Abyssal PVP First Impressions

reposting here since reddit is just, just horrible. anyways.

Hello all, with abyssal pvp going live yesterday I and many others jumped right in. When I first heard about the possibility of this being a thing I became excited as PVP is good right. Well we all know how hard some of the high tier Abyssal sites can be. Requiring stupid crazy expensive fits and implants to run some of the level 5s comfortably. Anything less and youre kinda riding down a staircase firing an uzi praying to jesus you dont run into a bad spawn.

With that being said, before you can even get to the PVP part you have to complete the site. So when you design your fit you have to consider both the PVE and the PVP aspect of your ship. Now that presents a new and interesting challenge which is all well and good. Now what I have found upon entering the PVP room is that it feels almost pay to win. Those with the blingiest ships and implants just push you right over. Now I realize that this is high tier gameplay. But consider that many people running these sites do not have unlimited funds to replace bling ship and pod constantly. EVE is a Risky game granted, and reward should scale accordingly, however due to the nature of Abyssal space the risk grows ever higher almost to the point where if you dont drop 3 bil on high grades and another 2 bil on faction mods you may as well not even compete. Eventually people who are not super rich already won’t bother with it at all.

Potential Solution: currently level 3,4 and 5 filaments all run into the same pvp room. 4s and 5’s should stay grouped together. 3s should be on their own and you can make 1s and 2s go together (if you added them) that would make it possible for new players to get in on it too at the T1 cruiser level and allow more casual players to engage in this new fun activity without getting rick rolled by somebody like Chessur in a 2 billion isk gila and high grade crystals.

I only say this because I feel that if it isnt said or addressed that the PVP community going into those rooms will only shrink as they run out of isk or patience. Thank you.


Silly question. Are mobile depots not allowed in abyssal space? Could you not have a pvp fit in your cargo hold to replace your pve fit before you go into the arena?

Get rid of Abysmal spalce completely. This atrocity should never ever have entered the game.


You haven’t really thought this through.

It’s like you’re saying that people who jump into abyssal arena with 5 bil in their shoulders don’t meet other people who do the same.

Then you are not a good customer for CCP and should just stay out of this. Or you accept some private debt and wave your credit card just like any other good whale does. That’s the point of Abyss.


Working as intended.

What its too expensive for you? Well there is always open world pvp where you are supposed to be anyways.

Please explain what about the abyss is really for poor people? When they said you cant pvp unless you can at least do a level 3 first, you should of really got the message.

This is not to replace EvE pvp its to provide a next level rich person place to throw everything in.

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Opiate economics, what did people expect :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree with OP’s motivation, but agree with the proposed change. Right now you can do Tier 3 in combat fit cheap ship, with low DPS but strong neuting capabilities. Make it so, that those ships will go meet each other in Tier 3 PvP arena. Since Tier 4 and 5 are much more demanding in sence of DPS / tank, PvP fitted neuting ships will fail to run them relyably cause of timer / insufficient tank.

Other point is, that Tier 3 can be done in low cost T1 non-faction cruiser. And those will get the same reward in empty arenas as those, who risk multy-billion fits there. Not fair, IMHO.

TL;DR: agree with:

part 100%.

That is your opinion and I respect but disagree with it.

Eve is old MMO, it has 15 years and in that 15 years accumulate lots of good things, but now is tired and stalled. It is like old man sitting by the fire and thinking about past glory…

To wake up, we need something new, we need to think out of box. We got that new and unexpected present in form of Abyss. With Abyss we got whole new playground which will free us from from endless waiting. Now we can immediately engage in action no matter how much or little free time we have.

This new dimension inside the EVE, this new playground will just boost and enrich the Eve Online!

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Nah not really,

People looking for instant action will still feel this is long and tedious soon enough

Eve is simply too slow for this.

Nice try but RIP eve

You always have had this option. “Dueling” it’s name! Allows you to have instant pvp. Yes, it allows for 3rd side interfering but it is evadeable.

Wholeheartedly agree!

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We have more than dueling, we go cache in Abyss that is great plus or just like gift after duel. This is big step forward and that is why I like it.

So basically Abyss “PvP” is:

  • not pure PvP: before that you need to finish PVE part and PvP part itself is very limited in general sense. Also you get reward for PvP (???)
  • not pure PvE: you have a risk of losing thus having no reliable ISK/hour.

For me it looks like CCP combined worst parts from both worlds. :thinking:

I guess we will see. Let novelty wear off.


What makes you think they would not wait there with a blingy cruiser as well?

BTW, for everyone wondering why this is happening at all. It’s because it is instanced and secure from ganks.

Does that elate you? Or does it irritate?

I don’t do PvE, so I simply don’t care. It’s just that I never seen the “this Pay2Win kid puts 2000$ into the game to stomp new players”-tears in this forums and they taste weird.

2K won’t get you that far in Eve, your gonna explode and lose the lot apart from the injected skills of course.

Actually the iterations I have had is just stalemates for 30 min. This is ■■■■.

So I find this mildly funny.

Fact is it does scale… but currently with a larger than normal people doing it the market is going to get saturated with loot from these sites. Initially there will be a “new” factor on the loot from these sites causing an unusual spike in prices and thus income. But after a bunch of people jump on the gold rush and flood the market, the prices will plummet causing less than nominal returns on these sites. After about a year or two it will balance out to the normal price range.

I watched this with WHs, Relic sites, Data Sites, exploration in general, and even FW and moon mining. If you are basing your income on one source in EVE you are basically placing all of your bets on one number in a very bad game of roulette.

I personally do FW as a primary source of income, but when the market crashed I went back to exploration. I don’t fly anything I cant replace in an average run in low sec or WH diving exploration. Which means I rarely fly anything more expensive than my Cheetah. Which I have yet to have to replace in several years.