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Ok, ive tried all the usual suspects for cruiser sized exploration/wanderratting. The Osprey Navy is now my favorite. I tried HAMs and got good damage at around 22km… I like the HM better for the all around. And the alpha is nice at 75km. Let me know what you think.

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I think you need to know about Shift + Windows + S or Command + Shift + 4 for taking screenshots.


Quite expensive for a cruiser. Would just go with a tengu at that point or an SOE ship.

1 web and even a point would delete it.

And yes please learn how to screenshot we are in 2024 lad.

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How to use 'Print Screen SysRq' key



Deadspace ABs are mostly a waste of ISK, they are useful on ships that utilize the very last bit of AB speed (Phantasm, HighTier AbyssalRunners) or to make a out-of-doctrine-ship doctrine-viable that couldn’t otherwise meet the minimum speed requirements for that doctrine. Else an FedNavy/Serpentis AB will absolutely do the job if you want a bit more boost than a T2.

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Hahaha yes, i can print screen, but I don’t post to the forum from my computer, and this was sooo much faster

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A probing, hacking, cloaky NOsprey?
My dude, this is what T3Cs are for.
Our failing that, a Stratios.
Throwing all that bling at a hull doesn’t magically make it a good fit.

It definitely helps increase ship stats and it’s overall performance.

Hell, as an explorer / mission runner, almost all of my ships are fit with T2, Faction and Deadspace modules.

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You need to bling the right modules on the right hulls for the right reasons, is what I’m getting at.
This fit does none of those things.
The choice of hull, for the tasks to be undertaken, is very poor.

Right modules on right hull for right reasons??
Well, definitely wouldn’t be fitting armor mods on a ship bonused for shields, etc, etc.
Other than that, most ships can be fit to perform duties outside their intended purpose.
Anyway, that’s what makes Eve great, there is no single specific way to fit ships.

As for your previous statement, my reply still stands…

at that price point might as well fly a T3C of stratios. seems like a pretty expensive killmail waiting to happen with. hopefully the loot fairy is nice to that pilot.

Do you consider the fit presented by the OP to be good?

As a long time explorer I definitely wouldn’t be using a Logistics ship for exploration but hey, to each their own…

My dude…
An Osprey Navy Issue is absolutely not a logistics cruiser…


Dude, I just casually glanced at it…

Anyway, that doesn’t matter…

What does matter is that your constant needling is now tiresome…

That’s not at all. A lot of bling Total on that ship is 600 million. Total on a Stratios or a TC3 is 1 B plus… Having been ganked wondering around low sec several times, The point is to find a reasonably priced ship that can do the things I want, so that when it does go pop it doesn’t cost me the whole popsicle.

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Hmm, perhaps explain yourself. Just saying it sucks doesn’t help lol. And it actually has been hopping about in lo just fine so far.

OK then… I plugged this into PYFA and had a closer look at it.

First up, you have a cloak fitted to a ship that doesn’t have any bonuses to cloaks nor can use a covops cloak. That you have such a module tells me you’re playing as an Omega account. The cloak will severely gimp your locking speed, so in circumstances where you need to shed tackle quickly, your slow lock speed will be a massive hindrance.

Sisters launcher: not a terrible choice on a ship with no probing bonuses but won’t significantly speed up your probing.

B-Type medium shield booster. Again, not a terrible PvM choice but won’t save you for long against any sort of player attack. Pretty expensive choice however.
C-Type AB. OK, here is the first serious example of bad bling in the wrong spot. Cruiser sized deadspace prop mods are notoriously expensive and that is adding around 95-100m to the cost of the ship for what is, frankly, a marginal benefit. The extra speed won’t save you against any kind of attack and the activation cost savings are neglibible. A simple Monopropellent meta will give you 90% of the benefits at 1/1000th the cost.
Thukker large cap battery: an expensive option for getting the fit cap stable. Plugging this into PYFA, I find that a plain T1 will have you stable at ~43% cap. A Large Cap Battery II is enough that you can then drop the Cap rig for something else.
Pith C-type EM amp: not too expensive, not a terrible choice.
Ligature Integrated Analyzer: whoo boi, this is a highly questionable decision at ISK188m. The hull has no bonuses for hacking and you haven’t fit any modules to help with hacking, so the performance of this expensive choice will be mediocre at best. A cheaper and more powerful option would be to carry a mobile depot and switch between hacking modules as required.
Ballistic Controls and Nano: not bad choices, no real issues here.
Rigs: All that bling elsewhere and a T1 thermal rig?
Rocket Fuel Cache Partition: more range? And yet nowhere in the fit is anything to help with application. In fact, you’re able to shoot out to 113km with faction ammo, way past your Lock Range of 75km. Even without this rig, you’re shooting well past your lock range. Terrible choice.
Cap rig: as stated when I talked about the cap battery, this is not needed for cap stability.

Looking at your fit and reading about your proposed activities, the Stratios and any of the Strategic Cruisers are a far better base hull for your needs, although I’d probably suggest a Tengu as you seem to have Caldari Cruisers, Shield and Missile skills. The Osprey Navy excels as a fast anti-tackle platform. These things are capable of doing 5km/s with implants and no links.

So, I say again, you’re putting bling where it doesn’t need to be and you’ve made a poor choice of base hull for your proposed activities.

With that said, if you’re having fun with it, then feel free to ignore everything I’ve said. Just don’t get upset when it inevitably dies in a ball of fire.


Sorry. Just had to. One of my favorite movies.


Nice thx some good advice. I will do some of these changes. The cloak is obvious. Its for lo. The ligature is boosted by my clone. I can hack n go any data or relic site. Oo forgot about that rig from when i was using HAMS thx. Ill switch to application. The hull is less expensive than a strat or tengu, ive lost both doing what im doing, the point is to be able to do all the things I want, in one fit and not for a B or more. PS, a lot of these modules came from the Strat i sold. Hahaha everything in eve goes pop eventually, and after I debling this a little, it’ll cost even less than before.
Hey thanks for actual advice.
Kill em all bro.

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