Bling Fits

Hey, never really done much PvP. Just wanted to ask why people tend to run bling fits, like 400mil T3Ds and whatnot, rather than just move up a ship weight classification. It makes sense for pve due to size restrictions, but for pvp why would you ever run expensive faction frigs frigs / t3ds when you can just run t1 cruisers+ for the same price, other than the slight decrease in speed and sig radius.

Thanks in advance.

Because the bigger weightclass is far slower and has a higher signature.
Expensive Frigs are more common in FW, where you have size restrictions and anything bigger than a cruiser will be dropped by supers and titans in null.
So you need fast hitting nano stuff, which is expensive.

hmm, that makes sense. You say that cruisers are the max in null to avoid escalations but are there ever instances of battle cruisers in the mix too? Somewhat acting as the equivalent of the capital of a fleet that small.:slight_smile:

Depends, the Trig stuff is op for small scale, so you will see the Battlecruiser and Battleship in smaller “elite” groups.
Nullblocks also use T1 Battlecruisers because they are cheap and 300+ Feroxes can pretty much alpha everything. Right now HACs are prefered, but as soon as a big war starts they will be back to Battleship fleets, because you cant build that many T2 ships, if they loose a few hundred every day.

Thanks very much for the replies :heartpulse:

Also some modules are worth the extra expense such as faction webs and scrams for fitting and range bonuses, range control can be life or death and having a few extra km of range for those can be alot.

don’t make the mistake to think that bigger = better. Eve is a paper-scissor-stone game. Everythg is situational, and depends on range, objective, fleet composition, tank, etc.
Like, let’s say, the x-wings shooting the Deathstar?

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Bling fits tend to be used solo, or in small gangs, where the bling can get you an advantage. (In large gangs it becomes more of a numbers game, who has more?) However, this requires that you’re able to disengage and run away whenever you bite off more than you can chew. Small ships are more manoeuvrable and can escape more easily when the enemy escalates than battlecruisers and up while still capable enough to take out big (pricy) targets.

Aside from that, in wormhole space, mass limits on WH connections mean that if you bling you can fit more dps through a WH than if you don’t, so there you also see blinged up larger fleets on occasion.

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Bling fits are also quite trappy. People don’t expect it.

Abyssal mods = All the bling, without any of the zKill stain lol.

i have question,how officer mods change hands? how they are moved from 0.0 to jita or dodixie?

I imagine they move them via wormholes that either lead to lowsec or highsec and then to Jita.

that’s pretty cheap, for real bling add a billion or two. That’s simple, bling fits are able to provide you the extra 1 or 2% dps or resistance or extra cap power that will keep you alive. As stated before, they are most usefull on solo fits.

Or completely different fit since many bling stuff have better ship fitting.

Engagability is also a thing, a 400mil breacher will get alot more fights then a T2 fit Jaguar.

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