Soloing T2 filaments in a frigate?

Hi, with the addition of frigate to the abyss, I’ve found that soloing a t1 filament can be very profitable. Is there any fit for maybe t2’s or t3’s? preferably one with drones and missiles. My worm can easily face tank a t1. Is the worm still the way to go? or should I use a different ship?

Edit: I found a similar thread, but it only talks about the retribution. Any other frigs?

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Well, the Worm is the only ship matching missiles and drones :confused:

missiles or drones, it can be one or the other

So these instances are meant for 3 frigs, yes? Is that were the profit you speak of comes from? Solo it and get the goods for 3?

Yes, soloing a filament as a frigate gives you 3 times the profit as if you did it in a cruiser, but it is significantly harder

Retribution and Worm are the two I typically hear, though my assumptions is many T2 Assault frigs may be able to solo T1-2. A T3 is likely pushing it being worth it though. A T2 will come down to luck on rooms and fancy flying. For cost vs profit soloing T1s is the best bet, personally I’d say past that you should multi-box if you don’t want to share profits.

I don’t have solid data on it, but as someone that runs a lot of abyssals it feels as though better loot comes out of T1 Frig than a T3 Cruiser. Not just quantity, but better loot in general.

Thank you for the advice, I guess I will stick to t1s and begin working on some alts for running t2s

Any fits in particular? I’ve seen noob fits floating around, but no fits for frigs running t2’s or t3’s only t1’s or blinged t5’s

Abyssals are a little weird compared to most Eve PvE content, so the information out there will vary a lot. There is a lot of risk vs reward tiering of fits and with frigates it comes into if you are multiboxing. Just like you I have only soloed in Worms, but I have a corp mate that can do them in a retribution. T2s add a significant amount of webbing danger that ups the risk vs reward to make it non-attractive to me.

That said, unlike cruisers you multibox for greater efficiency and loss mitigation on your pod.

My Cheapish worm fit I have soloed with so far:

3x Arbalest LML

Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner
Adaptive Invul II
EM Ward II
Thermal Diss II


Anti-EM II
Anti-Therm II
Small Processor Overclock I

look for erstschlag s channel on twitch, your looking for the zero to hero vids. you can solo team abyssals using his guides that means x3 the loot. he starts off using a very cheap kestrel as i recall then upgrades only when he’s made enough profit. i cant remember (working and watching other screen) but i think he did some t3s in a hawk but i may be wrong about this. he may have had an offgrid looting alt in a bomber the pocket behind for extra dps on the tougher to break npc. just go have a look, very nice guy.

few more vids i didnt link if you look. even some t4s heh

Wow, this is a big help, thank you!

the nodes have been nerfed. it’s at the same boring evel of everything else now. you kknow what pisses me off about eve?

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I’m not sure what that rant was about, but I had some seriously odd behavior in a T1 Dark yesterday. I had run two rounds solo in my worm with zero issues, third set of filaments I hit three damaviks. I had fought this three times in the previous previous two sets of filaments, but suddenly these three became gods.

2 Light drones next to turret tracking bonus towers and in a sig+ gass clouds it took 13+ minutes to kill them. The drones couldn’t hit, which I’ve never had an issue with in the past. Unfortunately the next room were blast and sparkgrips which proceeded to tear apart my drones (as they should) and the third room was more damaviks which I could actually hit but I timed out.

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