Vedmak and T3 Cruiser


I just tested Vedmak for PVP today. It is really good in 1vs2 / 1vs1 situation. But i wanted to know does T3 Cruiser still outperforms Vedmak in terms of Tanking, DPS, and ISKies?

Never flown a T3 Cruiser before, 21 days of training needed and i am looking to build my own flagship 2 bil budget. Not prefer to fly a capital ship though.

The use of my flagship is not for a fleet engagement ( could be ). Mostly for Alliance Standing Fleet.

(LouHodo) #2

Depends on the T3 cruiser, the fit, and the skills.

A good T3 cruiser fit can put out stupid DPS, and tank pretty well. Other fits can be pretty good exploration ships with okay DPS… others are fantastic all around vessels.

So it depends. I prefer the T3C over any of the new ships. But I do more exploration.


Legion is the T3C.

(LouHodo) #4

Yes the Legion is a T3C… its a good ship. Most people prefer the Loki or the Tengu or the Legion.

I havent seen many use the Proteus.


I did a comparison between the 2 ship. Legion and Vedmak, apparently vedmak does more damage than Legion. But Legion able to withstand punishment

(LouHodo) #6

The problem you run into with the Triglavian ships is that gun. It is less useful against smaller targets that die pretty quickly to other weapons. They have to RE-apply damage to each small target. Which means you spend more time on each of the smaller targets. This means if you get swarmed by frigates, and destroyers you will actually be taking longer thus being subjected to more damage than you would if you were using a Legion. So honestly the T3Cs are just better.

(Raw Matters) #7

If you want some stats: my cloak-warp Legion can deal 534 dps over 70km (missiles + drones, so same dps over the whole range) and tank about 780 ehps, with a speed of 1655 m/s, all cap-stable with enough cap/s left to ignore a single large neutralizer.

I am pretty sure I’d win a 1:1 vs Vedmak in my Legion. :wink: