Good cruisers for solo pvp?

I’ve never used an amarr ship but out of the other factions- i like the rupture a lot. i like destroyers since I hate losing money but if you gotta have something bigger then i board the rupture, if you have unlimited funds then fly cynabal.

Personally I think there is a pure balance between price to performance, I actually live in wh space, and when I’m out hunting in there I’m in a 600mil loki with 1bil implant set. But for most other space I use stuff like the cni the osni and on the pricier end the Cerberus and possibly my 400mil Loki fit

I know that rupture is good. Stabber is good too. But question is about maller. Some cookie cutter fitting. Or so.

If you’re just starting out with solo PVP, I would recommend some cheaper t1 ships, as you will likely lose alot of them.

I personally like the stabber for learning kiting and transversal, upgradable to the vagabond once you’re better.

You also have the classic cynabals, ashimuu, brutix + brutix navy.

It all depends on how you like to fly, if you prefer nano stuff, go Cynabal, Stabber and Vaga.
Hitting them in their face, Brutix / Brutix Navy.

The big thing is try with cheaper ships, see what you like and don’t let not getting any kills stop you, try and try again :slight_smile:.

The best PVPers today didnt start out great <3

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I still have a major soft spot for the classic all-dps thorax. When you just want to snuggle up to someone and let the blasters do the talking, it’s an affordable and fun option. For more general play, I agree with the stabber. It’s a really good ship for playing around and discovering what you can and cannot do.

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