When a newb want to help his bittervets

Oï !
Recently, I learned that the guys of my corp were looking for better effectivness in PVP, and I want to help them. Not by simply adding some DPS to the soup, I can already do that, but by something a bit more “tactical”.

I would like to have some advices from the big bros, those who are experienced in good ol’ manly PVP combat, to help me with my choice : I would like to use an E-WAR ship (I plan to use the ECM, but some infos on the other ones would be nice) or a Logistic ship, and thus would like to get advices from the pros =)

Currently I think I’ll stay with the frigates, as I don’t know if I’ll do well with the “upgraded” cruiser sized version of those roles. I think I’ll use a Griffin for the E-WAR, and the logistic will depend on the type of fleet I guess (shield/armor).

Thanks in advance =)

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Just be aware that E-War ships like the Griffin are potential to priority targets for your opponents. Nobody likes to be jammed out of a fight.
If you want to stay with frigs and do more of a support role, consider using Target Painters, Webs, Scrams, Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors. What’s best depends always on what you are fighting and your own fleet members.
Target Painters are good if your fleet uses missiles. Sensor Dampeners very nice if you do kiting. Tracking Disruptors only make sense when your target uses guns, not missiles.

Potential ships apart from the Griffin would be the Maulus, Crucifier and Vigil.

If you fly one of those you want to try to stay out of your opponents range while staying in best range of your own modules.
So the knowledge of how far your opponent can strike from helps a lot to stay alive. Most of this knowledge is just gathered over time played.

Another thing I can recommend is record the fights you do and re-watch them. You will find mistakes you might not have noticed during the heat of the battle. This helped me a lot to improve.
Also talk to the people that have managed to kill you. Ask them if you could have done anything better. You might not always get a satisfying answer but people often like to share knowledge with the interested.

Good luck.

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I fully recommend dropping the ewar idea and trying to assist your group as a scout. Scouting is one of the most vital roles in a fleet. Providing accurate and timely information is key in situational awareness and decision making, and actually making or losing the kill. It would be the best logical choice to make as the most experienced fleet member.


Well, I’m in fact the contrary of the “most experienced player” =/
And because we live in a wormhole, almost everyone have the skills, ships, and is capable to do at least some basic scouting ^^

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Ah. I see.

Wormholes are the best teachers for making the best hunters.


Scout in a wh is never a cheap role. Proteus or loki usually.

Ah, nm. Forgot about the Astero. Not as good, but still very useful.

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If you fight in WH space… Learn to fly an interdictor. Bubbles can be amazingly useful.


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