If fregate, which targets to pursue?

So if i fly fregate, which possible fights i shall try initiating?
For example:

  • 2-3 corvettes possibly i can fight against at same time (?)
  • if enemy is fregate, better 1x1 or maybe when 2nd player in corvette
  • if it’s slightly bigger class, may try 1x1 but even less chances
  • if its much bigger, run run run run run

Something like that?
And should i also check pilot info first, to guess if it’s possibly also new player & alpha like me (so also levelling char not completed,maybe not the most crazy fit etc) or its veteran & omega who most likely fry me just in anything.

Also, i was thinking to hunt some “negative rep” people around Jita, but when i noticed that most people there use grand ships or it’s like 20+ people fighting with each other, so for now "nope :o ". Should i instead hunt lonely gatecampers? well, i notice that they usually use destroyers or more as well. hmmm

I don’t think you will find corvettes to fight. You can fight other frigates. Some people also suspect bait mission runners in battleships. If you do a good job, a frigate can kill a battleship, eventually. The battleship usually can only hit you with drones - and many battleships have only a few drones in their drone bay.


Ah, so corvettes are usually used for people as 1) “my ship is destroyed, docked to nearby station, took corvette to fly elsewhere cause unlike capsule they have cargo” 2) l1 missions when starting out 3) many many many many cheap ships swarm maneuvre (?) 3) any other activities where ship is throwaway . Though, well, some youtuber i watched was telling about using gallente’s velator for pvp, but guess it’s very specific cases.

Taking out battleship? That sounds inspiring :smirk_cat:

Look up suspect baiting.

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eve=paper scissor stone
no “bigger is better than smaller”
you see the x-wings destroying the death star?
so no ship is the best
everything is situational depending on range, opponents ship/types and fits, etc

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Yeah, but on the other hand, sometimes you are guaranteed to die from just one shot… Or at least that was my impression)

Years ago, there was a pvp corp in Gallente space that as a rite of passage had new members solo, if I’ve not misremembered, a battleship in a frigate. Yes, they were T2 frigates, which I believe, as an alpha are unavailable to you; but…

…that shouldn’t stop you from the attempt. You just need to learn your engagement profile, and if you want to try going after a battleship make sure you bring lots and lots of ammo. There was one hilarious story, imo, about the frigate pilot not having enough ammo to finish one battleship off, so ammo had to be ferried out to the frigate, while in combat, so the pilot could complete the job.

Lookup @Ralph_King-Griffin and @Mortlake and The Devil’s Warrior Alliance on zkill, https://zkillboard.com/. Plus this blog, though dreadfully out of date, and quite colorful to boot, has lots of useful information for aspiring frigate pilots, http://evedarklord.blogspot.com/?view=flipcard

I realize you are new, but being new, or alpha should never stop you from at least attempting your dreams in this game. There are opportunities around every corner.

So, I’m going to leave you with some of the wisest words of advice ever imparted to me regarding this game: “Always bet on stupid.”

I know, it doesn’t sound very nice, but it’s accurate, at times.

New players don’t try, or avoid avenues in the game because they are new and sometimes mistakenly feel every other player is smarter, stronger, better skilled, or with more experience, when that simply isn’t the case.

And, as to this:

…you can’t take space pixels with you.



If a bigger ship isn’t fitted to fight small ships, like he only has big long range guns and few drones or he doesn’t have a web or neuts to hamper you, then you can very well hug him close and just pepper him till he explodes. Many PVP ships don’t have shield boosting or armor repping, they just have a whole bunch of EHP so if they can’t hit you much and you have the time you can kill them.

If you’re in a smaller ship then SOME bigger ships are just a nono to attack, some can be doable OR bad depending on fit and some are (unless weirdly gimmick fit) relatively easy to attack. Learning which is which, how to detect (or assume) the opponent’s fit to know how to counter it and if possible how to conduct the attack is pretty much 75% of solo pvp.

So smaller ships CAN attack bigger ships and win, not all the time though and not with or against all ships.

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Frigates tend to not to do well against destroyers or ships with lots of drones (like a Vexor cruiser).

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Having fallen to this twice in the last 3 days ( :blush:) I can recommend it.

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Targets: frigates/corvettes/shuttles/anything that doesn’t have guns (anything that mines or anything that’s an industrial or anything that mostly reps(logistics)). You need to know who those are to be good at eve (at least their general name once you look at info tab (don’t shoot: heavy interdiction cruisers, shoot: logistic frigate).

About battleships (also attack battlecruisers because they have battleship guns, they’re actually more suitable to try and kill): yes it is possible. I recommend Amarr because it’s quite fast and can shoot a lot of times for their ammo. I recommend the imperial navy slicer, an alpha available ship that’s very fast, with an afterburner. Find a battleship and shoot it. Orbit it at very very very very close range, and web and scram it. If the battleship regenerates health, know that you won’t be able to break its tank. Remember, no matter what happens, DO NOT break that orbit. If you go further than 2000m from the BS or stop your ship he will be able to shoot you accurately. (do not shoot anything that has a web power bonus or an energy warfare bonus, or over two utility highs, like marauders) (If you get neutralized or you get dual webbed to the spot where he begins to do damage to you, self destruct.) (if his friends come over and he doesn’t have a scram on you, run away)

The reason you can win the encounter is like an encounter between a mosquito and a human, and the human are only equipped with a little stick you jab him with. The mosquito would take a long time to kill you (I hope he doesn’t, but remember this is a game and you are the “mosquito”) (about two hours or more orbiting him, so make sure he is not next to a gate or a wormhole, then you can go AFK/semi AFK to look for his friends), but the human would never be able to do any damage to the mosquito. (you can even think of the afterburner as turning the mosquito bigger and faster, but since he’s bigger you can shoot him now) (and energy warfare as an environment that makes the mosquito dizzy, and webs as webs that slow the mosquito down so the human can kill it) (and being very close means the human needs to move his arm around a lot, tiring him). (so you should maintain orbit in one direction and very close)

Someone help me translate all of the professional keywords like “energy warfare” etc…

So you will not meet a lot of good valid targets (and some people you shoot will kill you), but your ship is cheap so you can just replace it. One out of 10 times you will kill a battleship and you will feel very good about your self, then, welcome to EvE.

Inspiration (not really battleships and not really frigates, but you get the idea (they’re my own because I like to brag)): https://zkillboard.com/kill/84984340/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/85269226/ The second one was AFK/DCed and the first one I just orbited really fast around him (it was a Microwarpdrive though, so I don’t know how I pulled it off, maybe I was just lucky). (It was a very powerful hecate with 700DPS and only hull tank though, so just to tell you that bigger is not better. (MUCH WORSE, I FEEL FREE INSIDE MY DESSIES)


Some good advice so far. Here are my thoughts:

Depends. How brave are you? :wink:

I’ll go through this point by point:

  • Corvettes are “newbie” ships. You will not see them being used by anyone unless they literally have nothing else.
    A basic Tech 1 “Explorer” ship with minimal weapons is a MUCH superior ship compared to a Corvette.

  • It depends. Not all frigates are the same.
    Some are faster, some deal more damage, some absorb more damage, and some are not good at fighting.
    You will need experience to know ship strengths and weaknesses. You will also need to know what your ship is good at and what it is not good at. Then choose your targets wisely or run.

  • It depends (for the last two points). Some larger ships are good at destroying small ships (Destroyers, drone ships, etc). Other ships have a hard time fighting smaller ships.
    You will need experience to know ships strengths and weaknesses.

It is a good idea to check, yes.

But just because a person is a veteran or Omega, it does not mean they will automatically win.

It depends on the ship they are flying.

If a veteran is flying the wrong ship against you, they will run away.

One thing you lack right now is experience.

With experience, you will have better chances to fight and maybe win.

To gain experience, I would suggest joining a PvP corporation in low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 star systems).
To do this…

  • build up a good amount of ISK (say 20+ million ISK)
  • buy a bunch of frigates and modules to fight with
  • move them to a star system next to low-sec
  • fit them all up
  • jump into low-sec star systems and fight anyone and everyone
  • talk with the people who kill you (be polite, make jokes, ask how you can do better)

If you do this enough times and the people in low-sec like you enough, they may bring you along for fun.

Remember: Attitude is everything!

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Well, not sure if i’m brave or just a bit stupid…eh, i mean, lunatic :see_no_evil:
considering my attempts to get into Null while being a newbie who haven’t reached “success” in HS/LS :skull_and_crossbones:

So far, most of my deaths are gatecamps (+ all sorts of bubbles :lollipop: very yummi ) either when returning from null or going back to it from highsec (most laughable death was when i entered providence and decided that it’s safe enough due to NRDS guys so i thought “i ll check website with gate check when i find a station to dock” and literally after this lazy thought i’m trapped :joy: need to say, one of hunters sent me isk compensation, i appreciate that, thanks). Because as a newbie my isk are often between 0 and 1,5m , so null market is too expensive for restock my only ship+fit so have to return into highsec, where i run career/npc/epic missions for several hours to get back my setup, only to loose it again at some camp cause i underestimated danger or was hoping to make it through :woozy_face: Honestly, this endure me a bit (30+ jumps, death, start over again). Funny though, as i chose some null station as home, and when i die again trying to get out from ns, it feels like nightmare within nightmare, like Silent Hill, lmao :scream:

Yeah maybe i should try to gain some experince in low instead :space_invader: Most of gatecamps (both ns and ls losses) who blobbed me were outpowering people, however i think i only ever saw lonely possible targets which i could attempt on low, but not much in null (or at least those areas close to empire).

Now, some people told me to try Factional Warfare, considering it has areas limited to frigates or frigates & destroyers etc., but other people warned me that its almost impossible to have duels or 1vs2 over there, and most people there are skilled vets; so instead the most advice i hear is “do some ratting in low, and somebody will go into your way and then pvp”. :eyes:

Currently i don’t consider corps cause not sure how much i can commit to game so far + don’t have setup with mic and discord (both might be changed, but later, maybe next year). So, solo masochism, for now.

That’s pretty nice btw. One of those who killed me (not campers, but fight in belts) explained how he kept distance from me dont letting me reach best range for weapons etc.

“Success” is defined only by you. :wink:

In my early days, I considered a fight a “success” if I managed to survive for more than 10 seconds.
After a few more fights I “succeeded” when I was able to pin down a target long enough for help to arrive.
Then I changed “success” to mean “my ship survived.”

When it comes to activities in High-sec and Low-sec… the same thing applies.
Make a 500 hundred thousand doing X activity. Make a 1 million ISK doing Y activity.

I will repeat what I said in an earlier post:

  • Spend some time doing stuff and save up ISK (get up to 20 million)

Run missions. For level 1 to level 3 missions do not salvage or loot anything. Just destroy all the NPCs and complete the objective.
The real money comes from the Loyalty Points you earn for each mission.

If you want to make a little extra money, see if someone wants to salvage your missions for you. Charge them a small fee (like 100,000 to 200,000 ISK) and guide them to your mission.
(note: Be sure to auto-abandon all wrecks!!)

This is why I mentioned saving up and buying lots of stuff at the same time.

When you have stuff for 10 or more combat frigates, move it to a high-sec system near to where you want to hunt/fight.
Fit up everything.
Set your clone up in the station (so your respawn there after death).

This way, when you die, you do not have to travel far.

There is a difference in mindsets between Low-Sec and Null-Sec.

Null-Sec is about building empires and defending one’s territory. So they will not hesitate to crush anyone with all of their power.

Low-Sec is more akin to the “slums” of a city. There is no territory to claim. People are flying to either shoot things or make money (or both).

Do note that there are few places anyone will find a “fair fight.”

Faction Warfare is something I would recommend as well.

Yes, there are veterans. Yes, it is almost impossible to have duels. But that is part of PvP.
It is learning how to pick fights… when to run and when to stay… and what ships and fits work best in certain situations.

What will help you in Faction Warfare is that there are veterans on YOUR side as well.
And if you become friends with them you will learn from them.

There is a corporation for everyone.

Some corporations will want people online at certain times.
Other corporations are more relaxed and about having fun.

Simply find people you like to hang out with.
If your hours are a inconsistent, that is fine. Let people know about it.


Other interesting moneymakers that newbies can do are ninjasalvaging and combat exploration.

Once you get the hang of it and found a good spot you can make some 10 mil/h with ninjasalvaging. It’s also a form of interaction with others which is always good and you can grow from there. Either stay “evil” and taking people’s stuff or go “legit” and offer your services making agreements and deals with people.

Combat exploration income is very rng but you just need one decent 100+ mil drop to not have to worry about isk for a while.


Yo, was in extra bad mood yesterday and, perhaps, was too tired and non-optimistic. :zipper_mouth_face:

I even started trying FW yesterday, but it ended up very laughable fail (which maybe i could prevent by trying to ask some “purple names” in chat to try things together?!). With first ship i got instakilled by triglavians on the route to destination (before that, i was managing to warp away from trigs just in time, well, maybe it’s a matter of luck). On 2nd ship i got into needed region, but no players from opponent fashion were present, and i, like a total idiot, lost to npc rats despite thinking i would easily blob those (but they 3x webwarped me and i never reached range for weapons or escaped). On a 3rd ship i finally got into a FW novice zone and met some player, who - of course - killed me very fast, while i did, maybe, 4-6% damage to shield, or something like that. Well, i gave up capsule to be able to write “thanks for fight” in local before warping at home (which i now placed near some of main trade hubs now… i finally got jumpclone ability so i can switch home and jumpbase between hs /ls/null as i need, okay).

What i noticed, most people who demolish me very fast while being close in ship class (frigates), they use t2 stuff. So that leads me to a question what is viable balance? From what someone told me, i think now my most obvious sins currently are being cheap on tank and ammo (using “I” versions instead of “II”, base rockets instead of navy, etc). So i basically trash several x 600k weapons for nothing huh.

Btw i was so sad that i quitted FW mode and, i guess, now i need some national missions to be accepted by FW bureau again as i have negative standing after loosing a round :rofl:

Hey, that sounds pretty reasonable! Yeah, that “split second of death” is very confusing for me at the moment, as often i just helplessly panic and dont understand much what happen and before i realize something, it’s over.

Hm, my original budget for ships i got through career agents and i started that sisters of eve story, and also upped standing to get level 2 agents, but it really feels like very tedious grind (you know, in jrpgs i often underleveled…) and when i tried nullsec pirate missions, lvl1 were a breeze but some of lvl2 oblitarated me while giving same very few money. 400-500k isk per mission is most i seen by now (in career, lvl1, 2 and story arc), and sometimes one mission is up to 15 minutes with all that jumpgating running boy etc. Still more interesting than mining though ?! I cant stand mining for more than 5 mins or smth lol.

Thanks about telling about Loyalty Points, though! I noticed i m getting some, but i’ve no idea currently how useful they are and how many i should have before starting using them.

What is considered estimated budget for such? So far frigates (and maybe destroyer, for a change of mood) that i tried equipping, were 3,5m at max, and usually 1-2m. I read people talking about 10m range but that sounds pretty big for me currently and i guess thats high class faction frigs things. Yeah this is again about what i mentioned above, on balancing cheaper and more expensive parts. Also if i base around Jita, i can get everything at once but maybe 30% more expensive (still cheaper from what i saw in close-by null, huh), but if i shop at amarr or whatever centers, prices lower but need to visit 5-7 shops (though already getting some favorites like traders r us or whatever, they are cute).

Yeap, thx, onto implementing this behaviour now.

What is fair fight? As i’m being used to “quick session pvp” games like quake or fightings, in those games every player have everything available for no cost, but there is still huge difference in skills of players inexperienced and veterans with many small details that matter. Those games teach me that you will not learn if only play with those weaker than you, so you should try and try and try and try with those who are stronger until you improve. However, unlike Eve, they dont kick you in your teeth with penalties after fail as much, haha.

Not “fair fight” i aim look for, but the ones that are “not 1000% unwinnable”.

Yesterday i was very nervously checking people’s zkillboards in local to try to guess if i have a chance agains them or not, but those 2-3 people i marked as possible opponents that are better than me but not superultradangerous left before i approached them or didnt reply or went too busy or were defeated by stronger players (and the one that killed me fast was “sudden treat”, so maybe its him/her who check me while i was busy, eh, trying to see what is where, lol).

I kinda hoped to jump into a fight where, for example, 2 “ours” vs 3 “not ours”, but failed to find such zone even when checking star system map for pilots statistic.

Well, maybe. Honestly, i kinda think i wanna try fleet/gang things too, to experience team work of Eve, as it is pretty curuous with all those help/assist/specialised roles and what not, but without proper mic setup its no-no, i fear?

Lara Croft in Eve? Hmm, thanks for idea. This is kinda gambling way?

To all - thank you much for detailed responses, advice, experience, etc. And even if i m slow learner, maybe it would be good for someone else who reads this as well.


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No worries. We have all had those days. :slight_smile:

Nope. Those frigates you lost were valuable experience.

Trust me on this; the fact that you are going out and at least TRYING to fight people puts you well above the general rabble you’ll see.
The hardest part is getting used to losing.

Now… regarding your equipment:

Yes, Tech 2 (T2 or Tech II) stuff is generally better than Tech 1 (T1 or Tech I) stuff.
But there are tradeoffs.
Tech 2 has higher resource requirements on the ship… meaning that it will use more capacitor and it will be harder to fit other modules.

“Named” Tech 1 modules offer some slight benefits over plain Tech 1 stuff if you are willing to pay a little extra. So that is something you can look at for now.
For example: An “Arbalest” Tech 1 Rocket Launcher fires rockets slightly faster than a regular Tech 1 Rocket Launcher.

What I would recommend is this:

  • Bring your Caldari Frigate skill up to level 4 as soon as possible. This will boost the ship bonuses by sizable margins.
  • Focus on building up your “core” skills. You can find these in the “Engineering” tab of your skill menu. These are skills that affect all ships and modules and make your capacitor last longer, modules fit easier, and your ship perform better. Try to get them all to level 4.
  • Throw in some weapon skills. I see from your killboard that you are focusing on missiles… focus on getting the skills Rockets and Light Missiles up to level 4. Then do the same with the “support” skills for missiles.
  • Whenever you can, throw on a Navigation skill so using Afterburners and Microwarpdrives is easier.
  • Mix up the skills for variety and maybe throw in something “fun” every so often.

FINALLY… while high level skills do grant an advantage they will not make you WTFBBQPWNZ0R powerful. This applies to veterans too.

I said this in the previous post and will say it again: “Experience” is what really matters in EVE.
“Experience” will tell you the difference between “this is suicidal and I stand no chance” and “this is suicidal, but I might stand a chance if I do ____!”

You can always rejoin in the future. :slight_smile:

And if you join a player corporation, you can bypass the standings restriction.

Yes… running missions can be a bit tedious. This is why I mentioned not to salvage or loot anything. Just wipe out the NPCs and move on.

Also… did you know that there are mission agents in almost any station?
You are looking for “Security” agents in stations for the faction of your choice.
As you run missions, your standings will increase and you will gain access to better missions. Train up the skill “Connections” to make this happen faster.

Oh! And for the ships you need:

  • Level 1 missions: Best run by Frigates and Destroyers
  • Level 2 missions: Best run by Destroyers and Cruisers
  • Level 3 missions: Best run by Cruisers and Battlecruisers

No problem.

If you go into a station that you have Loyalty Points for, go to the station menu and find the Loyalty Point store.
Most of the items do have an additional cost (needs ISK or a data chip, or tags, etc) but the resale value is often high enough to make a decent penny from it.



  • suicidal are you?
  • do you want to do actual damage or experiment?
  • what tactics are you using?
  • how fast can you replenish your ISK reserves?

In all seriousness… right now you are learning. 10+ million ISK is a bit too much for you.

Based on your killboard, you have the right idea.
Your fits are basic, but pretty solid.

My thought is maybe change it up a bit.
Try doing the following in the order I list:

  • Fit a Microwarpdrive
  • Fit Light Missile Launchers
  • Fit a Warp Disruptor

Once you have these 3 things, fit a Ballistic Control Unit and whatever tank you can.
The idea with this fit is to orbit the target at 15+km with the MWD on and peck it until it dies.
Honestly… you probably won’t kill anything with this fit, but it will teach you how to use range and speed as your tank. Used properly, you can engage and disengage at will. Or live longer at the very least. :wink:

Try to avoid letting things get too close and absolutely avoid drones, interceptors, and long range weapons.

Pro-tip: Don’t “penny-pinch” unless you want to become a trader. It will drive you mad.
Unless something is MUCH cheaper elsewhere (like 15% or more) it is not worth your time hopping from station to station looking for the best deals.

Instead, choose a location YOU want to have fun in and find the closest trade hub from there (Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie, Hek, and whatever hubs that service the local pirates and Faction Warfare bros).
Buy things in bulk from that hub and move things to your desired HQ.

A fair argument. :slight_smile:

Here’s my thoughts:

You see that veteran over there? The one with the shiny ship, modules, and loads of skillpoints? The one teabagging some poor sob’s pod?
Yeah… that one.

There may be no rule that says he can’t shoot you in the face.
But there is also no rule against attacking him with 20+ other newbies just like you!
There is also no rule for finding someone who hates him and holding that veteran down long enough for said hater to come and blow him up.
There is also no rule that you have to fight the veteran on his terms.

This game is less about straight fights and more about strategy.
“My ship is good at doing this. Is that person equipped to deal with me? If not, how can I get that person over there to fight me where I am strongest?”

But again… a lot of this comes from experience.
And as I mentioned in my previous post, the best/easiest way to get experience is by playing with others and learning from them.

I salute your dedication to intel work good sir… but you honestly don’t have to be that zealous.

What really matters is what they are flying!
Is it a frigate? If so, what kind?
Is it fast? Tanky? Ganky?
Is it better at long range or short range?
What weapons does it have? (hint: you can remotely view any ship within 100km)
Are there a lot of people in the system? (if yes, odds are there are “friends” on standby)
What is their security status? (not a surefire indicator of deadliness, but a person with less than -5.0 sec-status is generally a fan of ship explosions)

From what I understand, the “Proving Grounds” are a new feature that supposedly offers this.
Basically it requires an item that teleports you something, something (someone want to help me here??)

But yeah… there is no system that offers “duels” the same way you would find in other games.

Though… you COULD challenge someone to a duel in high-sec.
Simply right-click them and select the option.
But you should talk with the player first.

You can TOTALLY join a fleet even if you have no microphone.
As long as you have audio and let everyone know that you cannot talk ahead of time, it is fine.
You simply won’t be given any special role beyond “follow me” or “do this.”

Fun fact: Long, long ago I used to run with a guy who never spoke on audio. He could hear us talking and would type in chat.
My corp dubbed him the “loudest quiet person in the world.”

I know that there are NPSI fleets (Not Purple, Shoot It Fleets).
Basically it is a bunch of randoms that get together and go on suicide roams around the map. Loads of fun!

I dunno if Red vs Blue is still operating. They would be another option I would recommend.

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our kill board.
you can sort by stats - battleships and theres a good chance anything marked solo will make you laugh.
Oursulaert, nearish dodixi was our training grounds.

some choice kills for the newbros

you’ll know you are getting good at it when people start laying traps

@Lunatic_Lover feyds blog , its old but still fantastic work.


Being tired of grinding missions, tried a bit of exploration/looting. And while i never reached treasure that people talk about (all those talks about 100m/hour, wow), still managed - finally - to get some isks after 3 days of hole jumping… much more than i ever got from missions, but relatively small overall maybe, yet… now can try again some pvp haha (also tomb raider explo stuff exhausts me so much with all that signature scanning, then hacking, and also updating d-scan every minute to escape nasty astero, and later finding more or less safe route to trade hubs… oh, this is something i d like not to do very often, especially when you spend 2 hours scanning system that is only gas regions and after that u cant even return back cause holes that u bookmarked are no more).

thx, haven’t seen it before. After a quick glance, that blog is pure gold (though my mindset about ganker-related folks is switching between positive and negative each 15 mins lol)

Tbh, you already won EVE by trying.

Anybody that says he started PvP and only won, is lying.
We all started losing to people with better skills (both in game SP and actual skill in what they are doing).

As said, find people to talk to about things, ask questions etc.
And contact the guy that killed you, ask what you did ‘wrong’ and how you can improve. Many will be happy to help you.

Just find a way to fund your pvp habit and keep going. Every ship you lose should be seen as a learning experience:

How come this type of ship killed me this easily?
How was he fitted? How can I counter such a fit?
Should I approach this fight differently?

What is also is a nice option for you maybe, is Purple fleets.
They are basically public roams where you join with random people in a fleet, and go blow things up.