Vedmak and T3 Cruiser

I just tested Vedmak for PVP today. It is really good in 1vs2 / 1vs1 situation. But i wanted to know does T3 Cruiser still outperforms Vedmak in terms of Tanking, DPS, and ISKies?

Never flown a T3 Cruiser before, 21 days of training needed and i am looking to build my own flagship 2 bil budget. Not prefer to fly a capital ship though.

The use of my flagship is not for a fleet engagement ( could be ). Mostly for Alliance Standing Fleet.

Depends on the T3 cruiser, the fit, and the skills.

A good T3 cruiser fit can put out stupid DPS, and tank pretty well. Other fits can be pretty good exploration ships with okay DPS… others are fantastic all around vessels.

So it depends. I prefer the T3C over any of the new ships. But I do more exploration.

Legion is the T3C.

Yes the Legion is a T3C… its a good ship. Most people prefer the Loki or the Tengu or the Legion.

I havent seen many use the Proteus.

I did a comparison between the 2 ship. Legion and Vedmak, apparently vedmak does more damage than Legion. But Legion able to withstand punishment

The problem you run into with the Triglavian ships is that gun. It is less useful against smaller targets that die pretty quickly to other weapons. They have to RE-apply damage to each small target. Which means you spend more time on each of the smaller targets. This means if you get swarmed by frigates, and destroyers you will actually be taking longer thus being subjected to more damage than you would if you were using a Legion. So honestly the T3Cs are just better.

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If you want some stats: my cloak-warp Legion can deal 534 dps over 70km (missiles + drones, so same dps over the whole range) and tank about 780 ehps, with a speed of 1655 m/s, all cap-stable with enough cap/s left to ignore a single large neutralizer.

I am pretty sure I’d win a 1:1 vs Vedmak in my Legion. :wink:

Have you tried to use the laser legion? I have poor missile skills but lv 5 on medium energy turrets

Yes but laser Legion is using way too much energy to become cap-stable. Also it looses all its DPS when drained, which is another big problem in PvP as it essentially turns you into a floating and very expensive brick. Also the huge drone bay gives you a lot of tools like ECM-drones or remote repair, while the laser Legion just has pewpew.

A good fit legion can tank a vedmak easy, you can tank the new battlecruiser also in a 1v1 fight. No problem at all, the 100mn fit legion moves 1800ms plus and do 900 dps plus without damage booster but you will need implants to make it work well for ya. The only down side I seen it turns and speed up like a truck, slow but when up to speed it hard to web down.

Before they buffed Loki to stupid proportions my T3C of choice was the Tengu. I had several fits I’d fly around in most of which are still valid with some updated changes. I can go either 90k+ EHP with 650 ish DPS and almost 80 ish resits on it, or around 50-60 k EHP with 70+ omni resits on it and 850+ DPS or go all out on DPS and switch to polarized where the tank is fully active only and kinda sucks but does 1450+ kinetic DPS (20% lower other types) . I should note all the DPS and tank numbers I’m mentioning are cold, without heat, so throw heat on top of it and almost all T2 stuff, only some faction, so fairly cost effective to boot.

Nowadays Loki beats the Tengu on all around DPS and omni tank. Its stupid easy to fit a very good omni tank on it and retain around 850-950 DPS of any type since you can switch ammo on it, all while having zero worries for cap. So it beats the kinetic focused Tengu.

In general, T3Cs have better tank, use less cap and do an equivalent of fully ramped up Vedmak DPS right off the bat. Vedmaks are still a lot of fun, but T3Cs are a lot better unless fit and piloted extremely stupid.

Its hard to fit a good tank on a Vedmak because of its cap use and crappy resist profile. you need to seriously scale down on the sinks and then your DPS drops too much to be worth it. I never PvP in a Vedmak, I use it for PvE whereas I do occasional PvP in T3Cs. IMHO Vedmak is a lot more fun ship, but I unless was in a part of a group that ran them as a doctrine ( perhaps with RRs ? ) I will not PvP in one at this time.

Maybe CCP can come up with a T2 or a T3C version of the Vedmak, now that would be something nice.

Fluffy Moe, your damage numbers are way off the chart. A full DPS fittest Loki can reach 750 dps with Hail ammunition, but that means it will have no tank whatsoever. The cap bonus is nullified by the fact that the Loki gets a much lower cap regeneration than the other ships. That and that you don’t seem to understand the correlation between eHP and resists tells me you simply have no clue what you are talking about.

I tried the Legion in Singularity Server, it seems the turn rate is slow. Also it tank gila drone nicely even with all subsystem at level 2. And that gila is pimped out to 3b fit, i guess this legion is quite effective for Geminate Standing Fleet.

Triglavian ships really shine as members of a remote rep gang hitting larger targets. In a 1v1 comparison, T3s will likely win out, but as part of a small fleet doctrine it’s a much more even field. A mixed group of Vedmaks and Legions would be a tough nut to crack and pack quite a wallop.

Yes and no: the ship can be really effective, especially when Goon brings yet another T3 destroyer fleet, thanks to the range. However if you die - and when you are in a T3 you basically have a big “kill me” sign floating above your ship - then you loose skillpoints. And that makes it difficult to use in PvP.

That does not scare me

What you talking about bro ? heres my Loki DPS for you, incidentally, this is without any implants and the rigs you see are 2x Rigor. If I had gone with a DPS rig it’d be even higher, would easily break 1k cold DPS. And I don’t even have all the skills at level 5 eitehr on this char, it has lvl 3 lvl - 4 specialization skills. Only thing is it has crappy tank cause I stuck those 2 rigors in tehre and the booster, but thats what I have fitted right now. Can go even higher on tank if I went with one of the tank sub systems instead of the covert, but I need the cov cloak for what I use it for.

So here it is for you, Cold DPS:

With heat:

How can you have a Loki and not do 900+ ? thats some truly retarded fitting there. I mean, you actually have to intentionally try and make it that low. I can’t believe I actually logged in to my alt to take these pics for you, dammit, I should not have done that. Dammit dammit, I should have done the Tengu too, but am too lazy.

well, nice DPS , but application i wonder ?:slight_smile:

Hence the 2 rigor rigs. It takes care of it. Easily hit even the fastest moving frigs like succubus. Also I carry multiple ammo types not just for different damage types but range and precision, up to and including a couple volleys worth of auto missiles for occasional damp / ecm.

A T3 can kill a vedmak easy, oh hell l tested on the test server my confessor vs a vedmak and I came out on top.

So a T3C should take it down easy as long as your not a PVE fit T3C.