New player, caldari, looking to start some pvp

basically, been watching the game for years and never given it a try… until now. Made it through the tutorial and want to start building toward a ewar pvp skill set and target some ewar ships to focus on learning by doing. Can someone point me to some resources for optimal skill planning for ewar and suggest a frigate and cruiser ewar ship and associated build?

Specifically, since i dont know what im asking for really, the most effective ewar configs and if its even possible to be successful solo kitted out for ewar. Alternatives?

Tips appreciated.

You can find some good duels in Jita.

Check out suitonia, and in particular his kestrel guides. He explains in extreme details, with excellent video all the ins and outs of that ship.


All depends of what you call E-War, there are several types of E-War. The Eve Uni Wiki has a good page about them. Since fleet pvp is totally different from solo pvp, here are a few things i picked up here and there :

  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) : prevent your enemy from locking you.

the T1 frigate ( you will need a two/three months time to use T2 frigate and isk wise afford to loose them ) is the Griffin. T1 frigates are really cheap and you will always use them ( they never become obsolete).

Here an example of fit used in a Faction Warfare ( solo and small gang gameplay and mechanism) :

  • Weapon disruption : either against missiles or turrets, those modules will wreck your enemy’s range or tracking ( aka precision in the case of missiles).

So to sum up it will allow either to outrange your enemy ( since with equal weapons, you reduce the range of theirs) or speed tank ( since you will be too fast for their weapon to keep up with your speed).

Normally the T1 frigate would be the Crucifier but if you solo pvp you will often use it with other frigates.

Here an example with Breacher fitted for kiting with weapon disruption :

Another one with the vigil fleet issue ( not to be confused with the T1 vigil ) :

Both fits aim to outrange your opponent ( they both have warp disruptors and not warp scramblers which indicates they want to be at a longer range).

I tried to find you a speed tank fit but found only this guide about the slasher, a very fast T1 frig ( the succubus being another very good but expensive pirate candidate).

The point with speed tanking is that it works best against low tracking weapons such as situation against arty ( against a firetail for instance ) : close distance and use tracking disruptor, their gun won’t touch you.

Don’t forget : you can swap scripts. Against a brawler, load the range script to outrange him, against an arty/kiting ship load the tracking script and close the distance.

This fit is also interesting :

  • Remote Sensor Dampening : it reduces the range at which your enemy can lock you. If it can’t lock you, it can’t fire at you. So it’s a way to outrange your enemy.

Contrary to the weapon disruption, it doesn’t make a difference between missiles or turrets. Nonetheless since even a remote damped brawler don’t need a lot of targetting range to will kill you, sensor dampening only has an impact when you play the long range field.

The T1 frigate specialized in this is the Maulus.

Here an example of an arty/drones/sensor dampering fit :

  • Target Painting : increase the signature radius of your enemy. It’s the opposite of the tracking disruptor in a way : you make your enemy easier to track and hit ( including with missiles since those work with a explosion radius).

You won’t use them a lot in solo pvp but will see them a lot in fleets ( since everyone benefits from the malus given to the ennemy).

Their only common use in solo is when you use oversized turrets or missiles ( cruise missiles or torpedoes come in mind) and you want those oversized weapons to hit your undersized opponent’s ship.

Keep in mind than slowing your enemy also makes your weapons’ tracking better ( or reducing the relative speed hence the importance of manual piloting in arty fights since it allows you to control angular velocity). Therefore a lot of players will prefer to equip with webifiers rathen than target painting since it gives better tracking and range control at the same time, not only better tracking.

The T1 frigate is the Vigil ( the T1 one, not the faction one).

the example of a torpedo ship using target painting :

  • Capacitor warfare : if your enemy has no capacitor left, he can’t use any modules and you win. Capacitor warfare comes in two flavours : neutralisers who kills your enemy’s capacitor at the expanse of yours, and nosferatus who won’t deplete as much your enemy’s capacitor but will leech it replenishing yours.

To sum up : capacitor warfare is good versus energy weapons since they use capacitor but useless against missiles or auto-cannons.

There is no T1 frigate with capacitor warfare bonuses, the only frig having one being a pirate frig : the cruor. Here an example of nosferatu Cruor :

But faction warfare ( and other solo pvp areas) will often see Neutralizers Tristans. Here a example of an neut tristan :

As always, it’s more theory than practice ( my zkillboard is a wall of red) so more experienced players will complete those infos with their own infos.

Good fly and good luck : solo pvp is hard and frustrating at first. All the more that the game doesn’t explain anything, at all ( it even advices to use auto-pilot in the tutorial which in real gameplay is a death sentence). But if you find a good corps and good people, they will explain it all to you.

Keep in mind that in solo pvp T2 weapons and modules take a long time to train for a newbie ( one or two months with the support skills) so at first you will bring a knife to a gunfight with your T1 modules. But blowing up is part of the experience : in Eve, to know what to fight and what to flee is key since it’s kind of a rock/paper/scissors system.

In solo faction warfare pvp always start a conversation with the one who defeated you : seeing you as a newbie, they will always give advice and tell you what you did wrong.

For learning, they are good newbie corps around ( Eve uni, Kharmafleet, Brave Collective to quote a few). Otherwise if you feel up for the wild wild west, find a Faction Warfare corp since Faction Warfare is solo and small gang pvp by design.


thanks for the detailed reply, much appreciated.

caldari is about your worst bet if you want to get your feet wet in E-war. ECM needs the most SP and pilot skill to use effectively
for getting into PVP i would recommend FW ideally finding a FW corp to show the ropes.

PS Kestrel is life

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