Is there a ship that rivals the Gila for abyssal filaments?

Dont get me wrong. The Gila is an absolute swagwagon and it is the perfect vessel for this content, I’m just wondering if anyone has found something that comes close

Yes, HACs (Heavy Assault Cruisers) are often used as an alternative to the Gila. Iksura/Cerebrus come to mind. The Stormbringer is commonly used in t6 abyssal and that ship is uber expensive. I MEAN UBER EXPENSIVE :joy:

Stormbringer ammo, skill book, and implants required to fly it are all high cost. Probably why its not used in t4 as the gila can do those way cheaper.

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Is it? As far as I remember any combination of Karybdis/Overmind pockets in a row is a death trap for the Stormbringer, as it cannot deal enough single-target damage. Maybe there is an updated Fit I am not aware of? I saw at least 2 streamers die in it, even while used a pretty blinged out fit.

Sacrilege can do Exotic and Gamma T6 pretty fine with just “basic” Deadspace Fit + HG Implantset (Asklepian or Hydra, both work nicely, I prefer Hydra). Darks, Firestorms and Electricals T6 can be done with well-rolled abyssal mods. No other ship can do that as far as I know.

Cerb can do most T6, however there are some pretty nasty pockets, with abyssal bling they should be doable.
Vaga can do T6 Gamma pretty well.
Zealot can easypeasy run T6 Electricals.
Ishtar can do T6 Exotics and Gammas as well, mutated drones should be used for Gamma. And pray that you don’t get 2-3 wrecking shots from a Karen in a row, these Ishtars are Shieldtanked and have almost no buffer, just extremely high active tank.

Ikitursa is tricky, I tested this one excessively in the hope to find a reliable T6 fit. Unfortunately it simply has too little start DPS and will fail in pockets with masses of ships. The spoolup simply takes too long. I tested a Dark-Fit with a Large-Smartbomb to counter that weakness and it works pretty well, but several runs ended in like 19min 57sec, too risky imho for that price.

:person_shrugging: Seen it thrown out there by the people I know. I am aware of that weakness yes. Take my unverified claim with a grain of salt.

So, I did some quick searching and found this website.

Most used ships | Abyss Tracker

It tracks the data of the people who sign up so it can track abyss runs. Pretty Cool!

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