I've been out of the game for over 3 years

But I’ll be back shortly. My question is, for a pretty green player, what would be a great ship for pvp to grow into?

Thanks in advance!


Drone boats (Tristan, Algos, Vexor, Astero etc) offer alot of versatility. For cheap solo pvp, they’re my number one choice. Otherwise I see alot of people flying assault frigates.

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Id say first figure out what type of pvp you want to start with/learn with. Missiles or guns? Id say learning guns is a little harder than missiles for a new player, a few more complexities involved. Armor or shields for defense? Active/passive? Do you want to brawl (fight in close) or kite (at range)? Figuring out a few of these key points first will help a new player spend and allocate skill points in the right direction.

With all that being said, id say either a Rifter or my favorite a dual webbed/plated/rocket Kestrel are great starters!

@Kaivarian_Coste That sounds like fun. I’m kinda on that drone path.

The vexor can truly be nasty in 1v1. Max damage configuration is two heavies, two mediums, and one light drone. Also carry a flight of warrior II’s, you’ll thank me later.

If your drone and medium blaster skills are on point it will be absolutely devastating to anything that comes into scram range.

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