Im at a loss here. Help Welcome

So heres my beef at the moment.

Id like to be playing the game, but all I mostly want to do is Pvp, and to cater to that, well you need a decent ingame income, and a pretty hefty one at that since I’ll want to be flying with more than ok ships, blue modules and HG implant pods, in order to have the edge and not to become instant cannon fodder.

Id like that but the trouble is setting up the income flow to sustain it and that doesn’t require me to have to buy an industry alt and build capitals, or spend time (that I unfortunately don’t have anymore) to learn to get into the trading game.

Ive been tempted to setup a char in an established wh corp and go by producing T3 and T4 PI mats, but how good by itself would it fund my blueloot pvping habits (mainly in lowsec and some parts of null) ?

I cannot undertake any form of ratting, fw mission running, or more active methods of generating isk as it would mean investing time, on top of the pvp time, that I don’t have.

What do you guys think ?

Im personally beginning to think that Eve has finally become too time-investment heavy of a game for me to be able play it, and would regrettably have to let it go.

On the other hand, if I could find a solution that would net me at least around 2.5 bil every month, with enough effort to setting it all up once, and with little maintenance later on, then I would be a happy camper.

I also wouldn’t mind to pay RL cash (PLEX for isk) to set anything up, on some good counsel, if the returns gave me the right budget on the long run.

Many thanks for your input in this, guys/gals of New Eden.

<3 <3

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You can PvP well with whatever level of funds you choose with some tactical decision making.

Most of my PvP career is in cheap boats… and I’ve colected plenty of blue loot.

If you don’t know your maneuver mechanics, here is a tutorial:

My recommendation is PI in a wh and whatever level of ships that gives you… but learn your mechanics… you’ll be able to win in T1 frigates if that’s how you choose to play.


Ok, how much PI do you think would I need to do and over how many chars to able to afford 2.5bil per month?

Woudl P2 or P3 Materials be enough ?

This is your Number 1 problem, you want the most isk, active is the only way to do that.

Incursions can make over 100m an hour, lvl 4 anomic mission rolling can do around 200m an hour and result in lots of blue loot and faction bpcs, abyssals can get a little more than that on good drops

An absolute sillyload.

I think your expectations are unrealistic.

For a 20 minutes every 3 or 4 days, I think you would make a 6 or 8 hundred mil a month… and I wouldn’t do more than that personally.

Fly cheaper is my recommendation.


Yea, 800mil a month is utter peanuts to pvp with if you plan of flying with some level of bling. Cheaper flying is not as interesting as it narrows down your possbilities of engagements, you end up spending more time looking for a suitable matchfight.

As I thought in the end, it’s not a feasable game for me to play anymore.

Don’t get me wrong had I the time to actively grind the isk, I would, but sadly I don’t. Too bad.

It’s been fun tho, thanks for your replies !



  • Fly cheap
  • Get better at PvP (by flying cheap first), and don’t lose your blingy ships
  • inject RL money (2.5B ISK per months is “peanuts”)

All high-yield ISK making activities need some kind of dedication and investment, at least during the learning/setup phase. Else they wouldn’t be that profitable. :wink:

If you vote for option 3), may I know your main?

I setup an alpha toon on another account that runs circles in a vni in null. Using a spare laptop in potato mode on my desk I can easily warp him out if anything happens. I run my main in whatever I want while he generates income for me. Just make the toon and keep jiggering his training queue till he has max alpha vni and heavy drone skills and you’ll have money to pvp.

Edit - flying cheap to start is a damn good idea. I can build 10 good condors for less than two thirds the cost of one blinged out garmur. I can also build 10 dual rep cap boosted incursus for about half of that. Those ships are nasty in fw.

Thanks for letting us now. Don’t bother deleting it, i took a screenshot.

OP… you’re not allowed to run one, or more alpha and/or an omega at the same time.


You are allowed to run an alpha on a separate pc

Nope, mate, you’re not. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted.
Ask the others, or file a ticket, if you don’t believe me.

Well balls, guess that’s over with.

Okay, I believe you.

Here’s what you HAVE to do to avoid punishment:

  • File a ticket
  • Admit to breaking the rules
  • Apologize

Self reporting is usually the way to go. They value that a lot, will tell you to stop and likely do nothing else. Not doing it will get you into trouble once they get to know that you did it … and hey, you admitted it in public, so there’s no way around it.

And sorry for being like this, i’m just sick and tired of people who break the rules.


Yeah, I’m going to sub him now anyway. I legit thought the restriction was per PC. Oh well, off to see if they’ll work with me.

Flying cheap only gets you so far in pvp, and if you want that extra edge, like speed or rep bonuses, you need them blue things, and implant sets.

Thats not likely to ever happen for my case so Im out.

Cheers for trying to help guys, really appreciated.

Solstice, <3 u

“Multiple Omega accounts may be logged in at one time, as long as no Alpha account is actively logged into on the same computer.” -EULA, ToS, Policies page

Not saying i’m in the clear, but that is a bit misleading if not.

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Whats your isk per hour with that vni ? I take it you have that guy in null right ?

Max alpha skills for heavy drones and gal cruiser using faction heavies maxes out around 60m/h from server ticks alone. If you take loot and salvage wrecks you can boost that up a bit. I sell the completed sites to alliance members that like that kind of stuff for 20% of loot+salvage value. I take any rare spawn loot before leaving the site. Yeah, Null is the only place you can rat solo and get that kind of money. Be careful though there are lots of people hunting for ratters.

Edit - It will only get easier and better once he is omega. Currently alphas are allowed to train racial drone specialties, but can’t train heavy drones above 4 thus cannot run tech 2 heavies. The faction ones move more quickly anyway so it may be a bit of a wash.

That’s exactly why people are doing it man. Because it says you can.

I did put in a ticket though, assuming they don’t ban me we’ll get the official stance on it and i’ll relay it out.

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years ago they had to to mention IP somewhere too, because they didnt want people running multiple machine also running multiple alphas. gotta get that pay.