Electronic Countermeasures

I’m wondering if training on ECM Jamming and such systems is worth the skill points.
Are they allowed everywhere?
Are they used in PvP fits? How useful are they?
Is it a good idea to use them for destroyers?
I read some ships have bonuses for ECM like the Kitsune, Tengu, Rook, Falcon… How effective are they on ships with no such bonuses? How much stacking is advised?

I’m reading this article:

-be near the edge of your optimal range
-fight aligned
-run away if you’re being shot
-help your fleetmates escape tackle if retreating

That doesn’t sound like ECM is versatile or handy from a UI perspective.
“Fight aligned” ( to warp point ) Fight in a straight line? No turns no orbiting all while keeping good range? Sounds strange to me.

On most ECM ships ECM’s long optimal range is one of the things that keeps you out of trouble, so you should try to warp to targets at your optimal range, not at zero. (Sometimes you will have to fight at short range – if the enemy jump into an offensive gatecamp, for example.)
Your best way of staying alive is to warp out, and to be able to warp out quick enough if something starts attacking you you should be pre-aligned…

That doesn’t sound very useful. Sounds more like sitting duck then warp out, flee.
Are ECM useless against gatecamps? Is there even a way to come out in one piece from a gatecamp?
Why should I train ECM? Is it necessary in EVE or is it another offensive option like rocket/missiles, energy neutralizers…?

So far most things in EVE make sense to me. I need practice to go with all the info I’ve read so far. Since EVE has different gameplays within PvP/PvE varied by sectors security, most of the theories ( that are facts to senior players ) need to be put in practice to answer some of the questions I can barely formulate.
Thank you.

The point of ECM is to take the focus of fire away from the combat ships in your fleet and place it on you so they can wail on enemy targets. You are a support ship, not a combat ship, and much like logi you are going to be primaried and more than likely die first…


ECM is strong vs brawlers and logi.
DAMPS is strong vs kiters and E-war ships.

Usually if your enemy brings too much logi for you to break their tank then you need to ecm some of their logi sometimes you get lucky and they dont fix their cap chain and you wreck all of them and they go out of cap.

Against brawlers damp is useless but if you are sitting 150kms away from your fleet and your fleet cannot tank the enemies or they have so much dps that adding more logi wont fix the problem becuase people die before being locked then ECM is great at reducing that dps by taking out the heaviest of hitters like a leshak or oracles and things.

Normal fleets thou people min/max their fit so they either use links to boost their lock range to match their firing range, so posible strategies is look for info link users and killing those first so they have all of a sudden less range on their guns or just put 1 damp per enemy dps and you are winning the efficiency war.

ECM vs ECM is the most useless thing I have ever tried both ECM pilots just feel stupid at the end of it.


ECM can be very useful in a fleet setting, to stop enemy ships from shooting at your allies or to stop them from repairing their allies.

ECM forces them to target you instead of any other ship, if your jams succeed. This can be useful when you have allies, but if you’re not flying in a group I would bring something else ths ECM.

Ewar frigates are a nice way to learn how to fly in fleet PvP combat. You will be disrupting the enemy fleet while piloting your own ship, which is a good way to learn how fleet battles work.


ever since CCP changed ECM mechanics so that a jammed ship could ONLY target the jamming ship, EC< sor of fell out of favor. however, it is still highly effective in fleet fights. jam the logi, your team wins.
still it seems a bit stupid that you can successflully jam someone and they can still target, scram and web you. it is pretty much useless for a solo pilot trying to zoom through space instead of the get out of jail free it used to be

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That was the point of the change, was to change the 1v1 meta so defender would have a chance to fight back.

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I hadn’t thought of how useful it would be to temporarily break Trig locks to put them back of their lower initial damage. Noted.

There is a pretty nasty Catalyst going around FW with MWD and Burst Jammer. It pretty much wrecks all brawlers. ECM is worth training into, but not if you’re really new. Better to get the Magic 14, drone, and gunnery/missile skills up, along with trade, engineering, and spaceship command skills.

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Worth it. All combat skills have a niche you can apply.


It’s not stuipid at all it allows counter play, the counter play to damps/ tracking disruptors is to either pull range or get close, the counter to old ECM was absolutely nothing go make coffee and watch while you die slowly.

I love flying ecm and if you are good pilot the enemy being able to lock you just makes it even more exciting trying to dodge them and survive with good piloting.


also, please be more precise when you ask questions, or the answer will be “it depends” (or “42” ;))
for example are you talking about solo/small gang/ large fleets pvp?

@Wyk_Bathana I wasn’t so sure how to ask the questions since I had very little knowledge of the subject of ECM.
I learned in this thread that ECM are more effectively used in fleets but would leave someone vulnerable solo. I thought they would be like webbers or energy neutralizers/nospheratu… Since EVE is supposed to be played with other players it makes sense that a lot of ships and modules have fleet roles and bonuses according to those roles.

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In the dark days of eve, everyone had a falcon alt. Every fight turned into falcons jamming 4 ships and no one getting to play the game.

ECM is a bad mechanic generally, and its current role to mess with logi is about as relevant as it should be.

None of those modules prevent the enemy ship from fighting back. ECM is unique in that it completely takes a ship out of the fight - and was unilaterally stronger than any other form of electronic warfare.

It also required no skill or input to fly, so having alts in ships with ECM modules to warp in and damp a whole fleet with a few button presses for an unlimited amount of time was absolutely game breaking.

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Ever see EC-300s around? Of course you have. Ever seen a neut drone? I didn’t think so. Are there sensor dampening drones? Web drones at least got some focus with the new AT ships and the MyNI.

If a fleet brings too much logi its only natural to bring ecm, I dont see why it deserves and Argh not like its used vs solo dudes to be oppressive.

I said “Argh” because it is used against me as a solo dude to be oppressive.

I was trying to get a fight with my Stabber, and was going to be gutsy and take on a Cynabal (even though I am an alpha, because fun). A Rook showed up to “secure the kill”.
ECM is at least not as “argh” as it used to be, but it is still oppressive.

I by far prefer neuts.

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Vaguely related.

I fly e-war or logistics in fleets, DPS only if neither are needed by the FC. My e-war of preference is the much underrated Weapon Disruption.

A Crucifier can apply a 60% penalty to three DPS ships in the other fleet - either tracking or range. You can do that from best part 80km away. It can take a while for an F1 monkey in a fleet to realise he’s either not hitting or getting low damage hits, sometimes there’s little they can do about it either.

You do need a good knowledge of targets, missile disruption isn’t appropriate for a gunship. Watch out for drone boats. It’s not commonly seen which adds an interesting “now what?” to the engagement

Like any fleet e-war, you follow the wishes of the FC but you have an interesting time in a fight.

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Yes. <3 Cruci!