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I’m new. Only been playing for about a month now and I’ve noticed something I don’t like at all. Here’s the problem… I’m ratting in low sec, heavily engaged with a pirate battleship in my destroyer. it’s a long battle, but I win. My cap is depleted, my shields and armor are gone. I only have a few tics life of hull… but I won. Then just as I catch my breath a blip appears on my overview… targeting warnings … I’m trying to run… too late. I’m dead.

Then comes the “gf” in the chat window… really? GF for who? I beat the battleship but then I get ganked by a random pvp’er. I really don’t blame the other player, he didn’t know what I was doing. He just saw me on the local chat… dscanned me… then came in shooting. How was he to know that I was nearly dead?

It seems to me that this is a very common situation, one that the game developers are well aware of and choose to have this way. I don’t like it and I think it’s unfair. Might I suggest that there should be some way to read what dscan targets are up to… at least at that point … the ganker could choose to be a jerk… instead of just being one innocently.

You are a target and it doesn’t matter what you are doing. YOU need to watch D-scan to make sure you don’t get bounced like that…


EDIT: BTW, great to see a new player in LS…lots of ISK to be earned there if you learn how.


That’s just good sportsmanship regardless of situation.


I feel for you, I really do. I’m much nicer when I kill someone, unless they start talking smack or cursing. But some people are going to want to troll you even when they beat you, and you have to be hard enough not to get affected by that.

How would the game “read” the intentions of other players? Our minds aren’t hooked up to our computers, and the game can’t scan our brainwaves to know our intent.

What you need to do is have a short-range, 360-degree scan running every few seconds. Somewhere around 5,000,000 km maybe. If you see any player ship on it, bail out immediately. Barring a warp-rigged interceptor, chances are you’ll be able to escape before you’re locked. And if any other players are in local to begin with, you should be pre-aligned out at all times if you’re in anything larger than a fast cruiser. Don’t worry about the rats - they’ll usually catch up to you. The only “surprise” threat would be a stealth bomber or some kind of covert cloak ship (though the latter does have a targeting delay, whereas bombers don’t). But you should be able to fight off a bomber anyway.


In reply… in that situation, I was constantly dscanning… and I saw the other guy when he came in… but I was beat all to hell from the pve I was involved in. There was nothing I could do. As far as how the game would know?.. the dscan should be able to read the “power levels” of things it targets. For pete’s sake… there’s weapon fire… shields… drones… the dscan gives no info… just there is a target. It should be able to make an educated guess as to maybe that target is in combat. I actually had a conversation with the guy … he asked me why I didn’t try to run… so I told him… I did try… but my cap was gone and I had no shields or armor left… almost no hull… one or two shots and I was dead. He had no idea… but he probably should have… I guess he could see the rats just like I could. Now that I think about he, he should have known I was engaged … am I understanding this correctly?

That NPC battleship wreck is visible on d-scan. The guy just didn’t care. You are in lowsec - you are the game.
As for you not being able to do anything - you could have warped away


First thing: if you saw him on scan as he was coming in, why didn’t you warp out? No matter how “beat up” your ship is, it can still warp unless actively disrupted.

Second: are you talking about d-scan from your perspective, or from the pirate’s perspective?

Because from your perspective, all you could possibly “see” is a fresh ship in motion. A pirate comes into the system, scans you down (or maybe a cloaked alt already scanned you down), and warps to your position. How would d-scan judge that player’s intent?

And from the pirate’s perspective, it doesn’t matter how much HP you’re missing, how much ammo you have left, that you’ve been fighting recently, etc. etc. - they’re there to kill you, and they don’t care what your situation is. In fact, the worse off you are, the better their chances of killing you. Do you think that pirates aren’t going to attack you if they know that you’re already in trouble? That’s a bit naive…


My capacitor was depleted… and I was trying to warp away… but some ships do that more slowly.

Capacitor has nothing to do with it, you’ll war way in any case, just maybe not all the way to the target destination.
As for the slow turning - you either chose the wrong direction to warp away, or was not fast enough when you spotted that ship on d-scan. I’d say you need more SP in navigation skills

Even if your capacitor is depleted, you can still warp. You won’t be able to warp far, but you’ll be able to travel millions of kilometers on just one point of capacitor.

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Well… maybe I was too slow on the button… but I tried. The battleship I was fighting had just blown up… then the new guy showed up on my overview… literally only a few seconds later… I was capsuled.

Use it as a learning experience, and you’ll be more prepared next time. That’s the only thing you can do, really.

I’m trying… but I can see why people drop this game. With all the whales running around with their fantastic ships… what’s a newbie supposed to do? I’ll tell ya… the newbie dies and the whale says GF. Real sporting.

There is an old saying in Eve: “If you find yourself in a fair fight, someone has already made a mistake.”


I’ll tell you what you do: you start learning Japanese and buy some harpoons. See, the thing about whales is that when you do beat one, it makes up for all of the times you didn’t.

Also, the player who killed you (likely) wasn’t a whale. I can guarantee that you can be doing the same thing that the pirate did within three months (and less efficiently right now, but able to nonetheless). The fact that you’re in low-sec when this new already puts you above the grand majority of the rest of the new player population.

Join a low-sec corporation. Make sure they focus on PvP first, and other things second.

Edit: I looked up the kill. You got killed by a player who started playing at the end of February, just a month and a half older than you. His combat record is 38:26. And he was using a frigate.

Noticing how bad your fit is (I am not judging, just being objective), you need to prioritize learning how to fit your ships properly ASAP. The guy who killed you is in EVE University, a rookie training organization. That’s a clue.


Whales don’t leave highsec and even there they are blaped more often than not. High value ship is a juicy target for gankers in high and pirates in low alike.

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That’s the point.

I don’t care what you are up to. It means you are preoccupied and I can get in before you are aware and kill you.

At no point am I going to go… “oh… no I cannot fight him he is really busy.”


You got to keep the bounty though

Why should that matter ? You’re a legitimate target whatever you’re doing at the time. It actually makes sense for him to attack people who’ve just killed other entities, as you could have picked up some loot which you might drop and he could scoop for himself.

Welcome to Eve…

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So yesterday, I was peacefully building a city in Age of Empires 2: Definitive edition.

Lo and behold, some lowlife comes crashing in, guns blazing. Starts shooting up the place. All my farms were totally destroyed and my buildings on fire. When the horror was all over, he had the nerve to write “gg”. What a buffoon. Totally unfair.

I didn’t like that experience, so I wrote a mail to steam support with my grievance, hopefully they will ban him!