Abyssal Deadspace Cruiser Fits

A couple months ago I tried out the Abyss for the first time, I didn’t have the know how or the proper fits to do they. Because of that I foolishly got mad and rage quit EVE for a bit.

Now after playing around on the test server, I have a Caldari missile cruiser that can run all types of T1 Filaments. Hop back on the test server, my cruiser fails on T2 filaments.

I do not have the ISK to buy and fit a Gila for the Abyss (skills I do have), and I am only an Alpha Clone for now. Can anyone suggest a cruiser build that can run T2 or T3 filament sites that is NOT a Gila? The internet cannot provide an answer so I’m here asking my capsuleers.

A high skill Caracal should be fine in T2. T3 and up you are probably looking Cerberus or Sacrilige. As an alpha you might need to be maxing your alpha skills to get the high skill Caracal. Not sure. Also consider faction modules for more power, and look into implants for your missiles and tanking.

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You can run T2s comfortably on a Caracal. T3s will have some spawns that will eat you up but its so cheap that you will still come out well ahead despite this. For T4s you will need a Cerberus, there are some people even doing T5s in Cerberus, but its difficult, not the easiest ship to do them in.

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