Petition to restrict GILA's from entering Abyss or nerf them

All I see when flying around empire is GILA’s , everyone is flying a GILA lol, they seem way way to OP right now.

Can we at least make the GILA unable to enter abyss, so people dont farm it on easy mode any further?
I am hearing people say farmed event and abyss sites in like under 4 minutes per site with the gila…

Maybe a small damage or tank reduction, seems the new easy mode is to just fly a gila and win .

Whats everyone else think ?

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My take on it is that you should hop into one of those super OP gilas and show us all how that 4 minute or less abyss site farming is done. I’m sure there are a ton of people on here that will all be very interested in that.


We’d all like to see less Gilas but I’m not sure any of this is the answer.

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Ships aren’t balanced against PvE, they are balanced in PvP. Gila’s are good, but I don’t see them as OP in PvP.


What do I think? The Gila is cool. It found this great niche, no reason to bash it for doing so. Get creative, make a new fit on a different ship and see if you can out pace it. Good Luck!

Guess you missed the drake days


Drake is forever


Drake was fun and all back in the day. But not even comparable to a Gila. Plus it was a BC with drawbacks that come with the ship size.
Hmmm, but then again, i wouldn’t mind Pirate faction Battlecruisers. Exploit Pirates version of the drake would be nice. :thinking:

No, leave Gila alone

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CCP I suck at eve, so Nerf all ships so everybody can suck at EvE like me!


Get good, fly a Gila. No reason to hurt everyone else that likes flying them just because you don’t have one. It’s not like Abyssal sites are hard anyway. People saying they run them in 4 minutes are lying.

I run them in 3 minutes and 57 seconds in a rail Moa. Of course its possible that I may not exactly be telling the truth.


I dont know if you replied to the wrong person. But i never said they should nerf the Gila.

People don’t use the Gila because it is op. They use it out if laziness and low SP requirements. A day one character gets enough SP to be in one in 1 minute. And since noobs are sheep they do what people tell them. “Get a Gila for PVE.”

The Gila isn’t that great compared to other ships in the abyss. I’d rather use a Deimos or a Vagabond with a 100% success rate than use a Gila and die to a random spawn.

4 minute Rogue Swarm isn’t impressive. I can do it in 1 with a Talos. (Farming loot)

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OP, wanna buy a Gila? Best price in EvE!

If I were CCP, Instead of restricting the things people can do with a Gila, I would give them a better reason to use another ahip, that way works better.


well they banned t3cs from certain sites and from abyss
so okay the ships arent balanced for pve but pve is balanced for the ships
to an extent

Maybe we can remove abyss and leave gila as it is, as rewards from abyss are crappy anyway. Abyss is not worth risk / reward.

Gila is OK, Automata supressors in Abyss are not. They must be much more effective against player’s (not NPC) missiles and drones. Strike harder with bigger range. Second most popular ship in Abyss is HAM Sacrilege. Again - drones and missiles. Reason is simple: 2-3 battleships deep outside of realm boundaries are no go with brawler fit ship. You need drones and missiles to hit in that range and do not suck in 0-15 km range close orbiting frigate stuff.

TL;DR: fix suprressors and NPC running outside borders, but leave Gila alone.


There are plenty of reasons to use other ships. Laziness and low SP are the problem.