Solo Frigate Abyss

Hi guys,

Pretty new player here and I’ve discovered soloing T1 Abyss in a Worm is pretty profitable for someone like me. Do any of you have experience running these with solo frigates? I’m really looking to solo some of the higher tier filaments and well, I’m not sure what ship to skill into.

Does anyone have fits for a Worm that can do T2 or T3 solo?

Do you recommend a different Frigate?

I always use cruisers. Didn’t know you could even do them in a frigate. Guess T2 cruisers are just the max size ship that can be used. Or did it change recently?

Recently they have made it so a fleet of three frigates can do them as well. It costs 3 filaments instead of one, but there is 3 times the loot. Running them solo in a frigate has been pretty fun(and rewarding!).

Assault Frigs are pretty good at T2’s and I think they can even do T3’s. Someone on Reddit posted their Retribution fit that can apparently solo T4’s but it’s a piloting intensive ship sometimes. I would say look at the Hawk or the Retribution though.

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