Want to start learning how to solo PVP, need ship suggestions

Id like to get into solo PVP. Want to fit a few ships and head out into Null or Lowsec and see what happens. Want to start cheap and work my way up. If I were to say a budget of 100m, the cheaper the better, that would be enough to fit something out and give me a fighting chance right? Can start looking at more expensive ships when I’ve got the basics down.

What would you suggest?


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A very cheap, fun, and engage-able T1 Frigate is the Breacher.

That double rep fit (MASB + SAAR) is the fit that I resort to most often when flying the Breacher and you should get able to get at least 5 of them fully fit (depending on prices of modules). Even though it’s a T1 Frigate, you’re still extremely capable, even in nullsec.

You can easily solo (most) fleet/gang fit tackle Ceptors and make quick work of them:

Because you have Afterburner fit, you can Scram+Web Sabres and keep them at the tip of your missile range and mitigate a ton of incoming DPS.

If you are able to bait your opponent well (like warping to obvious points and predicting where they’ll land), you can easily kill Pirate frigates and T3Ds.


check this out if you are interested in Frigates: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1712-OquhUQGi06jKmtOM73DTdZieBSUL/view


Go to youtube and subscribe the “eveiseasy” channel. Suitonia explains in detail how to fly and fit frigates in nullsec.

Watch and learn.


Combat astero is a nice option for going after explo ships in low null and wh at data and relic sites.

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t1 Frigates with tech two ammo, specifically Duck-tape frigates are generally the best starting point. You’d find targets easily near FW nodes.

Later after you are comfortable (say 100-150 solo kills in) You can start swapping toward good solo t2 ships (like saber camp fits) if you can get a null body to hang with.

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Don’t listen to this guy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Of all the T1 Minmatar ships, the only real worthwhile ships are the Rifter and the Breacher. The rest do not perform well in pvp.

You also don’t need 100-150 solo kills. You can get the hang of it after like 20.

Also, camping Sabres are incredibly bad solo ships unless you have a pipe with alt characters watching the in and out gates so you can pick and choose which ships to fight and which ones to hide away from. Any wins you get from here are more due to preying on people who aren’t paying attention than because it’s a good fight.


Exactly the point though there is some race vs race match up advantages in this situation.
20 Kills is not enough to really become a fairly experienced player in solo pvp.

I have however spent large amounts of time solo / duo gate camping in null.

Actually, they are not. There is a fit that gives them the ability to kill lower skill pointed cruisers.
#the more you know Further, when it comes to solo pvp, dictators are excellent for this. having alts to not get blobbed is standard, regardless of the ship you have.

No, there really isn’t. It depends on the fits of the ships, not the race. More evidence that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

20 is fine.

You and your alts don’t even have double digits of solo kills, let alone the 100 you even talked about yourself. How about you sit down and meet your own standards before you start trying to tell people how to PvP.

Let’s see the fit.

They’re called Dictors, not Dictators, but I guess that’s what happens when you have auto-correct set to describe yourself. The OP said he has a budget 100m ISK for solo PvP. He’s clearly not in a position to splurge for multiple alts for gatecamping eyes. Context and braincells, use them.


Of course they dont, because they are new-ish alts.
Also those statistics are not right, but i’d guess you’d know about some purge or something with KB.

Typo’d that, but i guess if you want to be childish and point out stupid things i’ll just add you to ignore like merin.

That’s a boldfaced lie.

Squizz, has held the stance of NEVER purging or removing kills on zkb. To imply that you somehow managed to “purge” kills from the killboard is pretty hilarious.


Oh look, another innocent person’s thread trashed by Naari the narcissistic liar.

OP, please ignore everything @Naari_Naarian is posting here. They are a notorious fraud who lies about everything from PvP experience to their supposed “MMO that will kill EVE” to even accusing me (100% seriously!) of being the CEO of CCP. They aren’t here to genuinely help you, their sole purpose is compulsive self-promotion and trying to hype themselves up as an authority on PvP. I’m sorry that your thread had to get trashed like this, but it’s important that you at least know why it is happening.


I did not say i removed them. I said they were purged, by the KB itself, or are not reflecting the values on the kill boards correctly.

@CCP_Rise @ISD_Buldath Please deal with the eula violations and off topic posting.

I had a million killmails of you that were also purged, so your K:D ratio is pathetic.

PS: remember that time you lost a titan to a solo T1 frigate? God that was hilarious, too bad the killmail was purged.

@ISD_Buldath Please deal with the eula violations and off topic posting.

Wait, I thought you had me blocked? Turns out that was yet another lie and you’re still reading my posts!


So this is your concession that you know I’m not the CEO of CCP, and that you will stop making that idiotic claim? Because if I am the CEO then what is the point in asking my employees to delete my posts? I’ll just fire them if they do.


So you’re telling me, that off the 200,000+ unique characters in the game, of all of the major players, major groups, major blocs, all of the carebears, pvps, scammers, gankers, etc. YOU alone were the one SO SPECIAL that the killboard “purged” your kills and left your alts with only losses?

There are 2 ways you can fix this (if they actually were “purged”, lmao).

  1. You can log in and llet zkb pull up your kills again.

Or 2, you should be able to pull up the kills in your Character Combat Log History. Let me show you were you can find them:

Let’s see you do either of these two. Or you’re just coming up with excuses for your lies.

It’s hilariously adorable that you (someone who claims to be a developer) thinks that you can just ping CCP Rise and ISDs as if they were your personal servants in an effort to try and hide posts from people who call you out on your lies.

Since it looks like @Naari_Naarian @Noori_Naarian @Nuuri_Naarian (tagging his alts as well) can’t back up anything he’s said, I’ll get back to the main topic. Don’t listen to this kid. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and his “advice” on PvP is based on horrifically misunderstood ideas about what he thinks PvP is like but doesn’t actually have any experience.


And ppl wonder why the forums are not popular… keep it on topic girls, there are many ways to learn PvP.

You can also check out the Testserver, you can select it bottom right in your launcher, use /moveme in chat and there is a null system used for PvP testing with Combat Areas. Everything costs 1 isk, so you are free to train with slower ships and experience longer fights that allow more mistakes then frigates.


…is a good way to get CONCORDOKKEN in highsec and murdered on your way to nullsec.

Don’t take this the wrong way, cause I usually value your opinions but I suggest you don’t advise noobies to fly pirate ships with 4 skillpoints.

I advice you fly t1 frigates until you get the hang of it.