Abyssal deadspace survey from CCP

I found it in my mail just now from CCP,have at it!

I gave clear and honest answers despite my biased opinion on it thus far.

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Here’s to hoping they will patch it up into something worth doing.

I’d much rather they had came up with dynamic missions or at least expand upon the existing ones.

i dont even know how to engage in abyssal deadspace content
i think it has something to do with one of these free filaments they gave me

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Got it too, my main point I haven‘t tried a single site on TQ is simple … risking something against NPC and RNG is not fun, hunting others doing so actually is.


Yea I had very high hopes since I engaged in tons of pve types over the years.
I’d even give up my supercarrier isk printing machine for abyssal space once a while if it was balanced ,screw the isk difference it can never compete i’d do it for the fun of theorycrafting but now as is NOPE

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Great… something to fill out when I login to activate an accelerator. Probably more response to the survey than the actual Abyssal content…

Too bad the last question didn’t have a box for me to write in that I identify as an 80 year old Mesopotamian pansexual giraffe…


Dark Engraver, do you feel all tiers are “unbalanced,” which kind of suggests the concept itself (the RNG?), or just T5?

I think that they are very unbalanced. Firstly they are impossible in Amarr ships and secondly its very end-game player oriented. New players have no chance in enjoying the content. I gave up after a few attempts in a T1. I also refuse to be forced buy and fly a Gila just to do them. Like seriously thats very biased. A whole new content patch just meant to be doable by one ship!? NO thank you. I am and will be an Amarr loyalist until the end.

Please CCP make the Abyssal deadspace fair and fun for EVERYONE not just 50 mil + Skill point pilots!


You can run any of the T1 filaments in virtually any cruiser. This also extends to most T2-T3 filaments as well. There’s nothing wrong with any of the hulls - some just lend themselves towards specific filaments more than others.

Most players run a Gila because it’s the “F1 monkey” for Abyssal space. As the filament tier goes up so does the skill requirement and Faction/Deadspace fit.

If you’re looking for a sub 50-million ISK cruiser for Abyssal pockets you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You’re looking at a minimum 500m ISK investment to get started, and you can lose both your ship and pod. If this scares you then Abyssal space definitely isn’t for you.

Didn’t get the Abyssal survey. Anyone have a link? (guess they didn’t want my feedback)

Very likely. :wink:

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Yes, because why would they want feedback from players who actually tested these on Sisi and ran them on Tranquility… It’s like their entire QA consists of “let’s ask the CSM”, “announce it at Fanfest” and then “listen to what they say on Reddit”.

It’s like they’re deliberately trying to hide what a colossal ■■■■-up this release has been by soliciting select opinions. “See? xx% of those polled just love the new content!”

Lies, damned lies and statistics.


I don’t think the risk within the sites or their difficulty is the problem.

The problem is that it all turned out to be a first-come first-served situation, where at first it’s fun because of high prices for loot but after a while people realize how it’s not worth it.

Specific issues that could be adressed (not sure if they can change things):

  • Contract system is still not good enough for Abyssal mods
  • Compare tool doesn’t work at all for Abyssal mods
  • Mutaplasmid affecting stats 2-3 digits after decimal point makes things very untidy and not good for module 2 module comparisons
  • Allow for more player interaction to happen, e.g. don’t let people repeatedly use Mutaplasmids from the same system of origin, force them to move around
  • Droprates have been completely wrong from the beginning, the only thing still fixable is the low droprate for Mutaplasmids, which leads to the useful versions of them, fulfilling the purpose of playing around with your fits only for rich players
  • Mutaplasmids may need a complete rebalance, including the number of stats they affect, what stats they affect and so on
  • Introduce ways to interact more with these sites, because while they look pretty, you’re really just shooting rats again
  • Develop the Triglavian story and make that meaningful in the context of Abyssal Deadspace.
  • The closed environment, time pressure and repetitiveness of the sites influence each other in a bady way. Risk is good, the option to have “content” on login is somewhat good, but it’s a difference between “you can have fun for 20 minutes” or “you must stay online / non-afk for 20 minutes”
  • AD is like a constant state of CTA, without the timer even having any other meaning than punishment if you don’t make it
  • Make AD an event, that returns every now and then but can’t be run every day
  • etc.

I’ve kind of said all of that pre-launch, but it might be worth considering if any of that could still save AD.

There is an underlying conceptial problem though: AD may not be fun to grind for people who like to grind PVE. At the same time it doesn’t offer any long-term goals for people who want to fly them only occasionally. I can’t be arsed to run them for Mutaplasmids, for how cluttered the entire mechanics around them are.

It may also have been a bad idea to introduce Filaments as the gatekeeper to them, because that forced the hand of Devs to balance loot against the grindability of the content.

I also think that people grow tired much quicker because they know they could always run it.
That’s why I suggested that AD should only appear from time to time, like an Event and not be a permanent option.

As I see it now, it only serves the mid-term purpose of highsec carebears being the delivery boys for rich players regarding Mutaplasmids. After those guys don’t need any more and after the site runners are burnt out by grinding, there is not much left.

Finally the issue of player to player interaction. There is no option to play it together or compete for the site and that makes AD a very lonely mechanic.



Thanks. Left my feedback, but I’m not entirely optimistic as many of us reiterated the same things during testing (our comments basically fell on deaf ears).

It’s funny. I was on a months long break when i started playing again yesterday. One guy from our group said how much he loved the new abyssal sites because finaly you would need a brain to complete these sites while the time it consumes is very managable. he makes a lot of money in them. seems like a pretty good addition. it’s content for pve enthusiasts. if you just want to fly space ships and don’t like number crunching, this is not for you :slight_smile:

at least that’s what i take out from all the things i have seen so far.

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  • No exploration side to sites. Only did a dozen of each from T1 to T3s, not much of an experience. Pretty fun, but became pretty dull fast too. Warp in, kill stuff, that’s it. No race to the gate, no clouds to navigate around, no hacking boxes, no structure bashing. Even tried going outside of the pocket on Sisi, went 500 km away before dying, there’s nothing there too. Rewards in T1-3 are insufficient, I better do something else.

  • Loot is Triglavian-themed only if you don’t care about them there’s nothing for you. Drifters and Sleepers are present but drop nothing. No Triglavian lore stuff too, inside or outside of pockets. Why should we kill them? Why are they are a threat?

  • Drones and Missiles get least disadvantages, so running in a Gunboat is stupid. Gilas and Sacs FTW? Drones and Missiles are pretty boring gameplay to me.

They should let T3Cs in, its Sleeper tech, and Sleepers and Drifters managed to even get their Battleships in. )


Good for you. Let’s talk again after a week or so.

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