Why Do I Suck So Bad at PvP?

Playing mostly Caldari destroyer (Comorant) in HighSec PvE. But I try going into LowSec for more profitable ratting. However, sometimes I get jumped at gates, and I’m dead almost before I even realize what is happening. Literally 5-7 seconds from uncloaked to watching my dead body floating in space.

It’s always someone with years of experience, and I’ve only been playing a couple of months. I never stand a chance. About to just call it a day and sell all my stuff. Not really seeing the point with this.

I’ll tell you a little secret. Almost no one is any good at PVP in this game. What they are good at is fitting as they’re told and shooting at what the FC tells them to.

So don’t get down over it. Join a corp and fight as part of a team instead of solo.


If you’re traveling through low sec, I would add 2 warp core stabilizers to your ship. Don’t try to fight at a gate camp since you’ll likely be outnumbered.

Once you’ve reached your desired system, re-fit at an NPC station.

Also- avoid faction war lowsec systems unless you’re trying to do PvP or actually doing faction war.


We all sucked when we first started.

PVP is a skill, and like all skills, you need to constantly practice your skills.


What about solo PVPers.

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Survive a gate camp. Then you can solo.

I dont even understand what you mean by this, or the relevance it has to my post.


If you cant survive a gate camp. You can’t solo pvp. It’s a rite of passage.

You have to get in to the party before you can party

Anyone in a pod can survive a lowsec gatecamp. Not everyone can solo PVP.

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However you choose to do it. I didnt say what to do once in. The OP has problems even getting in.

As others recommended. Slip in and refit. Or come by another way

Expected an unhelpful reply.
This isn’t helpful, doesn’t even mean anything, and it isn’t clever.


As a Gate camper and one of them dirty pirates I can say it is clever and fully helpful.

The noobies and the bored go onto camps.

You think you’ll do better if u cnt get past that?

As someone said and is 100% correct.

Its about good fits. Knowing HOW to fit makes all the difference.

How bout this. Post your Dessy fit and we will fix it.

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Never considered carrying extra tools and refitting at destination before carrying on. Always just gotten there, shot stuff, return home.

Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

All twelve of them?

I mean. It might be a solo multi boxer? :rofl:

I think there is only 8 of them now.


I recommend you to join a Faction Warefare corporation, if you wanna start learning PVP and low sec mechanics.

If you just want to peek into low sec to do some ratting, then here are some hints for you:

  1. Avoid systems where the map statistics tell you, that there have been many ships killed. Especially those connecting low sec with high sec.
  2. make your ship either align within less than 2 seconds or use warp core stabs to travel to your target location. At target you can refit as needed.

Several issues:

First of all: looking at your Kboard, you’ve only lost 3 ships and that was over a 3 month period. Either you never found people in the mean time or you just tried 3 times in total, over 3 months of time. You’re going to lose a LOT of times and it’s going to take persistent effort, trying, dying and practicing. So you haven’t tried it often enough and you haven’t tried it long enough

secondly: you keep going to obvious systems in Caldari space. Caldari is where most carebears start and stay, it’s very busy and it’s full of clueless PVE players. So the surrounding low sec waters are full of sharks all waiting at the gates for yet another cargo expanded Kestrel to kill. These fierce PVPers aren’t really that fierce, their low self esteem forces them to only wanting to attack newbies next to newbie systems because it’s easy and quite safe. To avoid these amazing PVPers don’t do this in Caldari space and don’t use obvious or busy low sec entries or systems. Use the map and set it to pilots in space, ships destroyed and jumps per hour to figure out the hot spots. And then avoid those.

Thirdly: the fit you keep using is a bad pvp fit, so even if you would run in to fights that you might be able to win, it’s not going to work for that. Would not have helped in these cases because none of your listed encounters were winnable for a Cormorant whatever the fit. So whatever resource you got that fit from, stop using it.

The trick to getting kills is learning to recognize and avoid the no-win scenarios and keep doing that till you run in to one you CAN win and then have the fit, knowledge and experience to then actually GET the win. That is going to take a lot of learning, practicing, trying, theory crafting and tons and tons more.

You’re probably best to first do pvp in smaller fleets, like in FW, to get some sort of feel for it all. That or you need a good mentor AND you need to be a good student.


You dont become top 100 alliances on killboard with 200 members by being losers making easy kills

I think FW needs complexes that would only allow ships (only two, opposing factions) in certain price range and flown by pilots with certain skill levels, these would then be ranked with prices bought with points after winning, losing would come with smaller amount of points. Because for second place there should be a prize too.

It would promote PvP without new players being hugely outskilled and outisked in encounter.