Pvp(ve) options in medium-low sec

hi there,
been casual all my career so pls forgive me if i sound new or didnt use the words right.

i was wondering what are my combat options when fighting in say the 0.4 zones?
i mean i usually get jumped after clearing a (cruiser) camp wave or 2-
and have totally no tools against it. get webbed and everything, cant even move.

in cases like this am i forced to fight it in this game? (no way to avoid)
it doesnt seem like i can use a pvp fit to clear a camp with 6 cruisers,

let me state my goals more clearly,
im just looking for some combat action from time to time,
anything 0.6+ is just too easy plus return being too low.
i get to 0.4 it seems like i get what i want but almost always i get jumped with a webber.

im not talking about like 3+ or group ganks, i mean one can probly do nothing about it.
mostly 1v1 situation it still seem hopeless, whats a correct way of dealing with this?
use smaller and fast ships perhaps?

ps. i have the isk and skills to drive ships cost up to 100mil. or two, just as long as
they don’t go out like a total waste like right now :joy:


Best way to find actual 1 vs 1 fights, is flying frigates in faction warfare (as a pirate or a faction soldier). Eve players are less afraid to take an undecided fight in novice plexes, because the ships are cheap.

You can check zkill to check on player activity in a specified system. Doesn’t work if the other players just set up behind the gate, but it catches most ongoing slaughters.

You can also scout in a cheap ship and just sacrifice the ship to figure out what’s on the other side.

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Deception is a fundamental part of PVP in EVE. It’s an open world, and with tools like local chat and directional scan, an aggressor can usually choose to simply not engage you if they think it’s not a good fight for them.

Honorable 1v1 fights can be found at times in faction warfare sites, or very rarely in other parts of the game, but this kind of content isn’t really the focus of EVE.

If you’re doing PVE in places like lowsec, the main interaction with the PVP part of lowsec is learning how to look out for and dodge the people trying to kill you. Tools like aligning out, using MJD to avoid hanging around on warp-in locations, watching d-scan avidly and learning the local bullyboys are key. As you can see these things broadly don’t depend on your fit. Even battleships can be surprisingly nimble if used correctly. Also, avoid excess travel between systems to avoid gatecamps or roaming gangs.

The other main way PVE and PVP interact in EVE is baiting. You do PVE in a PVP fit that can survive being aggressed long enough for reinforcements to arrive and swing the fight in your favour.

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First off when it comes to low sec always have local chat open, and assume that anyone else with you in local can and will try to kill you. If it’s a “busy” system (more than 3-4 other people) you probably should pick a slower system, unless of course you’re looking for PvP.

You mentioned a .4 system, if it’s an “entry” system (the first jump out of HS) it’s going to be more populated, you might consider moving in a few jumps in even if the system is lower sec. The first systems will usually have PvP players trying to catch people “day tripping” into low sec. The rats in lower sec systems won’t be that much harder, and you won’t have as much "company ".

Second, you’re probably better off using a short range/high DPS destroyer and killing rats in the asteroid belts, instead of running combat sites in a cruiser, they’re cheaper and faster, so you can get away quicker if someone shows up. There’s usually only 2-5 rats per belt, so you won’t be sitting in one place very long.

Any of the low tier combat sites you can run in a cruiser are going to be full of a lot of frigs and destroyers, and thier bounty isn’t great. You’d be better off killing a few battleships in a belt.

Sometime belts can spawn “special” NPC’s (clone soldiers) that have good bounties, and drop tags you can sell. If you look on youtube for a user named Dad Dex you can find a few videos of him killing them using a few different ships, including PvP fit ships (in one video he kills a clone soldier, then gets in a PvP fight with the same ship a few minutes later). Even the “hardest” clone soldiers (negotiator, spawns in .1 systems) can be solo’d in a t1 fit destroyer, and is worth about 20M (bounty + tag). Which is pretty satisfying considering you could replace 6-8 fitted ships with one kill.

Short answer: Keep local open and check it often. You can definitely rat in a PvP ship. It’s probably better to belt rat in a dessie than to run low end combat sites, higer end sites might be worth it, but will likely require a far more expensive ship that will make you a juicy kill for the locals, so you’ll want to bring friends/scout. Don’t be afraid of venturing into low-low sec ;^)


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cool guys plenty of useful info there, really appreciate it.
yeah i guess the passive side can only try to see it coming and avoid-
thats what “being jumped” means i guess.

they are almost always cloaked i guess i need half of my attention on the pvp side
if one was to go ratting like this- if not more lol.

thanks again guys

Try to stick to PVE content that’s inside deadspace pockets (missions, DED sites) in lowsec, it becomes significantly harder to reach you without detection and gives you a lot more time to react to hostiles.

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Start from a base in low, don’t go from high to low (even if gatecamps are rare these days).
Find a WH to a relatively quiet lowsec region. Bring a few ships there, a scanner and maybe a couple of cruisers at first. Check that your home station has repair facilities, eventual agent if you run missions and that the undock is favourable (you don’t spend ages getting away from 0m to station). Be very careful on anoms, align/dock early. Use dscan every 3-5 seconds when doing sigs. Check the local crowd on zkill, learn who is who, what they fly and how they behave. Initially, treat as if anyone is there to kill you. After a while you will realize only around 20% of randoms will try to kill you because there are a lot of scanning/pi/cyno/transport alts as well. If you use cheap ships and manage a couple of escapes or react properly to combat probes a few times people will stop going after you because it is not worth their time.


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