Best PVE Battleship for newish pilots

(Yuri Saissore) #1

I have been playing about 5 weeks now and have saved more than enough for a battleship, but I’m not entirely sure which one to get. My current focus is just farming wormholes; mostly gas sites but moving onto other sites as well. I’m running with a friend who is planning on getting a Dominix. What would be a good ship to accompany that?

I’m leaning toward a Abaddon, Megathron or Machariel.

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

(Muffinmixer) #2

For wormholes, spidertanking Dominixes are pretty much the way to go. With 3 of them you can run C5 sites pretty easily with the right fits.

(Yuri Saissore) #3

That sounds interesting, I may go with that. But we wont have a third for a little while I think.
Any other suggestions so I can keep my options open?

(Duo Roman) #4

If you want to stay in low class wormholes, a myrmidom is a cheap and effective choice up to class 2, as capacitor warfare is huge in sleeper sites. Also allows you to enter C1 wormholes (you can’t enter them with battleships).

(A bad Man) #5

I’d rule the Abaddon out straight away. As a laser boat with no capacitor bonus, it is hellishly difficult to run an active tank and guns at the same time without munching through an entire cargohold of cap boosters in minutes if you only have 5 weeks of skills.

(Yuri Saissore) #6

The more research I do on the Abaddon the more I feel the same way. It was my first choice for tanking stats, but when I found out it uses cap for ammo I started to not like it nearly as much.

(Yuri Saissore) #7

I’m not to worried about the lower class wormholes. We seem to be barely doing alright in high class and I’d like to focus on those and really get good there.
Considering were in a exequror and a Gnosis, I think 2 battleships would do well in there.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #8

raven and domi are the probably two easiest. No cap weapons helps a lot. Abaddon is probably one of my favorite ships in game, but it just doesn’t work well :frowning:

Mach is probably the best pve BS thanks to the warp speed bonus and large projectiles, but i’m not sure I’d recommend it to newer pilots. It’s fantastic once you get the hang of things. but I’d probably wait a little to get used to things before making the jump. Also I’m not sure how well it works in wormholes.

(Forseti Valkyrie) #9

Machariel should be out because being ‘5 weeks now’ that ship relies on 2 faction BS skilling lines and really does you no good unless you have both to AT LEAST IV and have access to T2 large projectiles… I’m gonna bet no?

Megathron is an in your face brawler and it’s guns are cap reliant, being neuted rules that out…

The honest answer for your first PVE BS is a Raven. Range, tank, non-cap weapons… Just get a MJD to pop out 100k when they get too close… and u also have drones available.

Not the sexxiest thing but probably the best thing to fit your current situation unless you have excellent drone skills then I’d say Domi.

(Nikea Tiber) #10

The domi is probably the best bs to put a lower sp pilot in, or the 'geddon considering it is no longer a gunboat.

Large turrets need solid gunnery support skills to apply meaningful damage, and faction turrets won’t make as large a difference as faction drones will. Just fitting large turrets with low core fitting skills will usually force you to make some compromises.

A well tanked neut domi can complete every L4 as well as easily shut down player tackle if you mission in lowsec. It is an ugly ship that can put up a truly ugly fight, and might just get passed up for a prettier kb trophy.

A few words of advice about your first battleship, and taking on L4s (which are a substantially larger increase in difficulty than L3s are when compared to L2s).
Pay attention to how long it takes to align to, and enter warp. This could be extremely important later.
Don’t fit for cap stability. You don’t need it, and making your fit cap-stable is probably going to end up reducing your dps, projection, application, mobility, or tank.
Instead, focus on not aggressing the entire mission pocket, and maintaining your range to the most significant rats that have you targeted. With the exception of gurristas, most rat BSs can’t hit you much past 45km or so, use this to your advantage; an AB + intelligent piloting is sufficient to ensure you don’t let your tank get overwhelmed.
If you are missioning in highsec you can forgo the neuts and fit a remote armor + hull rep to keep your drones in good shape without paying repair fees.
Have an escape planned in advance; align before things start to get too hot. Remember how I told you to pay attention to how long it takes to align + enter warp? You need at least this amount of reserve time once you’ve noticed your tank is failing to keep ahead of oncoming dps, so be ready.

Stick to a drone boat until you have solid gunnery/missile support skills, you will be much more effective.

(Pavel Mistery) #11

Does anyone try to use Long-Range Drone Control fitting to run WH? I am speaking about really long range. Something around 250km from the center as start point. Use quick drones for attack.

Will it work or WH NPC fleet to fast to use this fit?

(Kitty Bear) #12

Pavel Mistery
Does anyone try to use Long-Range Drone Control fitting to run WH? I am speaking about really long range. Something around 250km from the center as start point. Use quick drones for attack.
Will it work or WH NPC fleet to fast to use this fit?

No, Sleepers use an aggressive anti-drone script.
They follow a threat list (not in order)
Remote Reps

So if you’re in a spider tanking Domi
The Domi is a target because Remote Reps
The Drones are targets because DPS
The Drones are targets because Drones

The sleepers threat assessment … you’re drones will most likely be the primary target

(elitatwo) #13

… flying a battleships should not be on your list of things to do “just because”. What new players wildly underestimate is that a battleship will not be as easy to pilot as a battlecruiser or regular cruiser.
What is even worse is that new player tend to overestimate the power level they are stepping into with 200.000 skillpoints.

Are you really sure you “saved enough” currency to buy a ship like that? Did you consider that you have to fit and insure that ship also. Battleships do cost very, very much more than they used to and 200 million currency is not enough.

When I was in week 5 on EvE, I was struggling to complete level 1 missions.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #14

Avoid amarr. Theyre skill intensive to get returns out off and are in desperate need of a buff with the current state of bs’s. Even with maxed cap skills and maxed controlled bursts the lasers still bleed you out very quickly.

(A bad Man) #15

Been mentioned before, but the most forgiving first battleship for general pve is probably the Raven. As a shieldtanking missile boat, it generally functions better at low SP levels than most. Missiles don’t deal split damage types, so you can customise your ammo loadout to your target’s resist holes to apply closer to your paper dps than other ships. You also don’t have to worry about transversal velocity, which can make it a pain to apply damage to close-up targets in turretboats. Also, range is pretty much irrelevent. If you can lock it, you can apply damage without having to worry about optimal and falloff issues. If you want bling, you have the option of going for a Navy Raven (better damage application) or Navy Scorpion (better tank), and can eventually train into a Golem (better everything).

(Andrew Indy) #16

First thing to ask is what skills do you have trained? No point getting a Domi if you have no drone skills or a mach if you don’t have projectiles ect.

As for WHs, I would train into a HAC over a BS for those. They also open up more PVP things to. In may cases you earn more running more low class WHs than you do running the larger ones especially if the larger sites are boarder line.

(Pavel Mistery) #17

I am not sure I understood the answer.

Let’s say I have decided for instant to clean gas site or relic site from NPC.
First I would bookmark using another ship 300km from the center of the anomaly.
Then I will use my Nestor to clean the site.

First I will send 5 acolytes to clean the small ships.
Second will send 2 Geckos, 1 acolyte, 2 infi to clean big one.

Now, is there any chance that I can do so.

My ship is too far from them and I have micro jump and mwd.

So, the only question here, can NPC to fight back the drones? Will they have enough speed and tracking for that? Will they have enough speed to get to my ship before my drones kill them?

(Yuri Saissore) #18

Thanks for the reply’s guys. I ended up going with the Dominix and so far it’s serving me well.

(Angelina Is) #19

Either do rr Domis or rr ravens or coupled with each other, for minmatar go tempest , for C3 or go passive tanked drake

(Angelina Is) #20

They WILL have enough tracking to eat your drones, so don’t use geckos unless they get HP bonus like from a Rattle for example