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(Hi ThereAgain) #1

I did some (~100) abyss sites, but after nailing my implants+ships/equipment … I lost interest in them. This is a good thing, since I started thinking what could “change”.
What about - new abyss sites with T1 hulls only -?


  • sites are sucking in everything / “space colapses” around unfortunate NPCs / jove technology


  • sites would have everything in them NPC related that we have in EVE now (faction/officer spawns, regular rats, drifters, scrap metal … brand new faction?)


  • anything above/paralel to T1 ship hull is not allowed (example: faction ships)
  • 1st person in this new abyss has dscan enabled
    — 2nd, 3rd or anybody after 1st person should have dscan disabled (so that 1st person has time to re-fit get ready for a fight)
  • cloack does not work


  • only T1 hulls (from shuttle up to a titan?)
  • all modules and weapon types in any variations


  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 (?) rooms with boss at the end
  • structures that can be hacked with a new module would give bonuses to only the person that hacked it (within a range)
  • structures that after a hack would be able to spawn friendly NPC wave (rouge drones reprogrammed)
  • webbing towers, sentries
  • clouds with known effects in advance (maybe based on colour + lore book or something) so that people dont have to fly into them just to see it and explode


  • success rate vs NPCs should be around 20%
  • tier for each ship category (not possible to use BS in Frigate abyss or other way around)
  • re-fit inside abyss must be possible for the 1st person to enter
  • time limit must be extended to 30 minutes or more
  • spawns and desing of rooms - this requires more thinking but should be in the same direction as current abyss sites
  • exit from abyss is possible only by completing it
  • exit rift will be in K-space/WH-space from where 1st person entered (chance for payback)
  • higher tiers give you suspect flag (cruiser+)


  • player can bring only him self into the abyss
  • when player gets inside, then immediately 2 or more rifts are generated somewhere inside EVE universe (including WHs). this will grant other players access to do PVP/help for money/steal loot/say hi in abyss local (T1 hull restrictions apply). new rifts have mass properties (like WHs). example: Tier2 (destroyer class) will spawn a rift that could get in 2 frigates. also lets say that there would be 2 rifts in total which could bring 4 “enemy” frigates (exmaple: 2 teams with 2 ships). mass could include cargo + modules equipped (so that gank force is not really optimally fit)
  • anyone beside 1st player to enter would not be able to hack structures, use deployable things ,
  • reaction spawned rifts (after 1st player enters abyss) are visible on overview (warp to them is needed to see tier and effects inside)

Reason for this?

  • mineral prices (more industry)
  • T1 is easy to get into
  • burn trough T1 stock
  • people “may/could/hopefully” loose fear of fighting “OP” ships
  • explosions
  • chance for loot that would pay for 5+ lost ships

This is just a suggestion/idea that I wrote up while I was drinking tequilla alone in my room (no feedback to tell me that this is a bad idea or which parts could be used somewhere else). discuss it … ignore it … tell me to stop drinking … :slight_smile:

(Zander Exvirus) #2

you are a T1 running commi

(QuakeGod) #3

20% success rate vs NPC’s? So I’m probably going to lose my ship 8 times out of 10? No thanks…

(Omnathious Deninard) #4

Sorry you ruined you experience by min-maxing your fit, try a new fit and ship combinations.

(Valdr Auduin) #5

Long-building, easily disruptable Mega-projects to get Corps/Alliances skirmishing again.

(Dark Engraver) #6

You lost me at titan then I stopped reading

(Daichi Yamato) #7

Is why instanced pve is a waste of dev time. It will always take a fraction of the time to master pve than it does to write it. Players interest will never last unless you constantly churn out new content.

(system) #8

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