Abyssal questions, standing and ship requirements

I am giving some thoughts about leaning back into some PvE while waiting for the rest of this industrial update, and shortly after given my industrial plans will be far more profitable and less time consuming shortly given my new strategy.

To that end I have been giving some serious thought to trying some of these Filaments. My first consern is will this bork my Trigliavian standings? I found a post from 9 months ago that says no, but CCP likes to change things often so I am just wanting to make sure it’s still a no.

Also about the ships that can be used. I plan to start at the bottom running some Tranquil filaments first just so I can get used to the logic of them before I start to step up the line. To that end I was wondering if I can enter them solo with a frigate or if I am forced to take a cruiser while playing solo. In short I would rather risk a 100m ship while I learn the logic than risk a 400m ship.

only if you shoot the evil triangles will you get borked standings with them… to which you can just either shoot EDENCOM ships or rogue drones inside pochven to fix the standings.

You can use a single frigate, but you will still need to use 3 filaments.

I believe you can run the tranquil filaments in a cheap t1 frigate like a Punisher. Join the in game channel ‘Abyssal lurkers’ there are loads of people running all levels of the abyss in the channel who you can ask for advice.

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