Best T3 Cruiser for Solo PvP and nomad life

Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me with a question. I am looking for the best t3 cruiser to live a nomad life.

I want to do PvP but also some PvE like Ratting or maybe some lower DED Sites in Low Sec.
Roam around in low or null sec, maybe even WHs. Just cant wrap my mind what would be a good ship for that.

I would love a cloaky one. Thought about Cloaky Legion with Pulse Turrets.

Maybe someone does have an idea and would like to share his thoughts? I do prefer t3 cruisers. Thought about a Stratios and Drones, but couldnt find a good fit that would suite that playstyle.

Thanks for the support.

A ham tengu or legion would do what you’re looking for.

Loki is a good choice. The web bonus makes it a 1v1 pvp beast and you can make it tanky enough to run most pve sites. As others have said, legion or tengu can do the job too, although I find them to be less versatile than my Loki.
Don’t bother with the proteus.


You are trying to make a ship fill 2 (or more) roles at once, and that is a bad idea. Any ship designed this way is going to die to a dedicated PVP ship and will also be bad at the PVE aspect, which puts you at risk because you are in sites longer. I would either establish a base to work out of in the area of space that you like so that you can reship, get an alt, or change your goals.


Mobile Depot and refit.


I find the loki to be the best if we are talking solo.

however since they got rebalanced a few years back T3C went and inverted so while it used to be prot or die its now anything but prot and you’re fine.

I tend to disagree. As long you have a clear understanding what your engagement profile is and you pick your enemies wisely, it will open you many more opportunities than just a one role ship.

Any updates OP? I’m curious to know if you went through with the T3 Cruiser, and how you like it? I’m a big fan of the nomadic lifestyle idea, and have strongly considered getting into a T3 myself.

A lot of people are still shedding tears about the proteus “not being good as before”, but its still a pretty solid and flexible ship, both rail and drone variations, room for a cloak and a core scanner.

LOKI 10/10!

It’s not that it’s not as good as before it’s that it is outclassed in just about every area by the other three t3c

Loki or Legion, but I prefer the Loki. The web range bonus is too sweet.

Fair enough.

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