Need advices from the wise ones

Gentlemen, hello.

I recently got inside Factional Warfare (Gallente side), with a Vexor. First day, everything is good, I chat nicely with the good guys of the Militia channel while doing Defense Plexing. Second day, I tried to go in Tama for offensive plexing, but I fall in the trap of a lonely T2 destroyer and his cloaky cruiser friend ( It’s not the first time I lose a ship, so meh.

I try to go again in low sec by Olettiers, bam, destroyed by a gate camp. It’s pretty bad for the nerves, so I end my ISK pit by stopping for the night (

I would like to know : I don’t really plan to go against other players in offensive plexing (by that, I mean finding a more quiet system, I know that offensive = getting to attack space ship), but how could I defend myself well with my Vexor ?

There’s little you can do against gate camps and cloakies/non-scannables.

Use in-game map and check kills last hour.
Use zkillboard.
Use another character to scout beforehand.
Use friendship.

As for gate camps, try crashing back to the gate and leaving the aggressors on the other side. If there are too many there and you die fast, there is no defending yourself, only tears and a cold shower afterwards.

Also don’t be afraid to fight people. I don’t do FW but I have killed (and been killed by) many FW nerds. Don’t be one of the defensive plexers with your low slots full of warp stabs. If all you want to do is make isk then go the industrial route and help feed the war machine. Defensive plexing means you just sit there in a FW site doing nothing and running away from people on occasion. Mining is even more interactive than that.

When people only defensive plex I always wonder why they even play the game. Why even log on or join FW when all you do is literally run away from the warfare.

If you’re only looking to run offensive plexes without engaging in PVP, I’d recommend a destroyer over a cruiser. Cruisers are just too vulnerable (and expensive) and you can get all the firepower you need out of a destroyer. Back when I first started out, I spent many, many hours running offensive plexes using a Catalyst rigged for max DPS but with a full set of warp core stabs in the lows. That will get you through most gate camps and help you avoid PVP engagements. It also has enough firepower to run all small and medium plexes. If you’re in a quiet system, swap out the warp core stabs for magnetic field stabs and you can even run large plexes with it. And if you lose it (which still happens occasionally), it’s only about a 12M isk loss.

Remember, cowardice is the key to successful offensive or defensive plexing for isk. The goal is to run away from engagements. Once you’re caught in a PVE focused ship, you’ll almost always lose. So you need a fast ship designed to avoid getting caught, with just enough firepower to deal with the NPCs.

Offensive or defensive plexing is a play style like any other. It’s a great way to make isk when you have low skills and I actually found it enjoyable back when I was first starting out. It’s not for everybody, but some people like it. Just like some people like mining or industry.

I have to thanks everyone for those answers :slight_smile:

I’ll try in a Catalyst the next time. That little Dessie have a good reputation among suicide ganker for the DPS output, right ?

Yep. That’s why it makes a good ship for offensive plexing. All gank, no tank. But don’t even think about engaging anybody with it in PVP (not even if they’re in a T1 frigate) - you’ll lose almost every time. And keep the lows loaded with WCSs to avoid getting pinned.

I did my first kills with that little dessie !
A trasher fighting the defense NPC in a FW plexe ( and a Merlin that I pinned down at the acceleration gate ( In fact, Catalyst is way better (for me) at killing than my Vexor. I don’t plan on getting to the cruiser step again, but which ship should I take to continue small PVP ?

Because, yeah, I saw the tank problem of Catalyst. The Merlin didn’t landed a shot but the Thrasher destroyed my shield and Armor right before I blowed up his hull.

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Frigs and dessies work in FW just fine. Step to cruisers when you will feel like it, each change in hull size requires different approach usually. Just choose according to your skills and play preference.

But which frigates should I take ? I loved flying my Slasher back then, but maybe a frigate bonused on turret damage and not speed is better ? And what about the E-War frigates ?

Depends entirely on your playstyle. Choose what you want and fight fight fight. I flew pretty much every frigate under the sun in Fw, they all work.
OFC navy/pirate make life so much easier but thats how eve works.

Maybe the hecate?

I think it’s a good option, plus the fact that Tactical Destroyer can go almost everywhere in FC is cool.

First thing you can do is use faction ammo and drones for PvP. Next, replace the multiplectral ECM with something like a capacitor booster.

I think I was online when you linked those catalyst kills. :slight_smile: I also second dropping down from cruisers for a while when you are solo and learning. You can also try a high dps Atron, incursus or comet for those novices. Use an AB at first and give a kiting mwd Tristan with drones a run. Practice hunting around for fights that are already taking place and whore on some kills from the edge of targeting range. It’s good practice, but carry extra t1 drones in your cargo. You’ll forget and lose a bunch. This will help you learn how to crash gates when something long points you on the other side.
Avoid heyd/abune; pyne/hikk; villore/OMS during peak hours. You should not ever be coming into Tama from Nourv.

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Yeah, I think I lost a Trasher that way --"

As a newbie you should not ever be coming into Tama XD
Speaking seriosly, it is always camped and nearest systems as well. If you prefer silent and peace just find fw system with lowest kill/hour on dotlan, there are lots of them. If you want to have fights it is better to join a group of like-minded pilots and shoot cans togethere.

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