Upcoming ''Into the Abyss'' discussion thread

Now first and foremost please no undue arguing over trivial stuff,but we do need a centralised discussion thread about the expansion as things are not shaping up to what we all/most hoped for.

Me personaly I didn’t care much for the drops,how many mutaplasmids i get per site or filaments,or what the mutaplasmids do,after i checked the ships out on singularity I gave them a bit of praise however my faith in development has been unfounded.

What I cared about was the npc combat inside the sites and hoped for an open back and forth theorycrafting process to make the sites challenging without feeling opressive.

Despite setbacks I can say that drop changes can be tweaked even after they hit Tranquility so the arguing that got the other thread locked was unfounded.


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my question for you is how come you’ve switched to MWD from AB’s in your more recent testing?

Also would you mind explaining your strategy for using said mwd. (to avoid the additional damage from sig bloom) - unless you are dual propping which is probably only viable on cerbs and amour tank ships. (due to web requirement on most ships)

Also have you yet come across the Lucid Sleeper npcs or battlecruiser rogue drones (eg. Strikegrip Tessera) and if so have these new additions impacted on your strategy at all? (from reading and thinking through their stats its only the bc drones with their short range high damage that will have an impact on ships like the deimos.

I felt too slow at times one concern was the all drifter cruiser group geting on my ship and neuting it out another was making it faster within range of the battleship bosses,another was keeping the drone swarms behind me with their recent updated speed now they catch up quite faster i’d imagine.Last were the leshak npc group stats when i saw the tracking neut ranges and dmg on the files i knew I didn’t want them to trap me in a portion of the arena without a way to move around faster i felt i may become easy prey

I ran my last site 2-3 hours ago didn’t encounter the sleeper npcs or seekers or drone battlecruisers

how do you maintain cap stability? I have been stubbonly carrying on with AB’s and have found ways around the neuts and leshak groups with some clever piloting.

I think SISI is down right now with another update running.

I preffered cap injectors over batteries a large battery takes alot of pwg compared to an injector and the short sessions felt perfect for injector play as most ships with over 400m3 cargo won’t run out of cap sticks

I was also expecting neuts from day one and didn’t want to rely on situations where there was enough neuting to shut off the tank even against heavy neuting an injector burst can get alot of mods going.

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I get that but how do you manage the reload? With my tests with a booster (and equally with ancilliary rep/boosters) even with pulsing ADCU the reload cripples the tank and I die before it reloads. On TQ I’d use a faction battery which is better than a t2 with the fitting of a compact. however on SISI with only max t2 fittings it does put a strain on test fits. but if my t2 fits on SISI work, my more optimal fits with a few faction replacements will be safe on TQ - or at least thats my reasoning.

Do you use a medium t2 injector and 800 cap charges? or 400’s?

As far as ASB I always planned ahead to deal cripling damage to the npc groups such as the vedmak cruiser group before RR was activated for them basicly 1 rlml clip would finish 2 vedmaks guaranteed in an exotic site and the rest of the dmg i relied on my piloting to keep me alive for the 35sec rlml reload.

As for injectors i used a mix of types even used small injectors with 400 cap charge on ships that didn’t require alot of cap to rep but needed it to mwd around and keep hardeners active the medium with 800 charges for more cap intensive tanks or guns like blasters,lasers plus rep plus mwd and hardeners

but then you only get one cap pulse and have to wait for one minute reload which in the abyss is death.

cap injector reload is like 10 seconds

my bad confusing ASB with injectors. have you had any luck with asb eagle/cerb/vagabond?

ASB cerb has done very until latest update it felt at home inside exotic sites in other sites it did worse because it lost it’s kin locked dmg bonus hiting in an npc weakness,vagabond did great earlier on until the trig bss were introduced after that i scraped both it and the zealot because of the neuting amount and other ewar the bss carried such as webs

Having looked at the resistance profiles of all the rats so far in the abyss, kinetic still seems like the most viable damage choice with thermal/kinetic of blasters being great.

So far im only bothering to do further testing with cerberus, eagle and deimos. and focusing on the shield ships. deimos tanks like nothing else and doesnt loose out from orange clouds affecting cap use. however, its tiny range is such a big downside and the eagle has more ehp and longer range and a more useable drone bandwidth. caldari navy hornets are my light drone of choice, and republic fleet valkyrie’s being my medium (due to speed).

Also have you noticed how the resist penalties of sites (even of the same tier) vary between 30% and 70%? I did lots of t4 gammas and noticed a range between -30%, -50% and -70% explosive resist…

yes i did

intentional random environment generation? or a bug to be fixed with tier resist penalty scaling with filament tier?

This is a duplicate thread.

Wait for this thread to re-open when it has been cleansed:

ISD specifically locked it so people cool off.
Starting a new thread on the same topic was a bad idea.

might be part of testing for final TQ filament penalties

that makes sense! the -70% resists are significantly harder even within the same filament tier just due to the greater impact upon tank.

The original Thread was intentionally closed for 48 Hours to give all parties involved a chance to cool off and be chill again. Do not remake the post. The original will auto Open this friday ish.

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