New player pvp tips + story

I’m sure many people have made this exact post, however as I can’t find any posts that are recent, here goes.

I’m a fairly new player with two or three months, $200 bucks and just under 6mil SP under my belt. My question is: how to make isk without getting popped.

I will say I’m a veteran of world of Warcraft, and Rift, and The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as an almost endless list of mmorpgs.

When I found EVE Online it was like an epiphany. THIS was the game I should have spent the last 15 years on…

When I found EVE, I made an alliance with a high-sec corporation who was based in Rens, Heimatar and rarely ever left there. As a new player, without grinding my face off, the only way I could find to make isk was FW complexes and the 1.XXmil tags they would drop. After spending $150 bucks on this game for the resulting 10bil-ish (i’m not exact…didn’t know the value of isk when starting to buy plex) this didn’t seem like a reasonable income rate, so I did some research and came upon VNI ratting. My problem is that even after joining a decent sized alliance(in my experience) I can’t even do a single Hub without getting popped by ppl that warp in out of nowhere and kill me.

so my question is this: How does one rat/mine in low/nullsec? is it just a “warp out whenever a neut is in system”? if so, how am i supposed to do anything when a neut is in system 5/7days a week?

Besides rolling with a gang of t3s or something, is there a way to make myself less attractive whilst doing an anomaly? I’m trying to make isk to continue playing the game, but every time I anomaly, someone scrams/webs me and i’m ■■■■■■.

Also just saying… I have a job and steady $$. anyone who goes out of their way to help me enjoy this amazing game i would be more than happy to compensate.

your in the wrong alliance i guess, or an awkward part of space; do they not have an intel channel setup?

Your last ship was lost here too, it has 5 entry gates - you should move to one with less thats not on a widely used path.

also your ship

you have armour rigs and a shield tank… ?
If you look around zkill you can see what other people are using, this may help you with fitting ships (look at a few different ones to get a general idea, some are not fitted well)

glhf o7

Well, after all those years of playing EVE in null, high and low sec I found out, that it is more convinient for me to earn money in high sec and spend them in low. Null is only for people, who want to have some soverenity space, that they can all home and defend no matter what. Main income for low skill player in null is in faction loot, that comes from expansions. You clear up the sanctum or heaven, get 10/10 expansion, take your Rattlesnake and go grab the faction loot.

But not with 6 milions SP… For me it was very inconvinient to break my PvE activity and go reship to PvP ship each time neut broke into the system. I prefer lower but steady income of high sec security missions or Abyss running, but I do PvE, when I am in mood of PvE and PvP when I am in mood of PvP.

Make yourself a PvP alt and put it in FW zone to get fun shooting other player. Players , who will fight you back. Do not become one of those sore loosers, who shoot defenseless ships in high sec. FW is a quickiest way to get into battle without waiting hours for null sec fleet to form.

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Uh oh! You looked behind the curtain! Paying real life money will always be a much more efficient way of making ISK than anything you can do in-game. I think you’ll find making 10bil ISK in-game to be a bit of a challenge, especially for someone completely new to the game.

I’m fairly new as well but I like to make my ISK doing faction warfare. The way it works is you run FW complexes which gives you Loyalty Points which allows you to buy flashy items from certain NPC stations. You then turn around and sell those items on the market for ISK. I have no where near 10bil ISK though!

The plexes are restricted to certain ship types so for new players you’ll have a chance to limit what people can attack you with. That helps make fights a little more fair. Of course you’ll come across many groups who plex together. I’ve been having fun doing that so many something you can look into.

It seems like that system you are in is either a home system or just popular by looking at the kill boards. One tip I always use is to never rat in a home system or popular system because they will naturally attract people who are looking for “content” so to speak. And when I am vni ratting, I have never had the problem of getting caught because it only takes about 9 seconds to warp to a friendly citadel when I see a neut enter local. It usually takes a good scanner around 20 to 30 seconds to scan you out if there are multiple combat sites. My rule is to always warp out to safety if a neut enters local because it will really cut your profit if you get caught by someone.

My advice is either pay more attention to local chat and just warp out if a neut enters or if you want to be more afk then move to a larger system with more combat sites (so they can’t dscan you from a gate and harder to find you at least) or move to a less populated system.

Not warping out when a neut is in local is just asking to die lol. As for “how can I avoid warping out when a neut enters local 5/7 times a day/week?” Well, the only thing I can really see helping that is: move to a less populated system.

Anything will seem like ‘not a reasonable income rate’ after spending real money on the game to get ISK. I’m getting enough ISK to replace the ships I lose, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of ISK I would get by working in real life and buying plex for ISK. To not spoil my own idea of the value of ISK, I only pay for my Omega time and earn ISK ingame. As a result, I feel space rich whenever I hit over 1b of liquid ISK, spend it on some nice ships to explode, or fuel my injector addiction.

‘Reasonable income rate’ will differ per player and per playstyle. As long as you can afford to replace the ships you lose, your income in EVE will be reasonable. If you happen to get not enough ISK, have you considered instead of getting more ISK, to playing more safe, or to fly less expensive ships?

Yes, warp out whenever a neut is in system, or make sure to have friends available to help you when a neut tackles you. If the neut is in system 5/7 days a week, try another system perhaps? Or try to bait him into attacking you and kill him with some friends so he leaves you alone next time?

Anyway, if your neighbourhood isn’t good for VNI ratting, there are lots of other options. Exploration can be done in dangerous space and is decent ISK. Or like I said, fly cheaper so you can live with a lower ISK income. After all, you only need ISK to replace what you lose.

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