Small stuff that could improve life in New Eden

Imo alot can be done to improve the pve side of abyssal sites. I belive removing the time limit, and increasing the size and difficulty of the sites, would give a more varied and fun time than what they are now.

Remove the negative standings impact of highsec missions. Too many newer players get blindsided by this. And I feel that it is something that should be a faction warfare exclusive.

the current way npc’s are spawining on gates in nullsec, are killing the small gang warfare. I’m not saying remove them, but now its a wee bit on the heavy side.

We love Fob’s, but I think the fob rats roaming in belts are not a good game mechanic. It usually ends up killing and ruining the gameplay of someone that cannot deal with fob rats.

Ore compression in npc stations.

Let us store multiple clones in npc stations, and remove the cooldown.

Introduce the ability to do reactions to highsec. If we could ahve more gas sites than there is currently that be good too.

Increase the spawn rate for ice belts. Fuel is breaking the backs of many indy/haulers, and is a source of fustration for many.

I adore npc’s mining along side me in new eden. But they should be mining half or less than what they are mining currently.

Remove npc tax on the custom offices.

Literally every single thing you listed is a terrible idea. You basically want all the good with none of the bad…

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Eh, not everything, they have two ok ideas. But for the most part yeah…

The time limit stops players putting on a heavy tank to make it braindead easy to run like missions.

Standings now tell you when they change and why they change. But altering the standing/mission system such that players have to upsticks and rotate would be nice.

Never! Or if this ever happens it should be taxed.

Reactions in hi-sec would take too much away from low-sec. I’m not opposed to gas mining in hi-sec but it can’t be the same resources as low/null/wh for the same reason.

Then perhaps those players shouldn’t have a structure.

You can shoot them if you want rid of them.

Move your PI out of hi-sec = no taxes.

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Well, I’d imagine that CCP put in/left in most of these “inconveniences” in order to encourage players to use player structures and to give players reasons to go outside of HS. So, making these changes might make it easier to make money in HS, but it would also throw off the risk to reward ratios for those activities and hurt content for hunters (and the NPC tax doubles as an isk sink). So, as far as I’m concerned, most of these things are working as intended.

I do agree with you on the FOB’s though. They have a tendency to blindside players, which tends to leave a bitter taste in their mouth. Maybe the danger could be diagetically telegraphed in some way (I would hate to see another warning box get put in).

Oh, and I’m not sure if ice availability should be increased or not because it’s not something I’ve been paying attention to. However, you might actually get your wish before the year is out. Resource scarcity is finally ending \o/. Of course, we can only speculate to the what and the where.
No P2W

now that PI materials are used in constructing ships, perhaps they could fix some of the things that make it so painful to do. The recent improvement in planetary graphics makes it almost impossible for some of us to see the extractor heads and connecting lines. Surveys on some planets are overpowered by the intense colors of the planets themselves. perhaps a neutral planet image during interaction would help. and, of courses a one button restart of extractors instead of click, pop up , click again, move to window, click again, move to submit button, click again. carpal tunnel generator.

I would like to see a setup where it lets you save templates for bases as well. So when you have a nice setup, you dont have to rebuild it every time you face depletion.

many times we have asked to be able to draw a box around a set up and save it to drop in another location on the same planet, or better still, on a different planet.

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