Just got back into EVE only after 3 months, so I figured I would hop in a ship and said let’s go try out the Abyss. I grabbed my filament that all players where given, got pulled through time and space only to be greeted by……….
now I’m not one who usually get turned down from something on the first try (literally my first ever), but warping into that bull, the first thing I said to myself was “easy dungeons for 15min solo, my a$$”

So please tell me this is beginner’s bad luck or am I just going to say screw it and let EVE chill inactive for another 2 months.

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What tier of filament did you do?

Check out some guides man. Those drifters arent like the ones that fly around new eden. They’re actually killable but you obviously need to look at some guides and use a decent fit.

But if this makes you go straight to

I honestly don’t know what to tell you…


CCP did not ever say Abyss stuff was easy. Short was the only thing they said. In fact, if you come back to EVE and go right away for the most challenging PVE in existence (without proper research, I presume), you are doing it wrong. Since the NPC composition in abyss space is randomly generated, it is very likely that you just had a bad draw. Bad draws other people apparently like to deal with and can cope with.

It was a Calm Electrical (so teir 1)

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To be far…I’m over reacting, was a bit salty. I’ll just go at it again


atta boy

Sounds like you just got a bit unlucky along with being a tad underprepared.
The triglavian battleships in lower tiers are usually heavily damaged.

I tried tier1 too, but mine had a damaged BS without cruisers, while the next pocket included frigates and drones (that killed me, too fast bastards for my blaster rax or medium drones … yup, not the best ship to get there and I had a wrong fit too). Seeing a damaged BS + 2 cruisers in the same pocket in tier 1 looks pretty insane.

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So I did another one, 1st area had only 1 drifter bs, was able to kill it, got to the 2nd area and got killed by 7 drones…was able to kill 2 before going down.

I’ll be honest, I am in Alpha clone state (don’t really have the $ right now to go Omega) and even if I did, I still have to work on skills before I have enough ISK to get Tech II cruisers.

Starting to feel like I’m not ready for Abyssal Deadspace yet, probably should just stick to WS explo right now.

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You could do it in a passive gila even with somewhat low skills.

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