EVE Online: Into The Abyss - General Feedback

We’re happy to announce that EVE Online: Into The Abyss is now live!

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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EVE Online: Into The Abyss brings an entirely new style of PVE gameplay to New Eden, as well as stunning new environments that breathe new life and bring new content to all areas of space.

Abyssal deadspace awaits - the domain of the dangerous and elusive Triglavian Collective - with blueprints for their radically advanced ships and weapons systems available to capsuleers who dare to venture into the abyss.

The abyss also holds the secrets to unlocking more potential from existing capsuleer technologies via mutaplasmids, a new type of module mutation that can radically alter the properties and performance of modules in unpredictable ways, sometimes increasing their bonuses and making them more efficient, and other times rendering them less capable than before.

The summer expansion also includes a whole host of planetary interaction updates and improvement. These changes will make planetary installations easier to maintain and improve the flow and visual feedback during initial setup.

New indicators will show when nodes aren’t fully set up, new pinning mechanics will make it easier to drop multiple nodes of the same type, and a whole host of new tooltips will give guidance on how to use various elements of planetary interaction, guiding capsuleers through setup with more detail than ever before.


@CCP_Fozzie Still waiting for filaments to show up on the market.
Engaging content! At least I get to spin my ship while I wait…


Hi, thanks for the changes to PI.

Some suggested tweaks have a compact view for the planet selection.
Don’t zoom so far into the planet at initial selection on the command centre.
Use different colours for factories with multiple resources orange and yellow used are very similar.
The Red circle on each planet could do with more emphasis to make easier to see.

Overall very cosmetic and has slightly increased my time for to complete Pi/.

respectfully Brutus


You might have to wait a while. We rushed through 15-20 Data Sites, no Filaments found.


That might be the reason.


Thanks for the link. It wasn’t Guristas, but good to know not to try them.

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Well, this is horse :poop:.

Half the Triglavian containers in filaments are empty. You’re not even guaranteed a filament drop - which means you have to rely on the market for resupply. In testing the pockets were dropping at least 2 filaments on average and now it’s less than 1.

3 Abyssal pockets (-200m ISK for the first F2 filament):
• Found a single F2 filament in the first pocket to continue
• Found a single F3 filament in the second pocket and kept going
• Last pocket had no filaments in any of the 3 rooms (and incidentally, the worst loot drops)
• Total loot: Triglavian database 110, Zero-Point condensate 45, Crystalline Isogen-10, Decayed Stasis Web Mutaplasmid

Nice troll CCP. There’s no point in even running these pockets as the price for filaments is ludicrous and the loot drops are :poop:.



Please make a ‘text only’ version of the ‘Planet Selection’ window/screen…before this update I could have the window sized so that six planets were listed and all visible, and the window used a small portion of my screen, and could dbl-click any one of them to take care of what needing doing. Now with the addition of the icons, etc. the screen is too large and cumbersome…unnecessary ‘eye-candy’ – those that are easily impressed with ‘shiny things’ can use it, but I would prefer the text only version…is that possible please?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

EDIT: And I do appreciate the time and effort put into making these changes/updates…it looks good, and many will like it…but I would like to have the ‘option’ to see a ‘text only’ version, as the current version actually makes my ‘job’ take a little longer than should be necessary. Thank you.


I agree with @Duinthorn_Drakken. The PI window with the pictures of planets is terrible. I also would pop open the old window and just sit it on top of some of my others and use it to warp around the system. The new window is bad like the Agency window. It takes up too much valuable real estate. Need text only back, please.


PI Window too large. Pls change back or make smaller


CCP stated that the drop rates on SiSi were increased to allow for proper testing.

And if you buy the very first filaments that come overpriced into the market its your own fault. Either wait a few days for them to get cheaper or look for them by yourself.


absolultely need a compact view. the new view fills my visible screen covering the extractors i am trying to work with. also i have not yet found a sort function to put the planets in the order i would like them… I will be setting up 40 planets over the next few days. more to follow


also, the need to center on the commmand cetner is minimal, the need to center on a storage or launchpad is more useful. (we discussed this at EVE vegas) can we please get that as a choice .


My most sincere thanks to CCP Seagull and the staff that worked on the PI overhaul they did a good job as for the abyssal stuff no filaments no feedback.


PI issues:

Add a compact mode, it takes up half the screen FFS.

The colour of a factory waiting for resource is almost identical to a working one. Its really hard to see the difference.

It zooms in too far when initially loading.

You have messed with the way you zoom in. Now, it does not zoom directly onto a structure, it seems to zoom in a weird 3D way, which is really ferking annoying

When moving the PI screen, make it stop when you release the mouse. Continuing to move for a second more is pretty annoying.

Put the “Tier 3” thing in a separate column, so that I can resize the window to hide it.


nice stealth nerf on fighters… 200%… regen 1% every 60’s seconds… CCP trolls at their best.


New PI window is great, but do we really need gigantic thumbnails of the planets which takes up tons of space?
Can we not have it as a more compact list showing all the information but no thumbnail?


Yeah the floaty planet view camera is highly irritating and the zoom is just plain wrong.

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What is that bar chart supposed to be showing us in the PI window anyway? It doesn’t seem to provide a visual representation of the resources that will be extracted. The bars just go up and down randomly. Is it only a visual?

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