Abyssal ship that is not a Gila


I want to try abyss, currently looking at T3’s (filaments) and simply looking for ship advice that is not a gila. Any ideas what will be worth trying or even worth taking to T4 filaments later?

Gila for the win :poop:

Honestly look at the Gila’s traits and work towards that.

  1. Missiles.
  2. Drone bonus.
  3. Ability to have a great passive tank.
  4. Small signature.
  5. Quick with AB on.
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T3 cannot enter abyssal space. Deimos, Sacrilege, Curse, Cerberus among other ships are also popular choices.

I mean, T3 filaments.


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this ^

Great option to consider. But at this moment I’m not near to be able to spend 1 bil just for hull. But will try to give it a try later.

Well, it seams i’m stuck with boring gila for now :wink:

I don’t know where you are but around here (Black Rise) a Gila hull goes for 190-260 million.

Which is about 800 mil in Jita.

Ok, anyone have good gila fit just as guideline? Since in google there is bunch of “op” gilas that people comment as wrong fits etc. I just started doing abyss so I’m rookie in this.

sacrilege is popular for dark filaments, suitonia made a youtube about it for t5. can be much cheaper for t3 & t4 and should be able to do all filament types iirc.
other alternatives i have seen are zealot, vagabond, cerb and vedmak.
so yea there are alternatives, which are depending on filament type superior to the gila. gila is just the save and easy option for most people.

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I like running T3 with my vagabond.

Just post a fit pls, that’s what OP was asking for

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