New-bro need help [ PvP ]

hello all,

i would like to get solid advice for a ship fitting to be more less a ‘support’ role or a PvP battle helper for a friend.

i play Caldari and have roughly 44m SP and i have the ability to fly up to dreadnaughts, and most lvl 5 tickets for BS with the route to heavy and light missiles, around lvl 4/5.

i have a decent understanding of the game mechanics, but never really PvP’d at all, the most PvP action i seen is me getting bombed at a gate before i even finish loading into the star system, real good action i might add yes 10/10.

so if anyone with solid PvP skills can help me out please.
i am looking for a ship that can lock down other ships, stop them from warping, maybe scram their targeting systems, that kind of thing. just be a full bubble bot or support unit… i know caldari has a frig but forgot the name, i’m sure you know more than me.

thanks in advanced

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Please specify “support”. Do you want to support your buddies or pin down ships, and where are you planning to do your evil deeds?

In nullsec and w-space, I suggest the Flycatcher to prevent ships from warping away, with bubbles.

In every space you only if you plan on locking down one ship at a time, you want to fly the Condor or the tech 2 versions, either the Crow or the Raptor. Either one is unique but suited best for pinning down ships with a long point or a scram.

Flying support can also mean, you do disruptive things, like tracking or guidance disruption or sensor dampening or jamming a target.
Another way to support your buddies would be with links or command bursts, starting with battlecruisers for beginners or people with really deep pockets, you would fly a command ship, the tech 2 battlecruiser.

A dreadnought is not a support ship but a force multiplier.

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As the previous poster points out, we need a bit more detail to give advice beyond generic statements. I can make some assumptions based on your note about bubbles, but it would be helpful to have more clarity.

The following should be a good starting point:

  • where will you be operating? (High sec, low sec, null sec, wormholes)
  • what type of PVP? (Piracy, wars, small gang roaming, etc)
  • what types of ships would you be supporting? (Brawling fleet, sniping fleet, gate camp, etc)
  • how much are you willing to spend per-hull, assuming it will be lost in every fight? (likely at the beginning as you are learning)

My recommendation: Start with the basics.

It helps to be able to understand fundamentals before rushing off to a vague goal — others have already called out having a vague goal as problematic, but my bias would have your butt in 50 frigates and losing them all to understand the fundamentals, if necessary.

IMO starting out with high amounts of SP does not lend you favors here as many people think merely having high SP means they need to be in expensive cruisers or above to learn the lessons. You can learn the lessons in any kind of ship it just depends how much ISK you want to burn in the process and how much unwanted attention you want to attract in the meantime. Losing nice ships repeatedly makes you a mark for others.

For example, fundamentals that I think would be necessary are: how to read fits, how those relate to range control, strengths and weaknesses of a fit in relation to other fits, how a pilot should fly a ship based on its modules, and only then can you understand how it relates to other ships in a fleet, your role in it, what is expected of the fleet generally, and when it’s in a good or bad position.

Nothing is worse for a fleet than a total rookie in an interdictor. Quick way to make an FC upset.

You can’t really hide your rookie-ness behind a fleet and just osmosis all the necessary information while pretending to be skilled or gaining skills. At some point just bite the bullet, try to walk on your own two feet, preferably getting tips from folks along the way — but always growing from your own efforts.


that’s pretty much what I’m looking for, and yah i have 15-19 of each of those ships you listed.
i remember PvP practicing in a crow and raptor with a friend awhile back as a backup.

would you have a good fit for both? and the fly catcher?
or should i just use zkills site and search through a bunch of ship kills then copy/paste?

all i am looking to do is be a lock down unit, get in close and lock the target down while my buddy does all the fighting. it be a warp bubble or scram, does not matter im just looking to be the lock player, stop the target from escaping any way possible

Let me do you one better, by teaching you how to DIY any ship in EVE, fit for your specific needs.

Back in the day when I started, EVE had so many fewer ships available and not many of them were as useful, as they are now. So the few ships we did have, we used to fit for what we wanted to do, but back then, the Osprey for example used to be a mining boat.
Anyhow, by process of elimination, ask yourself what modules will be the most important to have to do x task?
Let’s take the Condor as your first example. The Condor has an inbuilt ship-bonus, that will make the task of pinning someone down much easier to do with an overall low skillpoint count.

In this case, I give you a general description of EVE terminology and two modules that do similar things, but for each case a little different, which gives you options and some hints for how to fly your ship, so you don’t get killed right after decloaking on a gate in lowsec.

The long point, or warp disruptor, is the long range version of the tool a Condor would be to have fit, to pin someone down. It requires a medium row slot.

The scram, or warp scrambler, is the short range version, which comes with a twist. The warp scrambler will shut off your opponent’s mwd or mjd in case of the command destroyer.

The Condor gives you a bonus, whenever you fly one, which allows you the use of a long point on a frigate. The long point is a nice module, but it requires a lot of cap(acitor) to run for long durations, and you wouldn’t want to fit one on a frigate or that one module would make your life very hard.
On the Condor, the ship bonus was given for the purpose of running a long point for long durations, plus all the other modules a Condor would need to fulfil that role.

With that in mind, we already have one of the four medium row slots filled with either a scram or a long point. However you decide, which module to take, it will require you to fly differently.

Another important module for any frigate or most would be the propulsion module, which will make your already fast ship even faster. In fact, you will be faster than most ships, which will be important, if you want to reach someone else’s ship, before they warp away.

Any Condor, or Crow, or Raptor build will use a mwd, or microwarpdrive. Just take my word for it. The mwd comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, so you don’t get confused which goes on which.
The Condor would fit a 5nm quadlif something mwd.

Now your specific purpose fit is ready. Those two modules are the most important ones and you always must fit them.

All the other available module and rig slots on the Condor fit go into defense, since you can rest assured, that people want to warp away and start shooting at you, and you want to make it as difficult as possible for that ship class to explode before the other one explodes.

Since the Condor is a small ship, most ships won’t bother shooting at you with medium or large guns, so they will send drones to do it for them.
Those drones are your biggest threat, so we will want to fit some kind of weapon to shoot those drones, whenever they threaten your existence.
I would recommend fitting 4x rocket launchers and take lots of Caldari Navy scourge rockets with you, so that 50% of your cargo hold it filled. You don’t want to run out of ammo while making sure, you keep that one ship on grid with your buddies and making sure, your ship stays intact as long as possible, so you only shoot drones that were sent to murder your ship.
If I recall correctly, the Condor has four medium row slots, of which two slot are reserved for a long point or a scram, which reminds me, you can fit both the disruptor and the scram on the Condor and a medium shield extender, which gives your ship some buffer to chew through for longer and shields regenerate in time on their own.
Now I am not sure, if the Condor also has two low row slots, in which case, you could fit a ballistic control and a damage control or a nanofiber propulsion upgrade, which makes the Condor even faster and more agile. A damage control would make you last longer. You decide, if you wanna go even faster or last longer, and I would suggest the latter and with experience, you can switch that in later builds.

The Crow and the Raptor are almost fit the same way, but the Raptor uses small railguns or blasters and would even be able to participate in shooting someone down, since the Raptor can do quite some damage.

The Flycatcher should now be much easier for you to fit. The most important module a Flycatcher would need in nullsec, would be the bubble launcher, which only the Flycatcher can fit, but the process is similar. However, in lowsec, I wouldn’t fly a Flycatcher, because no bubbles allowed in lowsec :frowning:

Happy hunting!

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For hunting Gallente only, frigates and destroyers up to T3.

[Condor, Condor Gallente Hunter]
Ballistic Control System II
Overdrive Injector System II

Baker Nunn Enduring Tracking Disruptor I
Warp Disruptor II
Small Shield Extender II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II
Light Missile Launcher II

Small Auxiliary Thrusters I
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile x1763
Scourge Fury Light Missile x2015
Tracking Speed Disruption Script x1

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