I've been out of the game for over 3 years

(Francios Gaterau) #1

But I’ll be back shortly. My question is, for a pretty green player, what would be a great ship for pvp to grow into?

Thanks in advance!


(Kaivarian Coste) #2

Drone boats (Tristan, Algos, Vexor, Astero etc) offer alot of versatility. For cheap solo pvp, they’re my number one choice. Otherwise I see alot of people flying assault frigates.

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(Barakas) #3

Id say first figure out what type of pvp you want to start with/learn with. Missiles or guns? Id say learning guns is a little harder than missiles for a new player, a few more complexities involved. Armor or shields for defense? Active/passive? Do you want to brawl (fight in close) or kite (at range)? Figuring out a few of these key points first will help a new player spend and allocate skill points in the right direction.

With all that being said, id say either a Rifter or my favorite a dual webbed/plated/rocket Kestrel are great starters!

(Francios Gaterau) #4

@Kaivarian_Coste That sounds like fun. I’m kinda on that drone path.

(Ranar Linyne) #5

The vexor can truly be nasty in 1v1. Max damage configuration is two heavies, two mediums, and one light drone. Also carry a flight of warrior II’s, you’ll thank me later.

If your drone and medium blaster skills are on point it will be absolutely devastating to anything that comes into scram range.