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Hey, looking to start a new char. As far as I can see, the econ isn’t doing so great in the sense that non-high SP clones can’t do as much of the high-isk stuff like; cloaked exploration, fast FW mission running, high rank DED and WH ratting sites etc, so I started looking at buying chars off the char bazaar and looked at skill injectors. Outright buying a new char to start off with is lower isk/sp than skill injectors so I’ll go for that.

Anyways, I’m not in a great job or anything but even if I was making 1bil an hour farming near max efficency FW missions with 2 pullers and one doers with this potential new account, i’d still make more isk/hour by just going to work… Is this just not seen as a problem, especially for small corp wars where a richer player can simply afford to fit his corp with better ships in HS Cruiser/BS based fleets?

The ability to trade real money for straight up better dps and tank through better sp chars on the bazaar and better ships through plex–>isk just seems alien to me. I’m pretty new with my main only having 5m sp, so hopefully i’m just seeing an issue where this is none.

Thanks in advance.

You are here to play game or trying to find second job that pay better than first one?

Aim low and do what you enjoy. Game = fun. Not a job.

I understand that, but there isn’t much fun going out in a heron without a cloak (as an alpha)to farm exploration for ~20 hours (assuming I don’t die and make 70mil per hour which is very unrealistic) when I can just spend an hour in work. Even doing FW with 2 pullers and one doer requires a plex, a good cruiser fit and a lot of attention to micro all 3 accounts. I feel like I’d rather work an hour at my job than work an hour in eve for less rewards.

Don’t focus on the endgame and slaving for what social pressure tells you is success in this game.

It is about having fun and appreciating the little things like being able to go out in a cheap ship and find some excitement for once that doesn’t revolve around the risk of trying to get rich quick multi-boxing expensive accounts you at least in some part had to buy in big just to have in the first place.

Waste your time or use it but don’t be a slave to it. Life is too short to waste dozens of hours not having any fun while logged on just because you think a new super or being super rich is somehow going to make you a better player or know how to really have fun playing Eve online.


Your mindset is the problem. This is a game. You explore for fun not for ISK. Even in my guide I note the fact you mention, the best ISK/h is to grind a few hours IRL and spend it on whatever gameplay gives you fun. So now the question is what gameplay you enjoy and spend your ISK on that whatever it may be and enjoy the ride.

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