Need advice for fleet

I am gonna be FC for a small(very small) gang formed with a few of my friends. we are all flying t1 frigates and I will be flying a griffin. I need some advice or tips for FC and fleet tactics.

Here is the composition of our gang, we plan to fight faction war in this:
slasher = MWD scram web MSE, tackle kiters
incursus = main dps dealer, AB web cap battery + enduring armor rep
kestrel = secondary DPS, secondary tackle with AB warp disruptor and web
griffin = MWD, Ladar, gravimetric and Magnetometric ECM with 2x distortion amplifiers and rigs for projection and augmenter.

I have a few worries

  1. the griffin doesnt go fast enough and gets scramed by the enemy
  2. the slasher alone chased the enemy too far away and the kestrel and incursus cant keep up and slasher ends up dying because outside of ECM range
  3. we met another small gang

it will be my very first time commanding a (tiny)fleet without help from more experienced players, so thx a lot if anyone can give tips.

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  1. don’t mouth breath.
  2. don’t eat Cheetos or other crunchy crap while on coms
  3. Gum. No. Just don’t.
  4. Be sure to announce “F1” clearly.
  5. make sure you shut down all critical thinking skills and self decision making on your fleet members early. No one likes a rogue thinker. No one.

In terms of your fleet composition, doesn’t matter. If you fail, you can blame it on your members. And if you win, you can take all the credit.


wait what is F1?

sounds really irresponsible though, I wonder if others all do this.

this I do agree.

You’re cheeky. I like it.

oh you mean the key bind to use high slot… took me a while to realise. okay any other tips thats actually helpful? how does a real FC command his fleet?

Those tips are helpful.

Have you ever been on coms with a mouth breathing Cheeto crunching FC that slurs their commands? It’s awful.

Might be an idea to go on a fleet with someone experienced FCing first if you don’t know what it entails. You can always do it with Spectre Fleet or similar if your corp doesnt have that.

In a small gang like that, especially all frigates, the action is going to be very fast-paced. Everybody should understand their ship’s role and be following it themselves.

Your job is to decide where you’re going, what fights you’re taking and the broad tactical decisions in those fights.

Unsure if its possible but if you could find one more dude and have a maulus it’d pair great with the griffin. If not you want griffin to keep range.

You’ll want to primary and call out targets to focus fire, while using the grif to blunt their damage output. If they have EWAR too, you may wanna use the griff to counter them.

Focus fire is crucial as you wanna burn down their ships as fast as can, of course they will be trying to do the same.

And yes, learning what fights to take matters but just know you’ll use a lot of ships anyways. That’s the fun and the learning.

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oh so we need some training

okay got it.

Ya I asked in another topic, I think 39km range is good enough. the problem is my griffin is too slow, only 2200m/s, so I need my fleet to web down the enemy as hard as possible.

like gang vs gang? How likely is that? I mostly see solo people in faction war. if I see a gang I think we will run.

okay got it, that, I need to practice.

actually thats what we fear because we are all really poor. I wasted all my money trying to buy and sell t2 ammo in Jita, but lost all of my isk. we are all using budget fits that costs no more than 3 million, and really can’t afford losing much ships.

A few years old now, but ChessurSB’s small gang archetype video series would be worth watching for you and your mates. Here’s the first:

Here is the playlist

This was exactly my experience doing small-gang frigate FW PvP a decade ago. They’re old memories, so take it with a grain of salt, but I remember frigate combat being so fast paced that the majority of FC time was really just strategically trying to figure out the lay of the land, which enemies were where, and maybe issue a few brief instructions right before the engagement began.

Most of the actual (short) engagement critically relied on each frig pilot’s individual piloting skills and quick reflexes to help friends. Module duration times are also pretty singificant. For example, if an enemy blaster boat snags your kestrel, or a kiter snags your incursus friend, they might die before the 20s ECM cycle on your griffin even lets you switch targets. FC has very little time to give relevant instructions.

The combat knowledge you gain is worth more. As your gang fights, people will start to recognize you more, and reputation in Eve is something you can’t put a price on. Who knows what kind of opportunities will come knocking.

Use your d scan well so that you can identify where your targets are and then make wise and informed decisions about what fights to take , instead of randomly warping to sites hoping for the best . May seem obvious sorry but as no one had mentioned it thought i would make the point .

Understandable. So real talk? Find people soloing in FW, blap the crap out of them and take their plex so you guys can make money LP wise.

Flee from fleets and stronger peeps. Ain’t no shame in this game.

Now the thing is, if you keep going peeps may hear of a frig fleet and fleet up to come find you for content. That’s when you guys gotta know when to cut and run with the profit and move on to another area till the heat dies down.

You can also designate a bait ship that if you guys get stuck, they distract long enough for everyone else to bounce.

this sounds exactly like what I want to do. but then, what I fear is we will see tech 2 ships or pirate ships, like I heard a single dramiel or retribution can take out entire fleets, and assault frigates can tank as much as cruisers. are these rumours true? I am just scared of these ships.

but I am still not sure how to use d scan to point towards specific directions. it doesnt seem to work unlike shown in some tutorials.

okay got it, thx. so its still the individual pilot’s training and skills that matters the most.

okay got it, I will be aware of that.

oh yes I heard of that before, but we can’t spare one more people to fly a super tank ship that can also travel with us. I can fly a 10k tank punisher but then, no one will fly support/ewar.

Mm yes and no. They do have more resists but if you have enough DPS/ewar, a fleet will always win vs a single ship.

Is the " align to camera " option in your d scan window checked it makes a lot of difference to how easy it is to use

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Anyone doing PVP regularly should really have dscan on a hotkey - it’s a cruical part of situational awareness.

The quickest way to check specific locations with dscan is to first set the angle to something appropriately small like 15*, and bring up the system map. There should be an option to display the dscan cone in the map.

You can then use the align to camera function above to manually move it, but the fastest is to hold the dscan hotkey down and then click on the object in the map you want to scan. It will snap your view to that direction and scan once. You can rapidly check key gates/stations/outposts this way.


This is very good and sound advice. And not just for PvP.

Anytime one is undocked, no matter what security space they are in, should be in the habit of pinging d-scan every 3-5 seconds.

I pound that v key more than Drac cancels undocking :smiley:

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okay I finally got it to work, thx a lot.

should one member in our fleet be assigned to spam the dscan? like a bait or idle person. oh also what is the dscan range limited by? I only have like 14AU of range but I see people go up to even longer.