Good cruisers for solo pvp?

I was wondering if anyone has any good ships or fits for solo pvp with cruisers. Ive done some with a few different ships but cant really find anything perfect. The osprey navy is great price for performance but has issues catching things, and the Gila has some similar issues in my little bit of experience. The Stratios was great for catching stuff but its drones kinda suck. Ive been thinking about the Tengu, but some people say its trash and some people say its great so idk what to think.

What do you guys think?

It becomes a question of price.

Because a T3C (Loki, Legion, Tengu) is simply hands down the best option…
But, for the price of a LOKI I can welp like 20 T1 ships (caracals, Stabbers, belicloses etc.)

Also, nothing is perfect. It doesnt matter how blingy your ship is. if enough people drop on your ass and you get baited you going pop. Liekwise if someone counters your scissors witha rock again, you going down.

My go to ship personaly is the humble stabber coz it looks like the raganrok from FF8 or a dragon which is dope.

This is my current fit and although its been built for small fleets/roams (5-10 man) you can tweak it with some neauts/long and go pew get lucky or not and then just do it all over again for a measily 34 mil. If I come up against someone with a scram thats kitey im not going to apply any damage and am going to be killed without putting up much of a fight. But if I get under the guns of a long range ship or manage to nab something small Im having a good day. Obviously after the changes you’d rock hail ammo as well…

Of course you could go out ina 1.5 bil Loki … However if you get caught then you will die just as surely as the stabber.


Try some cheap stuff like vexor or rupture first. Or Vni. And you should understand that solo pvp begins with creation of your fit. Which is comfortable for flying according your own gemestyle. Absence of the best ship is main feature of Eve. Only knowledge of other ships can give you advantage.

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As per the replies above I would recommend Rupture, Stabber or Vexor. Look up lossmails on Zkb and go from there, tweaking the fits as you learn what you can and cannot engage ect.

Knowledge of:

  • regions, inhabitants, behavior, their possibilities, …
  • manual piloting
  • overheating
  • baiting
  • game mechanics
  • other ships’ stats (you can take a look at the weapons, establish shield/rmor by velocity etc)
  • …

Your ship tells you only the decisions you have to make. PvP is so much more …


Ok. So should I practice some with a T1 or faction cruiser, and then once I feel very confident move onto a T3C? I have the ISK/hr from pve to be able to fly T3C’s granted I don’t get baited or blobbed every time, which I hopefully shouldn’t if I have a covops cloak. I asked a similar question on reddit and got plenty of answers that suggest starting off with a T1 or faction cruiser before trying anything blingy.

Ok. Do you think I should move onto blingier or more expensive fits after I really get the hang of solo pvp, or should I stick to the cheaper-ish end, probably going no further than a faction cruiser with T2 and some bling-where-very-helpful modules?

The really blinged out PvP ships are mostly in highsec. Other places, people tend to fit more modestly.


You may be correct. The PVE ships in wormholes are certainly fitted without regard to cost.

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I personally find the Caracal to be the best ISK - DPS cruiser.

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Yeah Man.

I dont think you need to go harder than a T1. then maybe move onto some faction (VNI is a mean brawler and quite cheap). T2 Hacs are excelletn. A vagabond is basicaly a stabber on serious steroids. But for the price of a vagabond hul you can get 25 stabber hulls… So again, something to consider.

If I were you, Id pick a fit you like for a T1 cruiser hull and make like 10-15 of those in your home station. Somebdoy mentioned the caracal which is a very good DPS T1 cruiser. You will need to learn kiting and range management, those are invaluable skills and experiance.

Once you got the ships ready make sure you are in a clean pod… there are several options to go:

  1. Use a filament and get booshed half way across the eve universe to parts unknown and go hunting/go down swinging.

  2. Have your ships set up somewhere close to or in active low sec pipe/faction warfare area or an area you know really well which should give you an advantage if comes to cutting people off etc… In both cases use eve map to look at number of jumps, pilots in space, ships destroyed etc to figure out where your hunting grounds. Remember in low sec gate guns are a thing…

Other than that its just a case of doing it and getting to know your fit, knowing what you could take on and what not to. And then move onto more expensive toys. Nothing worse than dying in an expensive ship without even taking anyone down with you i think.

P.s. I think 99% of the time you will end up taking the bait/unreasonable fight anyway because its something to shoot at even if it means certain death… and you never know. They could be ■■■■ fit lol

Good luck.

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kikimora. Hands down the best cruiser for solo PVP. it’s a bit on the squishy side since it’s not really a cruiser, but it’s just plainly better than most other cruisers.

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lol, nice trolling XD

Gila - they hit like a truck.
Vigilant - they hit even harder.
Deimos - don’t get neuted. And they hid like a monster.

The Kikimora is a destroyer, not a cruiser. Learn the difference.

Kiki is a destroyer, the Vedmark is the cruiser

The Trig Cruiser and HAC can be deadly ships if fitted right.

If you have money Trig is really OP

If you want economy there really isn’t much better than OSNI, sure some stuff is faster than it but they don’t really pack the punch or have the same tank. An Orthrus will do everything that an OSNI does better but is 3x the cost.

Here is a list of cruiser which I deem just fine for solo pvp. Just pick your fights carefully and it should be fine:

Maller, Omen, Arbitrator, Caracal, Moa, Vexor, Thorax, Rupture, Bellicose, Omen, kikimora, Navy Issue, Vexor Navy Issue, Osprey Navy Issue, Stabber Navy Issue, Scythe Navy Issue, Gila, Vigilant, Stratios, Cynabel and the Phantasm.

I made the list from more likely affordable to expensive.

No, I did not forget the regular Stabber, but this one has some identity issues and pretents to be a frigate with a terrible slot layout.

It is interesting to see some fitting of maller. I just trained that Amarrian stuff. So It would be nice