I need a good Probing/Cloaky Loki PvP Fit

Hey All,

I like the concept of the Loki. But I have major concerns over it’s tank or lack there of. You see I am a null sec pirate and I hunt mission runners more times than not. The other night I engaged a lvl 4 Gila in a dual large ancil Loki with RLMs and it didn’t go too well. I got out mind you but the tank or lack there of was very concerning.

I know there are some HAM fits out there and I have tried those but then the whole tank issue comes into hand. I am also not keen on fitting afterburners due to have to avoid camps a lto of times so MWD, Cloak, and Probe Launcher are a must.

Does anyone have a worthwhile PvP fit out there? I would like to see some for hot dropping (cov ops cyno) and also more of a solo / small gang fit with the above criteria. I can fit pretty much anything. WOuld also like the fits to be on the cheaper side and not completely decked out. Any advice would be welcome at this point. I am constantly tweaking my fit.

  • Tried HAMS, LSE, and Large Ancil.
  • Tried RLMs Faction Large shieild booster and cap booster.
    -Tried RLMs and dual large ancil shield boosters.

Debating going with heavy missiles or back to some variant of medium projectiles since I am maxed out there. A lot of times I am also bubble camping and small targets are usually what gets hit. Any advice/fits would be welcome. Thank you in advance.

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I’m going to bump this because I trained into a Loki long before I should have and would like to see some response to this thread.
I’m sorry I can’t help, but if you took help from me on fitting your Loki you would be sorry you listened.
I’m so bad at this ship it’s almost comical that I still have it.

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