More abyssal modules, different gameplay and redesign of the ship hangar

Good morning all,
it would be really nice and really fun to have new metaplasmid on electronic modules (tp, damp, ecm because is not have officier meta) and on new edencom ship, that to energize the small gang and this fight against more people.
The abyssal smartbomb would be funny to see ?? xD

I still have two points to propose:

  • the first one to remove the 2 minutes (2x50s if not pressed at the right time) with each change of death clone I must not be the only one wanting to hit my screen …
  • the second to be able to manage his ship hangar same to folder or fence in his computer.

If however CCP chooses to add 1 more folder in the online bm I love you <3

On the other hand, I wanted to give my point of view on the isk generator system, the new patch is good.
But I gank in high sec and people make a lot more money in abyss t5 (100m per run) t6 (possible 200m) no jokes.
that’s too much money to generate safely!
From the t4 tier yeallow timer at the exit of the abyss.
The same for the burner mission level 4, it is easily possible to generate 2b per day with 3 characters without playing too much!
Decreasing nullsec is good, but forcing high sec players to take more risk is better.

have a good all o7

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