Fit check

Heyo, just want someone to double check these fits if possible please. I’ve died a few times due to shitfits new and want to curb that.

Thanks in advance.

What are you trying to use the DD for?

Sorry, should have stated that. I nab people as they warp into FW plexes. Frigates only ofc, but it might be able to take on some t1 dessies too.

Very unlikely your gona take on a dessie unless they are just bad or set for snipe and you get them on the warp far out of their hit range.

To be honest, its probably best to fit with polar on this and optimize for damage. This build would become more validated the higher your gunnery skills are.

You not really going to take the dessie damage like that, especially considering most of fw combat happens with groups, in which case your even more validated with pure damage fit.

Imo, if your not a garmur etc pilot, fly t1 frigs (for fw)

your best off swapping 2 polars on and then fitting lows with a nano, and two damage upgrades, ab, and tackle accordingly.

Honestly, seeing as you have no tank fitted anyways, you might as well go polarized and prey

Most ships in there do not fit a really good tank, so its should melt most things it comes across, the problem is the group play in faction war.

This is why its recommended that people fly t1 frig/des for fw unless they have deep pockets and get fly fw bling, like garmurs.

Until u run into someone with a brick tanked incursus etc.
Cheap ships are the most fun anyways, and its even more fun to blingfit a t1 frig then anything else :smiley:

Yeah, I’ll look into polarized DD fits, thanks for the idea. Never tried fighting a dessie, would only take on something I know I could get under. Since the fed navy comet blaster fit is so common in FW, the DD is the only thing that can beat it consistently. I might try out some t1 frig fun soon though, since they are so cheap. Thanks.

Yeah, sitting in a plex at 0 vel is kinda risky against multiple players. Will start flying more garmurs when I get the skills for T2 launchers and will try other T1 kiters.

If you can fly them well, gar mus are probably the best fw ship, hands down.
They absolutely eat anything out there out side of a fleet, and depending on the fleet you can still pick quiet a lot off with them.

They are not cheap though.

The price isn’t a problem, aside from the bad lossmails. I’ve tried the garmur before but wasn’t able to break the tank of some other frigs, without T2 launchers and a dps oriented fit, but will try with T2 launchers soon hopefully. :slight_smile:

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