PvP Essentials For The New Player

If you are a new player and are wanting to get into PvP you should first invest in training skills that deal with ECM Warfare. Such skills would include Tracking Disruption, Dampener and ECM Target Jamming mechanics along with Warp Scrambling.

The above mentioned aspects of PvP will give you an advantage over more seasoned vets. The over all goal is to keep your opponent from being able to lock you at all. Therefore you should train to use the following ships:

  1. Griffin - Bonuses to ECM Jamming/ Long Range
  2. Garmur - Bonuses to Warp Scrambling/Long Range
  3. Maulus Navy Issue - Bonuses to Warp Scrambling / Long Range
  4. Interceptors - Bonuses to Warp Scrambling / Medium to Long Range
  5. Kitsune - Bonuses to ECM Jamming / Long Range
  6. Blackbird - Bonuses to ECM Jamming / Long Range

Once you have your ECM ship and modules trained you can simply lock an opponent up and keep them from locking you while you warp scramble them from long range.

Next send in a PvP Cruiser or Battle Cruiser to finish the opponent off.

With the ECM tactic you only need two ships, three at most to win every PvP encounter that you come across.

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Dear New Players,

please read through the OPs posting history before considering anything he writes, no matter how sensible it seems.

Thank you.


Fistly, you are talking about EWAR, not just ECM.
Secondly, while EWAR is a powerful tool, it’s not invincible.
Thirdly, what did you lose too make you this mad again?

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EWar is the same as ECM as both relate to countering the electronic systems of an opponents ship.

If you can’t add anything meaningful to the discussion based on your personal experience in Electronic Counter Measures Warfare then most likely you have no idea what you are talking about.

You really don’t want to listen to players like Solstice Projekt because:

1.Solstice Projekt is a remade account from an account that has obviously been banned.
2.Solstice Projekt has only been playing for less than a hundred days and cannot possibly have experience as a new player unless his new account has been remade from a banned account.

Dude, chill out a bit.

In the context of EVE, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) is a type of Electronic Warfare (EWar) that is preferred by the Caldari. If you want to write for new players, it is important to use the right names for the right things. EVE is confusing enough without guides making false equivalence between different things.

You might want to elaborate a bit on the tackling side too. “Scramble them from long range” is a bit of an oxymoron as scrambling is the shortest ranged tackling module. Something about disruptors and webs might be a good addition.

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ECM is EWAR but not all EWAR is ECM. The skills you listed belong to all types of EWAR, not just ECM.


So report me and be exposed as the liar you are! : D
You are walking on thin ice there, kiddo! : D

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