Sooo...I started the Abyss sites

Yesterday I began my slow methodical grind through the abysal sites knowing what lies within.

I started easily to get my reaction times and piloting going again through a pool of 20 tier1s no dark matter in a gila kite fit.

Went for a budget fit nothing fancy some odd 3% hardwirings(forgot 1 of them back in jita so i only have 4 :confused: )

Opted for a kite fit with injector and active tanked as it fits my style of gameplay(yes i do have a web too don’t worry about it)

Being a little bored with the tier 1 grind for filament farming i ran quite a few of the tier 2s and 3s i found nothing worth mentioning i did however get almost all the basic skillbooks missing frigate and all the weapon specialisations.

Only one noteworthy encounter thus far ofcourse a leshak group of 6 bs in a tier 3 out of which 2 were neuting i proceeded to just cheese them as fair fights are for suckers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Thus far i’m still building up filaments backtracking onto lower tier ones alot as i am in no rush at all.

I know my ship limitations quite well as it’s strenghs in order to be 100% guaranteed tier 4 runner it’ll need some minor upgrades and a mid grade crystal pod,all in due time ofcourse.

Currently more lucrative developments in normal space on tq are being a huge distraction tho.

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