Abyssal Hate & Loss Thread

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you forgot to add “lurk” in your topic title.

To the OP, how about posting your own killmail loss and the reasons why you dislike Abyssal space instead of shitting on other players.


Well, if anyone wants to see losses so far then here you go https://zkillboard.com/system/32000019/

I’m looking at these and while I give people props for experimenting, there are some really nonsensical fits, some with no prop mods whatsoever, some without any damage mods, theres one few pages back with 3 cap boosters, hehehe

Personally I haven’t lost any yet, but then again, all I’ve been doing is same old F3s. I won’t be doing any F4s or F5s since I didn’t see anything specific about changes to the NPCs, or at least the spawn and pathing bug fixes and vastly increased rewards so they’re actually worth running.

Until that changes I just do some F3s to get my boosters across 3 toons. Pass that there is no reason for me to go.

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First off I love your name and couldn’t agree more. I think the typical EvE player isn’t looking at abyssal sites correctly. Other PVE in EvE is a more than likely a means to an end, I.e. You PVE to support your PVP activities. Abyss is different, it’s PVE that’s meant to be a challenge, not a way to finance your PVP habit. As one of the older players, my dislike of Abyssal Deadspace isn’t because of the challenge, but that I don’t like solo only content in EvE.

Nonetheless, the OP has a point. This isn’t a good choice for an event as there are barriers to entry. Additionally if you aren’t used to flying cruisers because you’re a newer player, the abyss can seem very difficult. This is where CCP dropped the ball, they could have allowed two players to work together in t1 and t2 dead space. Players could team up and have a much better chance at success.

Lastly, OP this is EvE. Losing a ship should not be considered a real ‘loss’ if you learn from it. Taking a T1 ship in there should not crush you IF you remember to insure it. Your payout will make any loss very minimal. Thanks for helping me remember what it was like when starting out, it’s been a while.

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There’s some Dead Sea levels of salt in this thread!

Spoken like a true scrub


I been kinda following it since the 1st info, announcements etc. Thing is, CCP basically advertised it as something for average, casual players to do and as an experiment, their 1st foray into procedurally or semi-procedurally generated content in Eve. I not only followed it but tested on Sisi since it was available, ran a few hundred sites, posted feedback and bugs along with everyone else in the test server forums etc.

And IMHO CCP blew it for what they advertised. Only the low sites, level 1-2 are casual friendly, but they yield so incredibly low income, you are literally better off running the dinky anoms in plain space, like the lookouts, dens, gatherings etc. you’ll make way more ISK as bad as that is.

F3 is ok difficulty wise, you make a mistake, you die, but can still run them ok. But F4 and F5 are way out of reach for the casuals due to ship costs, overall difficulty etc.

Add on top of that some critical bugs all the way from start of testing on Sisi, which have been reported multiple times are still there. Their frequency is reduced, but they have not disappeared. And these are critical bugs, they will pretty much cause you to lose your ship + pod automatically.

So the thing is, ultra challenging content that yields so little reward per effort / time, and remember, you have to include getting a ship and pod ready into that effort and time, not just running the sites themselves, is just opposite of what they advertised. So in this regard these things are pretty fail.

Yes 4s and 5s are challenging with 5s being kinda extreme. But do they conform to what was advertised ?


I think most players are avoiding the abysmal abyss because if something goes wrong at all, you can’t exit and redeploy.

Remember when you were doing your first “real” level 4 mission in that shiny new battleship you could barely afford and things were going very badly for you? You likely warped out, repaired, and tried changing your fit or re-considered your tactics before returning to try again.

If you don’t plan things perfectly in an abysmal site, and something goes wrong, well… I hope you weren’t too fond of that expensive Gila.

Even though I am very much an accelerator whore, and have done all of the recent event sites, even the soul-crushingly boring ones, to get those cerebral accelerators, I might just skip the current abysmal event and just buy a bunch of accelerators.


I would say no but I just finished a tier 5 in a Stratios. Wasn’t easy and reminded very much of my first solo roam in nullsec.
I finished it with 2 minutes left on the timer and some injured drones.

After reading the EVE UNI website about the abyssal sites, it was much easier to do.

I’ve lost many many hours during development of the abyss with testing.So when it came out I knew it wasn’t worth doing


better yet: https://zkillboard.com/kills/abyssal/ should be every kill that happens in abyssal space that’s tracked by zkill.

So far I’ve done a few t1/t2 filaments just to get used to it, kinda want to say the rewards seemed pretty underwhelming. Mostly gotten more filaments and some red loot, seems like players that are at a level where they can clear t1/2 sites would be better off doing something else if they are trying to make isk. Will be trying t3 next time I run them


yea, you’re correct, I donoe why I linked just that system instead of at least the region.

Very true, my work kept my EvE time to a bare minimum while sisi testing was going on, but I have read many of your comments and realized how much work you put into it - thanks. Maybe CCP wanted it to be casual friendly, but as you correctly pointed out, it didn’t end up that way.

casual is not the same as newb. There are a lot of players that have been around a while but can’t sink serious time into eve so having a 20 minute adventure on demand might be an attractive offer.

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You also shouldn’t equate “challenging and engaging” with “bling requirements”, because by their own nature, the latter defeats the purpose of existence of the former.

It would have been a much, much better choice if they simply disallowed any blue or purple modules on the fits that go into the abyss and balanced it accordingly. Not to mention, risk vs. rewards is set up for faction and T2 cruisers with T2 modules, quite literally, but the sites, the NPC encounters etc. are set up for bling. And not just bling, I mean, look at this, this link is for the most popular T4 and T5 fits, https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/98asvw/300_t5_abyssals_no_losses_a_complete_guide/ those are 3 and 5 bil ships. And that doesn’t even include implants or boosters. Add another 1.2-2 bil.

It is as if they had 2 seperate teams working on this content, team 1 was doing loot drops, timing, all that kinda stuff and was instructed to balance it all around T2 stuff. team 2 was doing the actual combat engagements, spawns etc and was instructed to balance it all for deadspace and officer mods. And somewhere in the middle, the management never had the 2 come together and communicate. Seriously.

They should have left this content T2 only or allow T3Cs in there. Even T3Cs would require more expensive fits, but not as idiotically high as this.

There’s been some pretty savage personal attacks in this thread, and as a result a few people have either been warned or suspended for their conduct.

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