1 fits all ? Newbie question

I wonder whether there is a single ship, that fits both my main interests in EVE online: strolling through the universe for curiosity reasons and maybe do a mission time and again, perhaps a little exploring, and doing missions lvl2-3, hopefully some low level combat sites and maybe abyssal T0-T1 (T2?). Later I would go into pvp, but I ain’t got the balls (yet). I am in no hurry, my relevant skills are trained to IV and my budget is close to nothing, as I am a slacky lowbob. I am fascinated by the chameleon fitting abilities of T3 cruisers and think, this could be a good option (don´t want to be ganked in a stratios, as I read in eve wiki, this was a ship that is “shiny” an a much appreciated target). Am I right with my estimation, that a T3C would be a reasonable ship for me? Or should I dismiss this concept and have different ships for my activities (e.g. exploration frigate and T3 destroyer)?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you and enjoy New Eden

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dedicated ship for each; that’s what you’ll be competing against .

T1 exploration frig , rigged and fit for probing , hacking , and fast warp speed .

T1 destroyer with fast lock time and as much dps as you can for competing the combat anomalies .

T1 cruiser for the possible escalations as well as lvl 2 security missions .

upgrade as your skills and wallet allow , find out what you enjoy , and then figure out how to make isk doing those things .

welcome to eve , fly safe .


Instant „kill me“ sign once you leave high sec, so better have it be PvP fit.

Not even sure it can take acceleration gates into low level missions, nor whether T3C are allowed in abyssals.

T3Ds are the closest you can get to your wishes. Hecate / Jackdaw preferred for PvPvE.

I’m using my blaster Hecate to PvP, data sites (during events), general travel around (probing), finish 3-4/10s sometimes, though a rail fit or Jackdaw would be better here.

They are definitely excluded from entering Abyssal Filaments.

Anytime you have a ship do more than one thing, it sucks at everything.

Unless you bling your stratios, you wont get ganked.

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T3 cruiser with a mobile depot will do everything you want.

Will also be a very expensive loss when you get killed. This isn’t really a game for single ships, there’s not much point to limiting yourself that much.

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If you want a neat little flagship that’s going to die but is replacable, warps quick and has actual guns on it, T3Ds.

They’re relatively cheap, they’re some of the more fun ships to fly in the game, and they look cool as hell.

You’re going to need more than one fit if you plan on doing everything at once, though. Worry not, there’s a solution. Carry a spare alternative fitting in your cargo hold. If you want to switch from tourism to combat mode, all you have to do is dock up and refit.

ARBITRATOR/DRAGOON are very good at doing everything. (Armageddon also can do this, but usually I just fit it for lvl 4’s and then if I find a lvl 5 ded site I will go back for a Battleship)

I got one of each capable of scanning/salvaging/drone dps/passive shield tank fit.

these ships actually work decently with passive shield tank for pve.

now it isn’t going to be the best tank or the best dps or the best salvager or the best scanner…but it can do it all in one.

also you are one step closer to embrace the empress and serving the holy amarrian empire to greater glory by using amarr ships!

So thank yoa all for your advice, I realize how much I have to learn and that I should rather improve my knowledge and bpiloting than buy Shops I cannot live Up top (yet!).

@High_Priestess_Seana and when the time comes I will proudly fly a ship of the golden fleet which Style I adore top help people defend its hard won freedom against suppression and slavery. Long live Minmatar Republic!:fist::stuck_out_tongue:

The Svipol might look way cooler then the Jaguar / Wolf , but the later are the more powerful platforms in my opinion.

The Assault Frigates get damage, damage application and tank bonuses from the Assault Frigate skill and the Minmatar Frigate skill, providing you with bonuses comparable to those provided by the Svipol’s tactical modes, just that all bonuses are permanently and concurently effective, unlike the tactical mode bonuses of the Svipol’s tactical mode where only some bonuses can be activated at a given time.
Assault Frigates also can fit Assault Damage Controls, which grants effective immortality for a short time i.e. provides you with the ability to get out of any mission site, except burners, if things go wrong. Talking about burners, Assault Frigates can be blinged to the point they can run the level 4 burner missions, too.

Minmatar’s Loki is the Jack of all Trades, but at the price of being “best at” pretty much nothing. For mission running, a Loki is inferior to a Vagabond, which has insignificantly less DPS on paper but a significant range bonus, that, given Autocannons basically always are used out of optimal range, combines to more effective damage, while the Vagabond moves significantly faster and can be just as tanky, too… at a fraction of the price. A Vagabond can run the LVL4 Talos burner mission, too, while a Loki cannot pass the acceleration gate.

For exploration, a cheetah will clean pirate data/relic sites faster then a Loki as it moves faster between the boxes, aligns faster in case you warp to some bookmark and bounce back instead of moving between the boxes, and locks the boxes faster, too… while, again, at a fraction of the price. Cheetahs also have better scanning bonuses then Lokis, resulting in less time needed to scan sites.

The combined ratting/exploration sites, namely lowsec guarded Gas Sites, C3 wormhole relics and if you bling it a lot, C4 wormhole relics, are the only sites the Loki will be better then competing ships.

The benefit of the T3 is, that you can sneak it in almost everywhere, and you can refit PvE/PvP on the fly (even rigs). I used to fly an AC-Shield-Loki which was basically unbreakable (w/ HG crystals), but since the big nerfs (AC tracking, Loki fitting, module resists), only HAM Loki comes close. I was using it for DED 5/10, AEGIS transfer sites, lvl4 Epic arcs, suspect baiting, and killing stuff in lowsec.

… but it’s more fun for me now to yolo around in a 80M Hecate and (almost) empty pod.

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