Ewar pvp

I want to play as a assault ewar
Mostly solo
Do you have any good guide?
I’m caldari so Griffin maybe?
I have all my missile and rail max(for alpha)
What tatics should I play?

Honestly, ECM is hardly considered pvp.
And is frowned upon in general.

That being said it is a very powerful mechanic. You should try using racial jams if you know what kind of targets you are up against.

Navy Griffin.

And some sauce:


Someone asked the same question not long ago. Here is the link of the discussion :

Don’t listen to their lies, ECM is perfectly fine. Damps are the true pain and anyone who uses ewar will tell you that damps are the strongest.

That being said, welcome to hardcore mode.

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Solo pvpers will tend to avoid ewar frigs like the Griffin. You can try using a heron as an alternative. It has 5 mid slots and high CPU, and most ppl assume heron = easy kill, so you’ll get a lot of fights.

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When does the timer start? When you start warping to the site, or once you land? What I usually do is warp to the closest planet. That way the site is less than 4AU away.

Edit: I don’t know how this reply ended up in this thread. I was replying to someone in the exploration forum.

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Combat herons are fun as hell. @Lunar_K_Rnlav while the ECM won’t be as strong, you should look into weapon disrupters as a alternative. The heron can be shield or armor fit and is definitely decent at both and due to its lack of weapon bonuses it can be fit a great number of ways.

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Being an EWAR pilot is a lot of fun. However, solo it’s more situational, plus you have to weigh that versus things like tackle, prop mod, shields, cap mods taking up precious mid-slots. Is de-buffing the enemy a better use of that slot than buffing yourself (cap mods, tracking mods, more shield/resist, faster/longer locking, etc)?

It does no good to perma-jam someone if you lack the DPS to break their tank or the speed to keep them in point range. In general, ships bonused for EWAR are light on DPS/tank. And in general EWAR on an hull without bonuses for them may or may not be the best use of that slot.

The Griffin is the place to start with ECM, but solo it’s not very survivable if you do get a fight but chances are most people just won’t bother engaging it. Griffins (and most hulls bonused for EWAR) come into their own in a fleet environment where they can be fitted to maximize the role and have support for things like logi and DPS.

ECM + solo = dud get off whatever you are smoking.
What good is perma jammed but totally intact enemy ship?

Get a jar of Jelly (4 flavors currently available)… Find bread. Apply Jam in a consistent manner on the bread. Eat and look for more bread.

Totally vaild PVP playstyle regardless of how much people complain. Have fun making sandwiches.


Navy Griffin (last I knew) had strong jams and decent frig dps if you have hybrid skills. Only thing is youll need blasters and tackle because the range of the jams have been gutted to a short 11km. (11km on my maxed skill set plus mods.)

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