot.

Null sec is an easy way to get some PvP experience, but unless you put in extra effort you won’t become a very good solo pilot there.

Faction warfare on the other hand seems to be a place where you can easily get some small scale experience and cheap fights against other cheap small ships, but I cannot tell much more about it as I have very little experience there.

My guess is that you will get more personal small scale piloting skills there, which is something I’d still like to try.

On the other hand, I think you’ll get fewer massive fleet fights in FW, so it’s up to you what kind of PvP you wish to learn and experience.

Point 2:

I’m Omega because I like the extra ships and playstyles it unlocks for me, but if I had to cut costs I personally wouldn’t grind ISK for 500 plex each month for the privilege of grinding ISK again for the next month. Maybe that’s an option if you have little money and a lot of free time, but I like spending my game time playing games instead of grinding, because I know I would very quickly burn out of the game if I ‘had to earn enough ISK each month’.

Alpha gameplay is a bit limited, but you can still enjoy it. And it’s free, so any ISK you earn as Alpha, even though it’s a bit less than you earn as Omega, is still ISK you can use to buy spaceships to fight with.

I’d go Alpha.


That’s more than enough for good PvP. I think the combined cost of my Raven, Apocalypse, Hecates, Vedmaks, Phantasms, and a host of smaller ships, about 150 in all, is around 4bn ISK. The main problem is not the ISK but the length of time of the skills to fly stuff. I’m still waiting on the skills to fly a Nightmare…and my Tornado skills seem to have been on hold forever.


Thank you ! Seems like no matter which I would choose first , one day I should definetly test at least once the nullsec waters.

Good or not , I have focused my skills for my characters on small ships like frigates, destroyers and cruisers to cut the cost of my losses and keep going , as I anticipate some to come.

One aspect I find annoying is the lack of anything in the asset list that divides the ships I have, all over Eve, into classes, race types, etc. That would be a really handy tool for CCP to add. At least they have now added system security status to the asset list…which is a start.

There is no “right way” to learn PVP, in the end most learning is by simply doing. Whether it is Faction Warfare or Nullsec, as long as you find someone or a group that is willing to educate you, you’ll do fine. In each area of space there will be groups that are more newbro-friendly and those that aren’t. My bias is away from nullblocs and towards low sec pirating and/or faction warfare.

You can also ask to join one of the groups that does wars in high sec, I only am familiar with a few groups that do it and I have no idea if they are open to mentoring new folks.

That’s going to be up to you, I don’t think there’s a wrong choice (as much as it pains me to say).

Each area of space has its pros and cons to ISK-making and speed of doing so. I believe a lot of the nullsec cash cows of running escalations (and the sites that give them) require Omega ships to really do that. For example, the DEDs >6. As an alpha, I don’t know how many of the anoms you’d be able to do with the ships you have access to, but there are other activities to make ISK in nullsec (exploration, etc).

FW gives a lot of raw LP that can be used for getting faction navy ships. I think a lot of those are alpha friendly, but it does cost ISK to get the faction ship (in mats for BPC; or the hull to trade in) and then if it’s ISK you want you have to rely on the market (though you’ll wind up making a profit – but double check your math). As opposed to the typical nullsec bountys that provide direct-liquid-ISK.

If you pick one, and don’t like it, feel free to try the other thing. You’re not locked in to just one decision.

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Check out a few “getting started in FW” guides/videos, and also check the Frigate Yearbook which is a very good breakdown of small-ship combat styles in FW.


Having done both FW and null block stuff as well as high sec war decs Id push for FW if u want the combination of isk making with pvp to sustain the pvp. Null is there but like others have said its more specialized warfare and the better isk making is an omega and skills related issue to overcome. Same with high sec war dec corps most require skills and efficiency which arent a newbro friendly thing for the most part imo.

FW is the most newbro friendly for pvp and trains the skills necessary to have situational awareness, ship fits and ship styles( kiting, brawling, etc) that applies to all other levels of pvp. Ships are cheaper, buy like 10 of them with fits and just reship after a fight and go at it again, learn what you did wrong and what you did right from your opponents if you can.

Another option is NPC nullsec as well which is a slightly different animal to sov null sec.

You have more than enough isk and abilities to start out and flourish man, good luck.

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Thank you all for the replies, they are helpful for me !

I can now see what others mean by saying that this game has a great community .

yes FW is the best because you can use small ships and get paid to do it

but beware , FW is very eclectic having new pilots and some of the best pilots all in the same place

try the waters and don’t be discouraged if in the beginning you die a lot , use the LP to cover your losses (and make some profit ) it will get better over time

you can always leave fw to take a time and come back latter , a lot of new players do this

i did , entering and leaving many times to enjoy other aspects of the game , them wen i was a more mature player my times in the militia became longer and longer

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A very impressive piece of work. Thanks T Sky!

Hi Welcome to the forum of Eve Online

Wishing you a long future in New Eden and if you were to read over what [Gerard Amatin] (had replyed perfectly to you above) and if you @ Hautsanashi Kiken Soikutsu even set that as your short term goal you will find that Eve ONline is not as expensive as you might first had thought.

There are many ways to pve and pvp, just like there are many water buffalo crossing rivers with crocodiles.

Frostpacker is a miner who is not afraid of crocodiles cause they are very lazy and only move quickly when they are most hungry. The goal is to learn when are their feeding times along with knowing when they had just fed.


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Tough questions, I don’t really have any experience with it but I’ll try to answer.


This is just my opinion which could easily be wrong.

Joining the NPC Militia is more for part-time players, basically self-starters who enjoy learning and experimenting with various aspects of it on their own, sometimes getting a little help from others. One benefit is there’s no real expectations placed on you to commit 100% of your time to it, don’t really have others demanding you to show up at various times or do various tasks.

Joining a FW Corp is more for full-time players, basically team-oriented with serious commitment to learn and work with others, showing up at specific times doing specific tasks as requested. One main benefit is having easy access to a large amount of knowledge and experience from fellow Corp members, as well as other possible aspects such as training and SRP (ship replacement program).

As for a player corp getting displeased for taking the initiative to learn things on your own, that all depends on the circumstances. If your actions don’t negatively affect the outcome of a planned engagement or battle operation being run by the corp as a group and they get displeased, then that’s not a good corp to be with.

However, on the other hand if your actions do negatively affect the corp or any planned ops, then you should definitely step up to the whipping post, so to say…

Course then again what do I know, I’m just a solo explorer who sometimes runs missions for agents… :wink:

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do…


NPC militia is for misanthropic weirdoes like me, and for new players ,because its easy to join , you just go there and do it , i find that is a good way for me to have the chance to motivate the new generation,
usually they appear green on a propper overview

Militia corp is for those who want a solid group , fleets etc…
usually they appear purple on a propper overview


they all live in the same ream
the militia chat… open to ALL MILITIA MEMBERS
so if i say hi on militia chat every member of every corp listen

i receive invites to join FW corps ALL the time, so even if you join npc militia like the glorious 24th crusade soon ™ they will invite you to a corp , them you can make the decision

i finally took a brief look at the new FW
like 30 minutes
sounds good
people are really playing
im glad :smiley:

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