Returning toon

Hey, looking to start fresh again but need some solid info before jumping back in.

Can someone give me a quick rundown of high isk farms for regular toons? When I left, pve incursions was enough to farm yourself a month’s plex in a short evening and exploration in null/wh was an easy isk farm for my non-plex toons.

The number of bots have ruined the economy, which makes everything cheap and results in ‘content fights’, general bordem and a reduced risk in everything, are there any plans to fix the russian botting issue?.

Finally, I currently have a non-alpha SP capped toon. Is it worth just buying a new toon with a lot more sp? The prices on chars seems not too bad, I might just sell my 2003 event ship and toon invent to afford a better toon.

Thanks in advance.

Post your question outside of New Citizen (where you don’t belong to) and you will get honest responses.

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