Gila superiority in Abyss

Once upon a time there was a DDOS attack, that killed all Abyss runners. Players, who ran tier 5 Abyss and survived 100 % of a time suddenly were on killboard with their fits (tier 5 filaments in cargo). Of cause no surprise - most of them were in Gilas.
What about giving Abyss NPC new, very special ewar

Anti-drone ECM.

If applied, it will prevent drones from doing anything, even return back to drone bay. After all that is EWAR caldari forces have had to get instead of current ECM cancer. Since gallente are their main enemy and gallente are best in drones, caldari were to get ewar against drones instead of ewar, that shut downs any other weapon but drones and auto-targeting missiles.

What say you?

As time goes on will other ships show their strength for specific types of Abyss sites. The Gila is only now number one, because it’s rather forgiving.

When the Gila was already the new Drake, then the Abyss has made it only more popular and a nerf is becoming more and more likely.

the Abyss is new … so CCP still collects data … this data is running into a balance … its a bit try and error


and no i dont like you idea … sorry … i run abyss stuff but not in gila

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That is a load of bovine waste. CCP already knew that the Gila would be among the top ships way before Abyss was introduced because it is an excellent ratting ship in K-space. They initially even had acknowledged that in the form of increased NPC aggro on drones in the initial plans for Abyss space to reign in on drone ships. CCP knows that already and does not need data.

They also had lots of data from carrier ratting and their plans to increase NPC aggro on fighters and the user response on those plans. Hence, instead of starting with no aggro on drones (comparatively speaking) like with carrriers, they could have started with lots of aggro and then dial it down depending on feedback. That would have justified the argument more data gathering and evaluation was needed.

CCP is way behind. All this testing stuff and data collecting, completely unnecessary. had on over to the test sub-forum and read up the threads there.

Those of us that tested these on Sisi when they started testing have basically predicted all the stuff that is currently going on exactly and precisely to the letter, including the Gila dominance and the troubles turret ships had and nothing was done. Now they’re sitting and trying to figure out why people won’t run the content …

dah …


wantted to add some stuff but i guess i could talk to a wall too …
btw guys … if you are so good in computer games … why you play and not make money with your own game?


the Gila needs a massive nerf, its dps is ridiculous especially given its tankiness.

Nerf Gila and Ishtar will take its place in Abyss.

I suggest to change caldari EWAR. Instead of current ECM give them anti-drone ECM.

Because we have an outside perspective and explain it to CCP in their feedback threads. And CCP is just “Wait, you need to buy PLEX to sustain your PVE? Tell me more!” Furthermore, you do not need a degree in game design or experience in game design to see fundamentally stupid decisions and stupid backpaddling from initial plans that had mechanics in place to prevent certain otherwise guaranteed outcomes.

To late. The Ishtar is already very popular in Abyss.

Cause I’m a mechanical engineer, not a game dev. Specifically, higher end aerospace materials engineer. if I were a game dev, I would.

This is the calling of my life, I take a part in making, or in some cases major part or even head, in making incredible ■■■■ that goes into space. And I love it.

% of Ishtars to Gilas killed in lvl 4 and lvl 5s on zkillboard ?

Thats why I suggest anti-drone weapon, given to NPC (and maybe to players, instead of current ECM).

Could be a solution. Just keep in mind that the Sacrilege as only viable alternative has a noticeable portion of its DPS in drones as well.

Except for the Deimos that I used for the T5 I ran before I stopped running them because Abyssal is crap.

Coincidentally it has the same drone bandwidth as a Sacrilege (but a smaller bay) so a noticeable portion of the DPS is in drones as well. How much are 106 Augmented Hobgoblin DPS worth it on a Deimos with 400-600 gun DPS? (genuinely interested)

I don’t know, I used T2 Warriors. But I get over 650dps with my Deimos, 740 heated. And it’s PVP fit, not PVE. Ran T5 just fine, with about a minute or two to spare, I can’t remember. What I do remember is the fit cost 360mil.


i really dont need to understand you guys or do i?

just life in your own world … you dont want to hear diffenrent views … you dont want to think 2 steps more … you dont want because it maybe would show you more then you ever thought there is …

doesnt matter … do what you want … everything someone says doesnt matter for you … everyone is wrong only your view counts

its not possible to have a real talk in any way

enjoy your life

fly safe




It’s Gila popularity only! No more, no less. A tool that players can afford to lose. Based on the amount of shreked Gilas on zKillboard that ship hasn’t any superiority.

This means nothing. You can get 'em from T4 sites and maybe in T3 sites with much lower chance. As I know about it, at that moment most players did T4 and T3 and after that DC almost all those guys on k-board were in T4. The point was, during that time, with that drop chance T4s were better and safer to grind over time - you can perform more sites per 1 hour (12-15 mins per site) with greater loot in total. T5s were a kind of rare extravaganza scenario, because players, I know, quickly realized that with bad spawns you can fail the tank or timer race in the easiest T5 modes respectively.

The main Gila’s shortage lay in its low resistances and high Signature by default. It’s hard to build an effective passive or active omni tank on it. The extra shield buffer is eaten by a much higher alpha damage from respective vessels like Triglavians, Drone and Drifter BS. With 60% resistant omni tank my vessel got 2000 alpha damage from Drone Overmind in T3. This is why most high dps Gilas on zkillboard were crashed by Triglavians and Drifters or vice versa high tanked vessels fail the timer race. From T4 towards T5 sites we should use double rep Armor Cruisers with Signature under 140, because no one single boosted Shield Cruiser will survive the flat and alpha damage in bad spawns.

EVE’s ECM is already broken. It has no back pedal, it has no diminishing returns. Math:

  • 1 Gila’s drone ECMed = 470dps;

  • 2 Gila’s drones ECMed = 190 dps… GL to clear the pockets in 20 mins…

Gila is already on the edge of PVP usability. Apply some nerfs to it or especially anti-drone ECMs then completely trash it for both PVP and PVE areas as many other drone boats.

LOL, no! It already got a big nerf time ago - we have 3 low slots! So its max 740 flat dps in T2 mode and 850 dps in full bling mode (due to Augmented Hammerheads). It looks good on paper, but in many Abyss scenarios its effective dps will fall to 500-600 dps on average, due to Hammerhead’s damage type, speed and tracking. Heated missiles will not boost dps seriously. Gila has high dps at the cost of tank or she has high tank at the cost of dps. In a balanced dps/tank mode the Gila has the same dps and tank as many other pirate and T2 HAC vessels, but with a way worst control and utility abilities. One of the few Cruisers, which can use an effective buffer or passive tank mode!

If you want to nerf something? Then set:

  • 8% bonus to all missile damage;

  • 3% bonus to all shield resistances;

  • 3100 Shield Capacity.

Are your Gila’s issues linked 0.0 Heaven sites? Because it can be used as bots there?..

Oooooook?! How you did a T5 with 360M Deimos? I’m curious.

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That amount for a cruiser, which it can apply both short range as long range while being able to select damage types and not requiring cap, is moronic. Thinking that it’s somehow ok and balanced to “only” apply 500-600 dps as a fcking cruiser just shows how deluded you are (or how much you’re protecting your favourite ship).

You clearly have a murderboner for the Gila, whilst it IS a good ship it is nowhere near as overpowered as you contend.

This is how we get useless ships, one by one they get nerfed into being a poor choice, and then onto the next one, until people run out of ships to nerf and then have to start again with another round of mediocrity.

So no backing for your campaign here.